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A couple of days after the US election, I started following every link from a political retweeter that said anything about someone else I should follow. I didn't subscribe to absolutely all of the accounts, but I did end up following a number of journalists, activists, historians and other scholars and experts in fascism, religious authoritarianism, kleptocracy, Russia, and US politics. And also a few focused on global warming and carbon tax.

The result made my timeline so high-volume that I rarely actually manage to backread the whole thing anymore, and I had to create separate lists for Serious and Fun/Fannish stuff. Here's my 14-member Anti-Fascist Twitter feed, which (kind of sadly) updates way way faster than my personal fannish list.

I've also had an increasing number of complete strangers follow me since I started all the political retweeting - complete strangers with primarily political interest it seems, I mean. I'm not exactly comfortable with that, but I think it's too late to really do anything. I could protect my account, but that seems silly, because the stuff isn't exactly private or worthy of keeping secret, just... I never really had to worry about anyone being interested enough to accidentally see it before?

I could make a separate Twitter account for that stuff, but a) it's a bit late because I already have all these complete strangers following my personal one with its tweets about fanfiction and hockey gay porn jokes??? and b) I kind of resist doing that, not philosophically, exactly, just... kinda worried it would be too fiddly and I'd end up messing it up.

But my main concern with that is that I don't have any sort of expertise, unlike pretty much every account on that list above, and I'm also not producing any original content to speak of, so... ? I'm not even attempting to exercise any sort of expertise at curation of retweets, not that I'm claiming to have any in the first place. I have tweeted suggestions of experts to follow a couple of times, but reiterating it regularly would get pretty tiresome so I have restrained myself.

So in the meantime I just kind of hang out here, remaining uncomfortable every time I get a new couple of follow notifications.
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Yet another thought that I only realized after the fact was too long for Twitter

(3:04) Posting on DW feels so weird and artificial when I'm used to Twitter and Tumblr.

(3:05) It feels like making an Event out of what seems like just more of the same disconnected babble that is always in my head.

(3:06) Like in order to qualify for a Blog Entry, it should be a position piece, or a reminiscence, not just 20x too long for Twitter.

(3:06) But I can't start posting these things on Tumblr, because Tumblr is like 98:2 noise: signal and the tagging system is shit.

(3:07) ... Not to mention the COMMENTING system, geez. I am not comfortable having personal interactions or conversations there. Awkward & weird.

These tweets on Storify

The gap between Twitter, Tumblr, and DW is long stuff that doesn't seem all that important but which you nonetheless might want comments on and/or would like indexed and taggable.


Dreamwidth's (or rather, LJ-style) calendar-based archive browsing, the ability to bundle and rename tags and to label memories, and the nested commenting and notification/tracking features on DW are too useful to me as a blog owner to just abandon.

And for fandom purposes, LJ-style comment pages, notification and tracking features, and the community concept are similarly indispensible, until we get another good non-instantaneous mailing list/messageboard substitue.

But the filtering functionality you can get on Tumblr with Xkit or even just Tumblr savior, not to mention the ease of posting and embedding media and the reblog+comment concept, are still irresistable - and that doesn't even touch on the ability to search and browse across the site by tags, which is a huge boon to fandom.

What would the ideal solution have to look like, anyway? What do I even want? )


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