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Cimorene ([personal profile] cimorene) wrote2011-11-02 12:33 am
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we interrupt your schedule for this linux ranting

Ever since Ubuntu 11.04, the lack of the ability to configure many aspects of the new Unity interface has been pointed out and questioned widely.

Today, at the “Meet Ubuntu Desktop Designers” session in the Ubuntu Developer Summit being held in Orlando, Florida, members of the Canonical design team clarified that they never intended Unity to not be configurable; instead, it is very much on their radar.

According to them, the only reason why it didn’t make it to Ubuntu 11.04 or 11.10 was simply because “there were other, more important tasks to complete for those releases” and that they “never wanted to alienate power users or fans of customization from Unity”.

[OMG!Ubuntu: Ubuntu Desktop Designers: ‘Unity Should Be Configurable’]

I don't care what your intent was. You released it unconfigurable, and if you meant it to be configurable then you released it unfinished. That. was. stupid.

Don't release things that aren't finished (I won't even go into 'things that crash all the fucking time' which is what Compiz did in 11.4). It's not exactly rocket science!

If you're launching your operating system with a big party and a slideshow, I don't expect it to crash several times a day. Or for windows to randomly turn blank white half of the time when I maximize them. Or for everything to stop working as soon as I enable a new Compiz plugin. What are you, Microsoft?