I've owed [personal profile] aeslis this next installment of the Just Like Verse since, like, last October, I think. Oops! I started writing a part of the epic saga that I didn't realize until too late had not been fully fleshed-out in my mental plans for it, yet.

Scenes from a Decreasingly Professional Relationship is a series of vignettes, Aiba/Jun established relationship, explicit, 2506 words. Falls after Like Flying but before Just One of the Boys.
This is the second ficlet I promised [livejournal.com profile] aeslis back last year. Sorry, bb. Love you! The order of fic in the Just Like Verse is: 1) Just Like All Those Girls; 2) Happy Birthday to Me; 3) Like Flying; 4) Just One of the Boys; 5) The Virtue of Repetition. ...

There! Now that I'm sure I have [livejournal.com profile] aeslis's attention,

The Virtue of Repetition
Arashi RPS, Matsujun/Aiba
≈4300 words
In which Aiba pays a visit to Sho's house at a busy time. (This is set shortly after the events of "Just One of the Boys" but about ten years after the events of "Like Flying".)

"Are you going to bed now?" says Jun. He doesn't make it sound like a question. Aiba would think he's being told to get out except that there is nothing cool or casual, nothing dismissive, in Jun's face and body.

The Virtue of Repetition
I promised [livejournal.com profile] aeslis a ficlet, but this longer-than-ficlet came out instead. It belongs to the Just Like Verse in the following spot:

1.Just Like All Those Girls
2.Happy Birthday To Me
3.Like Flying
4.Just One of the Boys

Like Flying
Arashi RPS, Matsujun/Aiba
≈7800 words
sexually explicit
In which Jun and Aiba go on a surfing vacation together.

It really has nothing to do with the way they've been making out every chance they can get when no one's looking (which is not very often) and the way that Aiba slept over at Jun's apartment two nights in a row last week and certainly not with the way Jun blows Aiba in the restroom after filming, although that is the most turned on Aiba has possibly been in his life and he had no idea he would get off on maybe being caught. No, the blowjob was nice, but the whole vacation thing was settled beforehand in the greenroom, and it just kind of happened that way.

Like Flying
I offered to write ficlets for anyone who pointed out an OTP I neglected to list the other day, and [livejournal.com profile] bluesbell, [livejournal.com profile] kegom and [livejournal.com profile] jain caught me out!

Criminal Minds' Morgan/Garcia for [livejournal.com profile] bluesbell: Vacation, smarm, ≈1900 words

Arashi's Ohmiya for [livejournal.com profile] kegom and [livejournal.com profile] aeslis: Stupid, slightly sexual but inexplicit, ≈1900 words

Arashi, Jun/Aiba, for [livejournal.com profile] jain: Happy Birthday To Me, sexual content, ≈1650 words. This one belongs to my Just Like verse, falling between Just LIke All Those Girls and Just One of the Boys.
I'm going to try to make an exhaustive list of my OTPs (which I define as 'important ships which I read/ship', because occasionally I have two that overlap even if in general I refuse to break OTP and read the characters involved with anyone else). If I forget any of them, and you manage to remind me, I lose! And then, uh, I don't know, this seems like it should result in a drabble promise. I suck at short things, and I probably won't forget any anyway (I am forbidden from checking my recs page/delicious/tags/wip folders/etc!), but... what the hell. Drabbles, okay, drabbles of any pairing that I forgot.

I made this list without cheating! )
Writing meme: Post the first lines from each of your 25 most recent fanfic pieces and try to find a pattern. )

The most notable pattern, for me, is that the first lines of each fandom are more similar to each other than to the others. Overall, there's 10 of what I'd call setup first lines (ie when the beginning of the action happens, this is what's already going on...) and only #7 & #16 start with an emotional reaction/character monologue (although 7 could sort of count as setup and 16 as action as well). 11 start with action and there are three, all in the same fandom, that start with dialogue.
just one of the boys (≈2900 words)
arashi rps
jun & sho friendship; matsumoto jun/aiba masaki implied (and background ohmiya)
sequel to just like all those girls. both of these stories belong to a very big universe and a long story that has lots of pieces missing from it, still.

just one of the boys )
AT LONG LAST. After not touching this story, or writing at all, really, since December, I suddenly completely finished it. Yay!

things to do in uzbekistan (≈8700 words)
Arashi RPS, Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari, crack "archaeology dig in Uzbekistan" au; inexplicit
for [livejournal.com profile] aeslis and [livejournal.com profile] elfiepike.
My interpretation of the fluff- and crack-filled origin of Ohmiya SK story made up by Ohno and Nino themselves in this interview.
Because there is surprisingly little groupslutfic about Arashi, for a group of five guys who are constantly all over each other, collectively and in basically any sub-combination. Where's the love?

Gonin (Five People)
by cimorene
Arashi RPS: Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari; Sakurai Sho/Aiba Masaki implied, groupslutfic implied (ie: Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari/Sakurai Sho/Aiba Masaki/Matsumoto Jun)
506 words

gonin )
Jun's not gay, he's just Japanese and tiny and fabulous metro! Or else, of course, this is a beard assigned by the PR. As we well know, their reach is infinite. Plus, isn't the PR associated with Disney? Johnny's Entertainment, Disney... it's practically the same thing, right? OMGcrackau

I'm kind of sad that I don't have a 'tinhat' tag.


Mar. 8th, 2007 09:04 pm
It's creepy to go seek out a popstar's parents in their place of work and take pictures of them to post on the internet, Y/N?

I kind of want to comment and smack her, because communities should be self-policing, right? But on the other hand, that's kind of pompous, and I don't think I want to be that guy, especially in one of these communities filled with squeeing, barely-English-speaking teenies.
unrelated and pointless snippets by cimorene
arashi rps, ohno satoshi/ninomiya kazunari, pg

1. public displays of affection, 126 words )

2. matching shoes, 131 words )

3. hands, 443 words )

4. grouchy nino, 325 words )

5. shopping for ohno, 546 words )

unrelated and pointless snippets by cimorene
arashi rps, ohno satoshi/ninomiya kazunari, pg; #8 suggests aiba masaki/matsumoto jun, also pg

6. dreaming, 384 words )

7. somehow i doubt it, 123 words )

8. spit or swallow, 417 words )

9. to be expected, 561 words )

10. winter sunlight, 277 words )

unrelated and pointless ficlets by cimorene
arashi rps: matsumoto jun /aiba masaki and ohno satoshi/ninomiya kazunari; #12 is sho & aiba bff with the jun/aiba only implied.

11. algebra, 135 words )

12. flowchart, 810 words )

13. aiba's diner, 811 words )

14. learning spanish, 333 words )

15. secret, 673 words )
i wrote this months ago, seriously, but it got too long to be posted together with four other pointless vignettes and then i keep forgetting to post the damn thing. oops.

in the lead (≈1100 words), ohmiya; TOTAL AND COMPLETE CRACK from a series of chats with [livejournal.com profile] elfiepike. this belongs to what she delightfully dubbed the "shotgun wedding" verse, inspired by this stuff from the kansha kangeki ame arashi video, in which ohmiya... had a shotgun wedding. in a field. and then some more weddings.
i wondered why the last couple of days i have felt like i never truly woke up all the way - slightly under the weather and slightly groggy, like the inside of my brain was a little fogged over between the synapses. i realised, eventually (through the fog) that i am not sick but simply recovering from our holiday dose of family togetherness, which was delightful, but stressful to an introvert like me. i don't like much in the way of excitement, and i always need a proportional amount of time insulated from the world at home in my armchair, with blankets and hooked up to lj and aim and a steady supply of fanfiction. the family togetherness was of extra intensity and duration and the anxiety on this trip was especially high, so the recovery is taking longer. at this point it lacks only a certain quantity of mindless tv consumption (where to start?).

wax and i gave mece (my elder brother-outlaw, and the father of carmela) a boardgame called SAMURAI, because he is quite into samurai movies and samurai swords and things like that. well, he and his wife are into board games, and last night i went over to try it out with them.

something you have to understand about me is that i am horrible at strategising. i hate it, but i'm also naturally bad at it. as soon as a game flirts with the idea of involving strategy, i lose at it, even if i have not in fact started playing it yet. (i like board games, but i prefer fast-paced and light-hearted ones usually, and ones which depend more on skill or random chance. i adore pictionary because i'm good at it, and am also very fond of sorry, a revenant of high school pe classes.)

SAMURAI involves a lot of strategy. it is an EVIL game. it's like the twisted offspring of the time go and chess got really drunk and intimate in a dark alley, and then ran into risk on the way up to the hotel room and invited it in on their night of debauchery. and it is somehow more obnoxious than go or chess or risk, although on the plus side it's played on a map of japan and involves wee buddha figures and also mini japanese folding screens for each player. enough strategy was involved to make my head hurt a little and also to let everyone get bored while the others thought over their moves.

and now for something completely different... arashi daily occasionally.

[livejournal.com profile] aeslis: oh man! aiba straddling--well i'd imagine someone else.
cim: i got a cap, don't worry. XD
[livejournal.com profile] aeslis: *imagines that's Jun there*.
and after that the conversation verged a little bit on the porny )

earlier today i took apart the exhaust fan over the stove and scrubbed all the bits and then soaked and scrubbed off a solid centimeter of oily dust from the metal grating. also, dragged the stove out from the wall and vaccuumed behind it and scrubbed the wall. i came out of the kitchen feeling shaky and staring blankly.

"do you feel totally knackered now that you've cleaned the entire kitchen?" enquired my better half.

"no, it's just i feel like - whenever i give in to my OCD, i feel sort of dirty. it's the same as if i've spent hours making icons," i explained.

"but this time it's good," she ventured. "because you cleaned the kitchen. so you feel, what, embarrassed?"

"maybe," i said, "kind of."

"hey, why is everyone else rowing, but ohno's hiding behind his boyfriend at the end of the boat?"
"let them snuggle for a while. he'll get his turn to row and also to make hideous grimaces of reluctance and exhaustion later!"

the problem with watching arashi only irregularly, besides the markedly decreasing levels of crack and sparkly gayness in my life, is that ohmiya don't actually cuddle in every episode so i start running short on ohmiya-specific caps.

  • jurisimprudence for feminism. ahahha.

  • this article co-written by a swedish-speaking finn and an irish dude is showing signs to me both of having been translated from swedish (at times) and of the english having been composed by an irish person (at times). i wouldn't have recognised the latter before since it's not like it sounds like the lucky charms leprechaun, but thanks to betaing for [livejournal.com profile] kessie my ear (...reading ear) was (without my knowledge!) primed for recognition. i mean, i had no idea before i started reading this paper that she sounded irish, but i definitely keep thinking that the writer sounds a bit like her. now i want to go to ireland and listen to some people talk. ;.;

  • "~" is not a punctuation mark in english. kill it. with fire.

  • yesterday a guy asked me if i thought that harvard had a sociology department. XD (um, yes.)

  • lily just rolled over in her sleep and almost fell headfirst into the trashcan, which seems to be conclusive proof that the world is a wonderful place. or maybe that would only be conclusive if she actually had fallen?

  • jun in a barbie pink and purple abba shirt might just be the essence of gay. actually it says 'gabba', but i'm going to write that up to a conspiracy of fiendishly clever and post-modern japanese tshirt makers and leave it at that. or maybe it was the work of evil!genius!aiba

  • ohmiya daily: ohno falling asleep during the first boating episode )

this isn't actually the original cap which [livejournal.com profile] elfiepike first described to me as Shotgun Wedding (obviously, sho officiates.), but it's the same scene and it also involves snuggling and hand-holding. in a field. in unattractive sweaters. oh shotgun wedding! how you remain one of my favourite crack aus despite the proliferation of such wonders as sheikhs, transformed kittens, slaves, bakeries, kinky sex, slash bnfs, wingfic, peach farmers, and evil geniuses. ♥

aiba and sho are so unbearably fluffy and adorable together - if they actually were sleeping together, or even just more touchy like ohmiya, the fluff might be unbearable. i mean, really, they're so sweet and earnest and nice and gentle and... fluffy. but this episode also has sad and funny faces from aiba, and sho writing "suki" in the air with sparklers and inhaling smoke.


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