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yuletide recs

Finished reading Yuletide and mildly bummed in a what-will-I-read-now sorta way. ;_; Here are some recs.

Vorkosigan Saga, Gregor/Miles

1. My Yuletide gift ♥! This is probably the fandom I was hoping for most on my signup, but expecting least. I didn't know what to expect, but the story surprised me utterly in the most charming of ways! Est-rel, earlyish in canon and non-AU, Gregor all dry and restrained and Gregor-ish which is what I love, exchanges of witty dialogue, and diplomacy! Evading Ambassadors: An Emperor's Guide. T. 1299 words.

“Miles. When I sat down to breakfast two days ago, we weren’t at war with anyone. Please tell me that’s still true.” He wasn’t sure how much of that statement was in jest.

Miles looked mildly offended, but a slight grin was playing around his lips. “Give me some credit, Gregor ...” I always do. “... if I was going to start a war I’d at least make sure someone else looked like they’d started it.”

2. Another fic in the same pairing for somebody else! Frabjous day! This one's a late-canon slight AU (ie no spouses), first-time, adventure, also the requisite funny dialogue, lots of fun. light from a lonely window. T. 6614 words.

"Why isn't he saying anything?"

"Give him time," another voice says; and this voice he recognizes, too. He looks where his mother is looking, and finds Raven Durona standing over him, hands on his hips, his mouth crumpled into an unbecoming frown. "Let him figure out where he is."

"When he was decanted," the Countess his mother says, "he looked around, clapped his hands together, and asked where his breakfast was. Why does he need time now?"

Old Spice Guy

1. Texts From Your Shower. Old Spice Guy-Texts From Last Night, 686 words, T.

Hello, Ladies.
Good night (1 bajillion) Bad night (0)

2.Smell Like a Yeti (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Old Spice). 1502 words, G.

“Please give the orphan children my apologies that I was unable to perform my ab xylophone recital for them. And if I'm not back by tonight, let the local wolf pack know that they'll need to accept my rain check to go hunting with them. Swan dive!” And with that, he executed a perfect dive out the nearest window into the cockpit of his personal supersonic jet. He put on his helmet and buckled up, first, of course. Being awesome is no excuse for ignoring safety regulations.

3.Meta Yuletide Fic (The Fic You Wish Your Fic Smelled Like). 2367 words, G.

And yes, Yuletiders, this is one of the best fics. After all, I wrote it with a quill made from a rare bird with feathers made of gold which I plucked while writing a treat for you.

(Surprise Care Bear BDSM Orgy!)

Disney Princess Superheroes

1. you're gonna leave them all behind. 1788 words, G.

Time Magazine 12/20/10
WOMEN OF THE YEAR, by Alice Liddell.

I arranged to meet the women of the Alliance for lunch at noon on Wednesday, but at ten the kraken was loose outside Seattle and at eleven-thirty there was the typhoon off Malaysia...

2. Just Another Day in the Secret Base. 2798 words, G.

"There, you see? It's complicated, Water Sprite, and what I'm saying is, you have absolutely no idea what it's like to be a superhero of colour."

"But I'm green." The Water Sprite looked down at the back of her own hand.

"You're not human, you're part of an aquatic species where green skin is a mark of high status, so it doesn't count!" said The Belle in exasperation.

"Racist," said the Water Sprite with another offended column of bubbles.

"Item one for the next council meeting: diversity training for everyone on staff and especially the Water Sprite," said Cinder Woman. "Make a note of that, will you, Belle?"

3. A League of Their Own. 3092 words, G.

“Whether or not the Grand Duchess of Marshovia has any abilities, skills, or other changes resulting from today’s attack is a question better saved for her. You may ask her when she is fully recovered,” Jasmine said.

“I don’t know whether the Grand Duchess plans to petition the Princess Superheroines for membership,” Belle said. “If she makes such a request, we will of course take it under advisement and evaluate her potential with our organization. It’s too early to speculate at this time.”

“No, this was not a standard sleeping enchantment,” Jasmine said. “We did not call on the Grand Duke to break it with true love’s first kiss because they had their first kiss many years ago—as is proved by their three children.”