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Cimorene ([personal profile] cimorene) wrote2017-01-01 01:32 am

Quotes of the Month, 2016

Scribbled on the now-retired calendar. 2015

January - "Hell for bathtubs" - [personal profile] waxjism on this image
February - "Harold they're lesbians"
March - "If these tits are legit, you must acquit"
April - "Calm down Tyler Durden"
May - "That's cold, Dave" + "What happen?" - Rowan & Japp
June - "Caaaarl, that disgruntles BBs" - [personal profile] waxjism
July - "Why do cats love your butt?" - me to [personal profile] waxjism
August - 1. "Brutalist pizzaz" 2. "*Dining intensifies*" - McMansion Hell 3. "Well, this is a sobering reality." - Brooklyn 99
September - 1. "Sorry, I hate mountains" 2. "BAD MOVE, DEUSHBAG" - My cousin
October - "me, an intellectual"
November - "He is a snake and I hope he falls in a snake pit" - Chuck Tingle "He's a snake and I hope he falls in an anthill" - [personal profile] waxjism
December - "Are you trying to teach an asshole to crap?" - allegedly a saying in at least part of Italy according to some random forum I found when googling the phrase 'teach your grandma to suck eggs'

Unattributed quotes are from Tumblr.