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Cimorene ([personal profile] cimorene) wrote2016-11-11 10:16 am

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Recently my medication was adjusted and I had an appointment with my new psychiatrist yesterday to discuss the side-effects, and how I'm adjusting. It was weird to talk about how much better I'd been feeling:

  • I've been writing every day for a couple of weeks (~6000 words so far. I have FocusWriter set at 200 words per day as a goal, but I've been going over now although I didn't hit it at first) (Also, I'm so grateful to [personal profile] lately and [personal profile] perhael still for listening to me through it)

  • There was elevated anxiety at first and it was messing up my ability to eat for a week or two, which would have been a dealbreaker - but that has gone away completely for several weeks now and all food functions are back to normal

  • I found the strength to make a maintenance call even though for months I've been avoiding it due to anxiety about letting the maintenance workers into the flat and possibly having to speak Finnish to them, or having them secretly judge me

... because the election results sent me into a tailspin and the notion of feeling better seemed like a joke. Shock rendered me completely blank on Wednesday. I have checked Twitter briefly a few times and had to give up on it quickly, but I miss the more personal tweets that let you feel connected to your friends and community... the ones that don't seem important enough to post right now, for the most part. I made a No Twitter in the Bedroom rule, because it's too alarming.

I also talked to my psychiatrist about trying to find a non-profit to volunteer some time for, and he happened to have some links he compiled for someone else handy for me.

I saw a good post about global warming and climate change, arguing that a more organized push with a single goal is needed, and we should push for carbon tax wherever possible. I checked out the website of the organization they recommended, which wasn't bad, but their Twitter didn't really have anything concise and RTable.