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Cimorene ([personal profile] cimorene) wrote2013-10-16 12:20 pm
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finnish dentistry encounter the first

The Finnish dentistry experience was different. It was also faster and more matter of fact and I didn't experience any sense of shaming about having allowed myself to get cavities, which was always a feeling I got in America. Plus, she was understanding about the pain thing, and assured me I could have more anaesthetic if it was hurting. I got an extra shot of novocaine as soon as I squeaked! I have to go back in a month to get permanent fillings and possibly a more thorough exam, if these ones didn't fix the on-and-off toothache twinges I was getting. But I don't have to get a root canal or anything!

Yay Finland!

I did take a Xanax before I left, so that probably helped with everything. I am now sleepy as well as numb in the face.
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Oh my god, shaming. Thank you for articulating the thing that my old dentist used to do every time I went there, which always left me with a horrible feeling of helpless rage.
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Good for you!!!! That must have been really hard to face. I am cheering for you.
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