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Cimorene ([personal profile] cimorene) wrote2012-03-27 06:41 pm
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That's what I get for using old harddrives

Recently the tower containing all my computer bits has been producing an intermittent, thoroughly ominous clicking noise with no particular correlations as far as I can tell with anything the OS does.

Possibly unrelatedly, just now I got an alert bubble that one of the disks was feeling poorly, did I want to open the disk utility? So I clicked on the disk utility and opened the small elderly 320 gig hard drive that houses my operating system and all my personal settings (in order to keep the media hard drive strictly for media storage). So the Disk Utility was all: "SMART status: DISK FAILURE IS IMMINENT!" So I clicked 'check and repair disk', but it was like "Sorry, the disk is busy." (I knew that. It's busy because, well, the OS is running. It has to check during boot.)

So. Time to back up all my personalized settings! This is actually a blessing. If the media drive were the one with a problem, it would take almost all of our everythings with it, and at least it has enough spare space to run an OS for now.