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Cimorene ([personal profile] cimorene) wrote2014-11-29 12:26 pm
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Alas, wireless keyboard

Yesterday my wireless keyboard and mouse stopped working and I got them started again by vigorous jiggling (of the USB wireless receiver: my current theory is that some tea spilled on the top of the computer case dripped down onto it) but in the process I got distracted cleaning the fuzz from the keyboard with a card between the keys.

Only then when they started working again the keyboard was... on and off. It stopped and then started about 6 times last night and today. Also the green battery power LED on the keyboard which had gone out months ago came back and then went away... about three times.

It probably needs replacing :(. It's already lasted a lot longer than the cheap ones I was buying before it, but it's still a drag that the wireless kind is like 4-5x the cost. And that I apparently accidentally broke it (by poking it between the keys I guess?!).