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Cimorene ([personal profile] cimorene) wrote2016-04-21 08:34 pm

Apparently it was a phase he went through (Jesus &/or Youth Outreach)

I don't usually have anything to say about celebrity death other than "how sad", but this time I have to remind you all of the time Prince (at that time he was Formerly Known As) came to my high school to talk to a confused group of around a hundred kids about Jesus.

The presentation was heartfelt and evangelical, but supremely disorganized. Then-formerly-Prince himself was wearing an amazingly dapper plum purple suit that I WOULD have hardly looked away from, except that he had a modest entourage with him, and one of the members (friend? bodyguard? advisor?) was wearing a jade green suit that was an even more brilliant color. The talk was marked by periods of quiet, where nobody said anything, or people came and went and he and his entourage murmured together in a loose knot on the floor of the gym.

I think he talked about being born again maybe? But TBH you've all heard all there is to hear about Jesus before by that age, and literally everyone there except MAYBE then-formerly-Prince himself was WAY more interested in his celebrity than his thoughts on divinity.

Also: how sad.
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I was reading up on him and it said he'd converted to Jehovah's Witness and had actually gone door to door (and this wasn't before he was a celeb or anything!).