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Don't Say Brown, Say "Plebefic Headers"

  1. Notes- Be warned, not fluffy! Mpreg and rape warning. *FACEPALM* Sorry people! -First time-

  2. POV: Varies. You mainly get Patrick and Jon’s perspectives, as well as Patrick’s thoughts in italics as well as Jon’s now. There’s also a narrator of sorts.

  3. Disclaimer: True: The left lung is smaller than the right to make room for the heart. False: This work of fiction.

  4. Summary: When Brendon gets cancer, Patrick starts feeling like the invisible 15-year-old brother.

  5. Summary: The called his name, and his heart stood still. Castiel knew it was bad, but he had no idea that the tide had turned, that Dean was being slowly broken in his hands. [Apparently his hands are numb?]

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Ha. My favorite past time for awhile was wandering looking for the worst summaries I could find.

One of my favorites is - Third attempt at HD, Why is Draco so pissed at Harry?, Why is he so sad?, Why is Harry rubbing salt into the wound? Why oh Why is Harry...LOOKING AT MALFOY IN STRANGE WAYS!

Of course there's also - the harry ron and haramone challange

Very informative, huh? *snicker*

(I, uh, randomly wandered by after setting up one of your layouts? And decided to take over your comments? I guess? :)
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Mmmmm, thoughts in italics. Is there anything better?

YES: thoughts in ~tildes~.