Nov. 19th, 2007

These are my current four desktops that I spent like five hours arranging the other day. If you're sneaky you can catch a glimpse of a recent portion of the werewolf epic... or, okay, now that I've told you that, it doesn't require much sneakiness, does it? That document behind it with "pon farr" in the title is totally the chatfic outline for a porny Frank/Gerard ficlet I started writing last night. I'm killing time while I wait for my hair to dry so I can go to the grocery store; otherwise I'd be writing.
...Do Them in a Movie.

Even though generally 90% of everything is crap and by extension 90% of everyone is a moron, there are certain shifts in demographics, like how the likelihood of someone being female, gay, politically liberal, and able to use a computer is higher in lj fandom. Those factors occasionally reduce the quantity of stupid too, because, okay, there is plenty of stupid in fandom, but you don't really run into it as much on a day-to-day basis unless you hang out in big communities. This is a great thing about fandom. But there are hills and valleys. And there is badfic, and there are occasional kerfluffles to remind us that there is stupid everywhere, and that includes in fandom, just when we might have been starting to forget (I wasn't, or anything - that was just a hypothetical).

Any rant - or, alternatively, any calm and reasonable explanation in words of one syllable - that I could make about it today would just reiterate this rant I made a few weeks ago called Things That Guys Don't Do Unless They're Gay (Hint: There's Only One), and besides, I kind of need to save up my ranting for more serious issues once I have the stomach for it. So I'll just keep this short, and say that straight men can not only sing showtunes and wear pink and cuddle and kiss their friends - they can also go shopping.

I know it's a shocker, but most straight men who are adults don't live with their parents, and many of them don't live with female significant others, either. If they didn't buy things, they wouldn't have clothes, food, toilet paper, light fixtures, electronics, things in which to sleep, etc. Now, some of them might be billionaires, and some of them might never wipe their asses, and some of them might just sleep on the floor in their clothes and eat all their food directly from the carton and never dry off after they shower, and some of them might have mothers who made sure, at least, that they had some eating utensils and towels before they moved out. But really: most of them learn how to go to retail establishments, where they exchange money for goods and services. I promise.

And then they watch tv, and sometimes it's girly tv. If they're straight, they often do that while cuddling their girlfriends, because cuddling also isn't genetic, but the desire to feel up the people that you're sexually attracted to is.
Good lolsecretz today.

Fuck, I have a really awful headache.


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