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Cimorene ([personal profile] cimorene) wrote2014-06-07 12:10 pm
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Long-distance tech support

Last time I had to upgrade my mom's operating system, [personal profile] waxjism and I talked her through the installation disc/BIOS and other parts before she could install a remote control app via Skype, using her tablet to see the screen. But this involved the tablet trembling a lot and us saying "Left, no, other left, up, up, what does it say under that?"

I tried to do a package upgrade instead of a clean install so we wouldn't have to do that this time, but it didn't work (there's a problem with the Nvidia drivers, but it might not have been the only problem). So I have had to assume remote control of my dad's elderly Frankencomputer which is running Windows 7 (a computer that old should NEVER be running Windows 7 *shudder*, but it's a work computer and connects to their internal network, so it has to be) in order to create a bootable USB stick. Which I've done 2.5x now, the first attempt having failed.

This means we've attempted to boot from USB, and navigated the boot menu, several times, and it's going a lot more smoothly now that my mom has a smartphone. She takes a couple of snapshots of the screen and sends them to me with WhatsApp and then I can tell her what to do.

And Team Viewer is still really great. Highly recommended for long-distance troubleshooting and other within-operating-system technical support.
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You are amazing.
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Team Viewer helped me a lot -- less hair-pulling frustration and ugly crying.