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Cimorene ([personal profile] cimorene) wrote2014-10-27 11:33 am
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Fall Ritual

Since my mother-in-law has a summer cottage with an orchard 40 minutes from here in Pargas, generally there are a few things we get called on to help do every fall:

  1. Collect as many apples and plums as possible from the orchard, chop down unnecessary seedlings and prune the apple trees.

  2. Move the outdoor furniture from the deck in the meadow, the garden at the bottom of the hill, and the terrace outside the cottage door inside well before the first snow, including: a gas grill, three tables with their associated chairs/benches, and a bench glider swing in a big-ass rusty metal frame.

(We got out of #1 this year thanks to a disappointing apple year.) Now, when it comes to taking in the furniture, usually Local Brother is involved because while [personal profile] waxjism is a sturdy farmgirl, genetically speaking, lifestyle-wise she is a couch potato; and I'm a not-even-100-lb-weakling. But yesterday we had to attempt the Taking In of the Furniture without BIL's aid, and even though [personal profile] waxjism poured a kettle of boiling water on her left knee two weekends ago, giving herself a second-degree burn that is still taped up in bandages.

It was painfully slow without help, my arms quit working before we were done, I wasn't warmly dressed enough because my calculations didn't make room for the damp, and I ended up climbing the pine tree to cut down the hammock swing because of lack of ladders, sap-saturated knots in the rope and [personal profile] waxjism being unfit to clamber. I don't usually mind climbing trees, but the muddy slimy green smears on my jeans and everything being wet and getting my knitted gloves all dirty weren't fun; but lying face-down draped over an assortment of pine branches, trying to saw through a bit of rope with a big sharp knife was an amusingly surreal moment.

I'm tragically fragile though. My arms don't want to lift today and I had a headache before I even managed to get to bed last night, plus my legs are dotted with little bruises from the tree.

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