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Cimorene ([personal profile] cimorene) wrote2004-01-31 11:32 pm
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so your uncle's the king of denmark.

rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead is really slashy.

dude, i mean, really. and awwww. i mean it's a comedy and i remember that but i didn't remember how it's sort of... wistful? poignant. what's the word i want?

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i love that movie. i really want to see it again, i thought it was brilliant.

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it was, it was! i want to see it again too. i want to buy it.

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i watched it in Lit 12 so I even missed a few bits... But I haven't been able to find it for rent anywhere! ~_~

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my local blockbuster had it (in 'drama' of all places. well, i guess. but like. hello? COMEDY?). and they have the vhs at amazon and the dvd at, only sadly it's a european dvd and works only on all-regions players. but i'm trying to talk [ profile] wax_jism into buying it so someday i can watch her copy.

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drama?? heh. obviously the people who catagorize the movies didn't bother to, um, watch it.

i'll have to check the movie rental places... online stores sell vhs as import for like... $80, but... yeah, no. :\

i want to read the book (play?). i heard it had even more awesome lines.

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yeah, but the movie's directed by stoppard, who wrote the play.

i haven't read it for a long time, but it's wonderful. and it's slashy too.

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yay! :D i should try to find it next time i'm at the library.

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do! i mean it's SO GREAT. the greatness cannot be overstated. brilliant, and so funny, and yet tragic and very poignant.

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hahaha. our library is so pathetic.... we don't have that book. oh man, that's sad. maybe i can get them to order it.

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no? maybe your school library. they should.

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yep, just checked. they have it! :) which means i could go get it tomorrow if i wanted. actually, i probably shouldn't.... too much homework. but next week! :D

i never even thought to check...

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hahah, your school has it and your city doesn't!

sadly, that's often the case here too. although there's a university in town which is better equipped than either, and my dad has faculty privileges (i.e., to keep a book for three months).

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it's strange! we wanted to get out a copy of the bbc of much ado about nothing... and we went to the public library because all copies from the university were checked out. but the city didn't even have a copy....

i suppose it makes sense.... but it's still kinda funny. when i was a little kid, i never could have imagined any place could have more books than the public library.

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i know, eh?

the public library in lubbock where my aunt lives has only three dr. seuss books--for all five branches--a city of more than 200,000 people!

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O_O but dr. seuss is like... a staple for childhood books! 'tis a shame... what would i have done without green eggs and ham?

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dude, i know! the main branch doesn't have a SINGLE copy of sneetches!

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that's just.... wrong. i feel bad for the kids who get raised not knowing what doctor seuss is.... even worse for those who think all he is is those stupid movies they've put out recently.

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> those who think all he is is those stupid movies they've put out recently.

what a terrible thought! >.<

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I think poignant covers it. It leaves you really wanting to give them both huge hugs.

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yeeeeeeees! and they're in love!

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But the book, man. The book is where it's at. By Tom Stoppard. Funny in a completely different sort of way. But still. :)

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mm. well, the book is a play, and stoppard directed the movie. i don't think the movie and the text of the play are funny in different ways. ^.~