Feb. 13th, 2009

Rolling Stone Interview with Joss Whedon: Revolt of a TV Genius (or: Why I Don't Have High Hopes for Dollhouse) (Download the pdf scans at the link), via @paperandglue.

Beth Ditto makes a great voluptuous non-conformist cover model for the debut of Love magazine, and looks better naked IMO than your typical Barbie, but... WHY ARE THE NIPPLES GONE? Seriously, this is the real nipplegate: people being presented in photography without them. What?!

Yesterday's Daily Show was SO RIGHT about the economic crisis and the congressional hearings. (For a mainstream news take, have yesterday's Wall St CEOs berated by lawmakers @Reuters.)

Via [livejournal.com profile] hollsh, the Literal LOLs category at Cake Wrecks, the Bad-Cake Mocking Blog. (Example: the "2008 I want sprinkles" cake.)

Michelle Obama's Vogue cover & shoot. This might be the first time in my lifetime that Vogue has been relevant to society outside the fashion/media industries - certainly the first time in my memory.
I was telling my better half about this song the other day (as support for the claim that Alabama isn't actually the worst state). And there are few voices I love more than Nina Simone's. This is well-mixed, passionate, angry and catchy, and well worth a listen.

onitsuka tiger saiko runner Nine West for New Balance - Classy

"Saiko" Runner by Onitsuka Tiger and "Classy" by Nine West for New Balance
Considering that the DWP fandom is sort of active, and I've seen a lot of fic, it's surprising that I haven't seen any art or any of these pictures before. Basically Fandom as a Whole is FIRED for not telling me about them before. Like this one from the Venice film festival where Anne and Meryl look like they're at their own wedding, or the ones where they're holding hands and hugging under the cut.

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And also, have a few rather hot movie stills that I happened across.

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