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Cimorene ([personal profile] cimorene) wrote2011-04-16 02:18 pm
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LINUX: Another brief note about Ubuntu Natty & why I'm not using it

I was having a couple of minor issues with Ubuntu Natty.

  1. Samba wouldn't work right.

  2. Setting permissions wouldn't work right and there's a Known Issue with chmod. I was getting asked to authenticate way too often and the right-click option in Nautilus to open as root had mysteriously gone away.

  3. Compiz had some sort of issues - it was working most of the time, but it started crashing every 2 seconds when I enabled Window Rules, which I am in the habit of using as a matter of course to embed a transparent borderless Terminal in my wallpaper.

  4. It wasn't crashing as much as a Windows computer or anything, but way more than any recent Linux OSes I've used. Per-app crashes were also more common, particularly Firefox4 right-click menus suddenly quitting, which was only fixed by restarting the app.

  5. I like the design direction of Unity, but the launcher was full of bugs. Namely, it was more or less the same idea as Avant Window Navigator (the dock I've been using, but others might be similar), but way less configurable and customizable.

The result of all this was that I could fix a lot of problems by falling back to an older OS: Samba working out of the box, just enable a compositor and install AWN and bam, good to go1. The only functionality I'm missing now is the ability to tweet from the panel/task manager. I imagine that that particular improvement from Natty will trickle down to daughter distros soon enough and in the meantime, I'm not in the habit of maximizing the browser anymore since my screen resolution is 1920; I've been running Twitter (Gwibber) on the left of the browser and chat (Pidgin) on the right.

I didn't actually like the panel-titlebar-menu integration: or rather, I like titlebar-menubar integration, but I don't like either or both of those things appearing in the panel. In fact, I prefer a setup that lacks a panel entirely, with everything showing up in a window-dodging dock or else a mini-panel in one corner (which is where I've got a digital clock and a logout button atm).

1. Actually I spent about two days configuring Linux Mint Isadora LXDE after I installed it, but that was because I've never really used any desktop but Gnome before so the learning curve was a trifle steeper.

2. I do recommend anyone using AWN uninstall the version from the repos and get the latest release instead. There are more useful applets for it as well as some nicer theming ability. I haven't gotten around to upgrading this one yet and am consequently lacking the play/pause, previous, and next buttons and the digital clock applet.