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Wax's beloved laptop Jean-Luc died this morning - froze and emitted a rattling noise instead of booting after that. Honestly, he's been a trooper for a mid-price laptop considering that he's about 4 or 5 years old now. Now she has to replace him with a new laptop instead of perhaps getting herself a new desktop again - our two extra machines, Zombie and Osha, are fine with lightweight OSes but not up to regular use with the heavy multi-tasking that implies. That's definitely a bit of a bummer. Now we are further away from being able to set up an extra computer as a media server - we'll have to buy a new motherboard first because mine (from 2007) is the only one we have that could handle it.
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Is it possible to just replace the hard drive? That sounds like what happened with my MacBook a month ago -- instead of a new computer, a new drive with more space on it, and it's working.
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*removes hat*
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