I've owed [personal profile] aeslis this next installment of the Just Like Verse since, like, last October, I think. Oops! I started writing a part of the epic saga that I didn't realize until too late had not been fully fleshed-out in my mental plans for it, yet.

Scenes from a Decreasingly Professional Relationship is a series of vignettes, Aiba/Jun established relationship, explicit, 2506 words. Falls after Like Flying but before Just One of the Boys.
This is the second ficlet I promised [livejournal.com profile] aeslis back last year. Sorry, bb. Love you! The order of fic in the Just Like Verse is: 1) Just Like All Those Girls; 2) Happy Birthday to Me; 3) Like Flying; 4) Just One of the Boys; 5) The Virtue of Repetition. ...

There! Now that I'm sure I have [livejournal.com profile] aeslis's attention,

The Virtue of Repetition
Arashi RPS, Matsujun/Aiba
≈4300 words
In which Aiba pays a visit to Sho's house at a busy time. (This is set shortly after the events of "Just One of the Boys" but about ten years after the events of "Like Flying".)

"Are you going to bed now?" says Jun. He doesn't make it sound like a question. Aiba would think he's being told to get out except that there is nothing cool or casual, nothing dismissive, in Jun's face and body.

The Virtue of Repetition
I promised [livejournal.com profile] aeslis a ficlet, but this longer-than-ficlet came out instead. It belongs to the Just Like Verse in the following spot:

1.Just Like All Those Girls
2.Happy Birthday To Me
3.Like Flying
4.Just One of the Boys

Like Flying
Arashi RPS, Matsujun/Aiba
≈7800 words
sexually explicit
In which Jun and Aiba go on a surfing vacation together.

It really has nothing to do with the way they've been making out every chance they can get when no one's looking (which is not very often) and the way that Aiba slept over at Jun's apartment two nights in a row last week and certainly not with the way Jun blows Aiba in the restroom after filming, although that is the most turned on Aiba has possibly been in his life and he had no idea he would get off on maybe being caught. No, the blowjob was nice, but the whole vacation thing was settled beforehand in the greenroom, and it just kind of happened that way.

Like Flying
I offered to write ficlets for anyone who pointed out an OTP I neglected to list the other day, and [livejournal.com profile] bluesbell, [livejournal.com profile] kegom and [livejournal.com profile] jain caught me out!

Criminal Minds' Morgan/Garcia for [livejournal.com profile] bluesbell: Vacation, smarm, ≈1900 words

Arashi's Ohmiya for [livejournal.com profile] kegom and [livejournal.com profile] aeslis: Stupid, slightly sexual but inexplicit, ≈1900 words

Arashi, Jun/Aiba, for [livejournal.com profile] jain: Happy Birthday To Me, sexual content, ≈1650 words. This one belongs to my Just Like verse, falling between Just LIke All Those Girls and Just One of the Boys.
I'm going to try to make an exhaustive list of my OTPs (which I define as 'important ships which I read/ship', because occasionally I have two that overlap even if in general I refuse to break OTP and read the characters involved with anyone else). If I forget any of them, and you manage to remind me, I lose! And then, uh, I don't know, this seems like it should result in a drabble promise. I suck at short things, and I probably won't forget any anyway (I am forbidden from checking my recs page/delicious/tags/wip folders/etc!), but... what the hell. Drabbles, okay, drabbles of any pairing that I forgot.

I made this list without cheating! )
Writing meme: Post the first lines from each of your 25 most recent fanfic pieces and try to find a pattern. )

The most notable pattern, for me, is that the first lines of each fandom are more similar to each other than to the others. Overall, there's 10 of what I'd call setup first lines (ie when the beginning of the action happens, this is what's already going on...) and only #7 & #16 start with an emotional reaction/character monologue (although 7 could sort of count as setup and 16 as action as well). 11 start with action and there are three, all in the same fandom, that start with dialogue.
just one of the boys (≈2900 words)
arashi rps
jun & sho friendship; matsumoto jun/aiba masaki implied (and background ohmiya)
sequel to just like all those girls. both of these stories belong to a very big universe and a long story that has lots of pieces missing from it, still.

just one of the boys )
AT LONG LAST. After not touching this story, or writing at all, really, since December, I suddenly completely finished it. Yay!

things to do in uzbekistan (≈8700 words)
Arashi RPS, Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari, crack "archaeology dig in Uzbekistan" au; inexplicit
for [livejournal.com profile] aeslis and [livejournal.com profile] elfiepike.
My interpretation of the fluff- and crack-filled origin of Ohmiya SK story made up by Ohno and Nino themselves in this interview.
Because there is surprisingly little groupslutfic about Arashi, for a group of five guys who are constantly all over each other, collectively and in basically any sub-combination. Where's the love?

Gonin (Five People)
by cimorene
Arashi RPS: Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari; Sakurai Sho/Aiba Masaki implied, groupslutfic implied (ie: Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari/Sakurai Sho/Aiba Masaki/Matsumoto Jun)
506 words

gonin )
Jun's not gay, he's just Japanese and tiny and fabulous metro! Or else, of course, this is a beard assigned by the PR. As we well know, their reach is infinite. Plus, isn't the PR associated with Disney? Johnny's Entertainment, Disney... it's practically the same thing, right? OMGcrackau

I'm kind of sad that I don't have a 'tinhat' tag.


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