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Last weekend we watched, or I should say, got around to watching, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, a BBC America show from last year which we were reluctant to check out at first under the mistaken impression that it would be another US copy of a UK property in the vein of Coupling, Skins, Being Human, etc. But after it came out we saw from other people's reactions that actually everyone seemed to love it, and when we finally did watch it we loved it too, so I've been poking around for things to reblog on and off for a week now.

It feels funny in several ways to be fannish about a show with Elijah Wood in it again...

  1. Nostalgic. Fellowship of the Ring came out in 2001! [personal profile] waxjism and I MET because of Elijah Wood, really, when she sought me out because of a Frodo/Sam and then a Sean/Elijah fic. The whole time we were long-distance dating, she was talking about The Faculty and something about Elijah Wood being chained in Chester Bennington's basement, for some reason (I'm not sure I ever really understood that one, though, to be fair). And it's been a long time! Neither of us has been actually interested in either of those fandoms since before 2005, a few rereads and recs and the like notwithstanding.

  2. SURREAL. The inescapable association of Elijah Wood + fandom... the tangential connection to the dangerous con artist and noted fandom cult leader formerly known as Victoria Bitter, who, as chronicled in the well-known fandom memoir When a Fan Hits the Shit, later briefly posed online as Elijah Wood for... some unknown reason... (I think for a brief time before he told people that he was channeling the 'soul' of the real Elijah Wood even though Elijah Wood was still alive and therefore physically growing a cock?)... and for some reason [personal profile] waxjism and I, old acquaintances who were close to one of his primary online friend/dupes, were chosen to be guinea pigs for this pose and for like... a week?? we thought he possibly actually was Elijah Wood with a side dose of what the hell is going on, and during this time he... for some reason... sent me a care package of cough drops because I had a cold, I guess to prove realness?? He also like ordered pizzas delivered to the residences of some of the other people he was long-distance trying to Be Elijah Wood on, if I'm remembering right? Anyway... wow... that was an insane time! Like, our dangerous??? but also laughably minor??? brush with fandom history.

  3. Embarrassed: because of having believed him, or maybe like 80% believed him for a while there. But as [personal profile] waxjism succinctly put it, "Then again, he is a con artist. But AUGH."

    Also embarrassed because if I think about my previous fannish engagement hard enough, I'll remember how I wrote when I was 19 years old, which is also kind of embarrassing from the perspective of my current taste (though, like, I stand by it as perfectly ok for 19-year-old me). Like, for example, when my dad asked my permission to give his best friend, who is gay, the link to my LOTR fanfic, and I said sure, and then his best friend attempted to delicately and tactfully make sure that I knew that "that's not really how gay sex works" after reading one of my Legolas/Gimli fics, and I had to be like "YES YES LUBE WE KNOW NO TMI PLEASE".

  4. Damn, I feel old. Because a lot of time has passed and people like Elijah Wood that are the age of me are now firmly grown ups. Just like I am.

Anyway, back to Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency... I highly recommend the show, which is delightful and probably a bit more Adamsishly madcap than the previous British series that starred Stephen Mangan (which I also loved however). The plotting particularly is A+, not because the other aspects of the show like dialogue and casting are not as outstanding - they are, actually; the main cast is half female and there's an okay distribution of racial and gender diversity, the dialogue is fun and clever, the special effects are not to be sneezed at, there are cute animals etc - but because the plotting is the aspect of a derivative work based on Douglas Adams that would be the most challenging to manage (just as it is for Terry Pratchett or PG Wodehouse fanfic, where that is the most common tough point, evidently, for would-be fanfic writers), and yet they manage it beautifully. It's not at all derivative or unnecessarily repetitive of canon Douglas works, while dazzlingly recreating the feel and scope and all that good stuff.

They've already filmed the second series, too, and they just released a trailer for it a little while ago, so it's probably going to air soonish. Which makes this a good time to try it out.
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It's interesting both that Armitage wears a legit stereotypical hooked Jew nose prosthetic in The Hobbit and that so much fanart ignores it.

From many angles:

  • The visual references to Judaism in The Hobbit are no doubt inspired directly by Tolkien as the association between dwarves and the jewish people is widely known.

  • As such, they are almost certainly intended to be both subtle and respectful - see the changes made to alleviate the 'species-wide greediness' aspect of the story and instead to underscore the 'return to homeland' narrative, for example.

  • But in the context of Jewish references, adding a characteristic such as this nose is neither subtle nor respectful; having one of your references to a culture that is the object of an allegorical exploration be the well-known object of racist caricature seems like an OBVIOUSLY really bad idea (unless that's the point, but then you have to problematize it).

  • However, it's obviously still subtle enough to go over the heads of a lot of blissfully ignorant people.

  • So this situation manages to be uncomfortable both coming and going, because first there's Racist Caricature Face, and then there's the fanart re-whitewashing the character by eliminating it in favor of a straight one like the actor's.

  • It goes without saying that 'maybe that didn't occur to the filmmakers' is not an excuse because it's their job to make sure that it occurs to them, even though it is sadly not impossible (NB it IS an excuse for the fanartists. They're in it for fun and fannish love, not to make millions and not backed by a lot of mega corporations ultimately enriching Donald Trump or whoever. The fact that they genuinely lack the cultural context to recognize the racist caricature is genuinely interesting here).

  • It should be noted the nose prosthetics on many of the other dwarves are not Jewish noses, just as their iconography is very different - their styles of hair and clothing also relying on entirely different referents - but that Fili's, for example, is still bulbous, even though his and Kili's visual style follow Thorin's otherwise. Of course, that means that hooked noses can't possibly be a 'racial' feature of dwarves in general (though the foundation of the stereotype for Jews is also a bit shaky), so maybe that makes it okay?

    But no, it still has to be suspect for several reasons:
    1. The amount of design that went into the character. Not a single facet of his appearance is due to chance. The nose was designed. It went through multiple iterations.

    2. The symbolic significance of the character. He represents - stands for- other dwarves, and dwarfishness, on multiple levels, both metatextual and within the text.

    3. He is the locus of the most intense Jewishness references already - the exile and return, the quest, the daring warrior king.

  • For the title assertion, I followed a link from Wikipedia to here: The First Book of Samuel by David Toshio Tsumura
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(Written on Twitter before I realized it was becoming long-winded. Edited to remove abbreviations)

LOL, so our current theme for vocabulary/etc. in Finnish class is literature. Every time a film adaptation comes up, 3-5 ppl yell "The book is always better!"

I'm like... 'Aww, look at you living in that childish book-lover's world!'

I mean, I used to think that too, sure, but the world also contains shitty books & films that improve on them.

The world even contains good(ish?) books that are still better films than they were books.

And then it contains even more complicated adaptations like HP and LOTR.

LOTR was the subject of the last shouts and I just zipped my lips, but I will fight you re: the use of 'better' there. Better in which way?

Movies and books have hundreds of characteristics and each one has strengths and weaknesses.

Maybe the adaptation lost a lot but made a couple of significant improvements (more female characters), while still being problematic (racism).

Are you really gonna cover all of that with a lazy, simplistic, inherently problematic term like 'better'/'worse'?

As an opinionated kid bookworm who didn't particularly like movies and tv as a medium, it was easy for me to also get to the "Books are always better" idea. But as time went by I grew out of it, not only because I read excerpts of Twilight and The DaVinci Code and saw the associated (laughable, but definitely less obviously awful) movies.

I also grew out of it because I came to better understand how 'better' and 'best' in this context assumes that these terms can be empirical and universal, which implies that everyone gets and wants the same things from their entertainment. (This is obviously not possible. I don't even always want the same things from my entertainment and I'm only one person.)

(In fact I was pleased when, in brief class discussions along the lines of "the best book you've ever read" and "your favorite book", nobody agreed to the questions - everyone who spoke acknowledged that these are a matter of opinion and circumstances.)

But somehow when it comes to book vs. movie this gets thrown out the window. It's obviously true that when it comes to an adaptation, there's always the question of interpretation, and you can probably always argue, therefore, that something was lost - whether that's actual content, in the rewrites, or the mood, or the creator's intent (I'm for death of the author, but people can and do argue on that basis, and that's also legit if that's what they want from an adaptation).

Still, though, you shouldn't judge an adaptation only as an adaptation (or a transformative work only in relation to its canon). It exists in conversation with its source text, just like any other fanwork, but also in conversation with other texts (and movies). It can have things to say of its own, which it can say well or not. And it can ultimately reach a different audience, and have a different effect on them, sometimes solely by the change in medium. It can draw that audience to reading the source text when they otherwise might not have, or it can lead a reader to regard the source text in a new light.

It's fair to downgrade the Lord of the Rings movies on the scale of canonical accuracy, as they certainly depart in many ways, if that's the rubric you want to use. But if all you want is the exact content of the book, why would you ever approach any adaptation in the first place?

If you judge the movies on remaining generally faithful to the books but under 15 hours in length, then many people have argued that they achieve better-than-average success (and, in my opinion, some moments of magic) when compared to other literary adaptations. I also think that they succeed at that, although that, obviously, is debatable. On the other hand I also think that Tolkien had way more excuse for the amount of racism in his books than Jackson had for the amount in his movies, but I doubt that was in any of my classmates' minds.
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So, around Christmas, after the first couple of interest-gauging posts I made on the subject, I started thinking about running a Legolas/Gimli fest. But early in January, before I had progressed to planning anything, someone enthusiastic zoomed in and adopted the idea, decided to run a Big Bang instead of some other kind of fest, made the rules and set up the community herself, and then closed sign-ups within like 2 weeks (I think?) before I got around to visiting the community she made. She and other (young?) people on Tumblr are referring to the pairing exclusively as "gigolas" now.

So although I did want to participate initially, the window passed before I made up my mind whether a Big Bang in general, or that time frame in particular, was doable considering my general lack of writing over the past few years.

(It's kind of appalling to think how little I've written in a few depressed years without a fandom to belong to, compared to how much I wrote in 2006-2008, or the speed at which I wrote my teenie badfic - not that I want to return to my age 20 levels of planning and proof-reading.)

At any rate, it would have been a relief to have someone who actively wanted to organize things doing so in principle, but I missed the boat and hence the added incentive to actually write a story. But then again, I haven't really recovered from midwinter, so who knows if I'd actually have written or just dissolved into agonized procrastination, even for a more length-agnostic fest like I was imagining.

Now I'm back to pre-December status, i.e. wondering if I actually have enough creative energy & drive to decide to write a new Legolas/Gimli story, let alone to actually plot one.

I think part of the problem is that after Martin Freeman's rape joke, my brain somehow conflated my "ugh Freeman" and my ever-escalating disgust with Moffat for a giant ball of ICK that leads to a slippery slope of enumerating to myself, with blazing eyes of flame, all the things about them that are enraging. This has made it a lot harder to get into the new Hobbit movie.

I mean, I actively enjoyed the first one and am the opposite of disturbed by the movies being made longer; I can see where reviews that find the length boring and unnecessary are coming from, but I enjoy Middle Earth on film too much for that, and I don't need anything to be happening in it to be enthralled, basically. But every image of Freeman is still acting on me like a giant pile of fresh, stinky dog poop, possibly on fire, within arm's reach of my face: GET IT AWAY FROM ME, UGH UGH UGH, lots of upset scrunched-up facial expressions etc.

I mean I have no doubt that plenty of men in Hollywood have made equivalent rape jokes, odds are one in every show or movie. And the dude is no Jared Padalecki - his microaggression didn't have a person as its object, and he didn't try to claim reverse oppression or anything. So I'm not actually planning to boycott films he's in - on the contrary, I do want to see The Hobbit, even if it is still an undeniable sausagefest where literally everyone is white. But I just... am finding the dog poop effect is currently effectively killing my fannish enthusiasm. Hopefully the effect will fade when the association is less... fresh.

But meanwhile it dampened my excitement for the new movie down to a kind of sluggish, listless trust that I will no doubt probably hopefully enjoy it when I get around to seeing it, under a lot of procrastination.
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How many other people are having this problem where The Hobbit is mostly making them want more Legolas/Gimli?

Like, I think maybe a lot, because I’ve been getting waves of comments and kudos on the fic I wrote when I was a teenager which, in my 10-years-older eyes, is more generous than its quality deserves.

But it seems from a glance at AO3 that we’ve mostly seen a spike in Legolas/Gimli consumption without the corresponding spike in production. In fact, there’s been some, but the vast majority is in the form of spikes in Legolas/Gimli as a background pairing to (mostly Thorin/Bilbo).

I wonder if the level of interest would be enough to support a fest?

This post on Tumblr, where a few enthusiastic yeses have sprung up... not enough for a fest quite yet though I think (21).

I've never organized a fest! Anyone got any tips?
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  • Last summer we watched Teen Wolf and then read a lot of it. In spite of the fact that it was so bad I needed alcohol to get through an episode, I was having fun until the creator/writer made such an ass of himself online that I got irritated anytime I saw his name. And then the same thing happened with the fanon, because for like a month every story I tried to read was irritating. It has now been added to Tumblr Savior. Hopefully the sensitivity will subside by the time a new series airs to at least allow me to watch the scenes with Dylan O'Brien in them.

  • As mentioned in the last post, my wife has gotten too far into the hockey rabbit hole. She isn't watching hockey, but she's reblogging random images of hockey players who aren't even part of the big OTPs and the other day I caught her reading a completely earnest long screed about how hockey fandom doesn't take Sidney Crosby's pain seriously enough. And nodding along thoughtfully.

  • I've been reading a lot of Hobbit fic, but, as my Pinboard account will show, not bookmarking very much of it. I've even been reading WIPs, because several of them are good. I suppose I feel at home in a high fantasy environment, and then there's all the nostalgia for Lord of the Rings (I spent years there and met my wife!).

    It might be my imagination, or the fact that I was litearlly a teenager at the beginning of LOTR[/iPS], but it does seem like so far there is not as much decent reading material in this fandom as there was in that one. That doesn't really stop me from reading it and mocking the historical inaccuracies, incorrect punctuation, lack of line breaks, lapses in canon (and speaking as someone who's only read The Hobbit once as an adult and who threw the Silmarillion across the room after a few pages, the fact that I can criticize your lore is a very bad sign indeed), and general failure to understand how the world works (eg [a]the idea that putting a lot of wildflowers in a pot of boiling water would produce a paste instead of a tea followed by a pot with burnt flower bits in the bottom of it, or [b] the notion that the Company would or even could gallop their ponies into Mirkwood and keep galloping all day.) (It's quite cute for the most part. It's like the fanfic equivalent of a baby animal tripping over its own feet.) (In fact it reminds me of the stories I wrote when I was 10 or 11. I didn't have much idea how the world worked either, but I think, if nothing else from the quantity of smut, that these authors are generally a bit older.)

    The overwhelming majority pairing is Thorin/Bilbo. I can't actually say it makes NO sense, although I was a bit flabbergasted when I first saw it, because they are after all the two main characters, and exactly the sort of middle-aged dudely characters that fandom loves (and white which fandom also loves). And of course, both characters have an internal character arc that sort of involves each other, even in the book, but rather more so in the movie, where they also have the advantage of the facts that
    1. Martin Freeman is, thanks to Sherlock, already a widely-acknowledged fandom sex object, and

    2. Richard Armitage apparently has an army of female fans already, plus has been styled in The Hobbit so he always looks like he's leaping off the cover of a long extremely purple romance novel about Her Viking Lover or something, one with a spine that automatically falls open to the horribly badly-written dirty bits.

    The next most popular pairing on AO3 and the kinkmeme seems to be Fili/Kili, which also makes sense because, well, the Hot Dwarves. I'm more surprised that there's very very little RPF than I am by the existence of the incest, there.

    After that is probably Bilbo/Bofur, which seems to be fed in equal parts on the scenes where they interact in canon, and the fact that everybody loves James Nesbitt, the twinkly Belfastian George Clooney.

    So far, I am reading everything, which is very unusual for me. I'm naturally such an OTP-based reader that in the past I have multiple times imprinted in favor of an OTP simply by reading one story featuring it when I had no familiarity with canon whatsoever, and then refused to read anything else. However, I think the reason for this might be that mostly I just want to read about the characters again, preferably as many of them as possible. I was trying to make a list of which dwarves I most wanted to see more of a few days ago, and eventually decided that "how much I adore this dwarf" is basically correlated 1:1 with "how much I know about this dwarf based on his screentime". Therefore, I conclude that my preferences are meaningless, unless someone is going to convincingly write an Irish or Scottish accent, in which case I will lap it up because I adore accents.
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Slashiness vs Writing Quality Scatterplot #1
(Big version here)

Please click for the bigger version. This is based on data taken from two polls performed by [ profile] thefourthvine, with the data in my tables taken out on 22 Feb 2009.

This plot follows the same format as my earlier graph here, which, of course, did not have any Science behind it, only me squinting at the screen and placing the dots by the seat of my pants. I've reversed the axes in this one, however, so that better-written canons are at the top of the graph and gayer ones to the right this time. I prefer placing slashiness and quality on the two axes so that there's one data point per show and one show per data point, which lets the interaction be more easily seen.

(ETA: The clearest example of skewing I see on the plot is Highlander. LOTR might be skewed, too, by people's childhood memories or something, I guess. But Highlander? Look at it! IT HAS THE SAME QUALITY SCORE AS SGA. I'm pretty sure that it's not just my personal... weirdness, or whatever, that wants to ROFL at that. SGA is bad, but it's not that bad.)

It should be noted that mean is only one measure of central tendency and, at these sample sizes - which is to say they're all rather small but they vary from fandom to fandom - it's important to look at the others as well. To that end, here is the table I used to generate the graph:

(big version here)

Median and mode (ie, the most popular rating) are just as interesting as mean in their own ways. Scanning down the standard deviation columns, a few of those numbers will jump out as extremely large, representing a much higher degree of disagreement on the rating in question: the slashiness of Supernatural (no surprise where the primary pairing is incest) and the quality of Merlin (I'm kind of at a loss for this one but there it is), for example.

It's well worth checking out the results in the two posts of [ profile] thefourthvine's where I took the data because you can easily see the bell curves for some questions, and distinguish others where the distribution shows much higher or lower consensus. (The Science of Slashiness & Moar Science!)
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Going through my LOTR recs and adding them to delicious, I've been struck by the sense that grade-A crazy bitches were thicker on the ground there than in other fandoms. That could be partly because it was just a bit smaller so they were more noticeable than in, say, Harry Potter, where the crazy ones are famous but everyone knows there are 200,000 ordinary-ish ones for each. Or it might just be a bizarre coincidence that I happened to know a handful personally. (I do think you can pretty much count the LOTR RPS crazies here since their fandom, while a distinct subgenre, can't exist without reference to the LOTR movies and it definitely sprang out of LOTR fandom initially.)

Thoughts? Lotr: crazier or not? Why?
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As [ profile] bibliotech said, just when I was thinking, "Hey, it's been a slow day..."

Victoria Bitter/Amy Player/Mr. Frodo/Jordan Wood reappears to confess all? The fandom wank post is here.

For those of you who don't know about VB and the incredible saga of her crazeh, it's part of your fandom history! You must read it! And here is the story at fwgreatesthits, largely related by [ profile] mpoetess and reposted by my own beloved [ profile] guinevere33 a few years ago (but with help from many other people, as you can see in the comments). Also here is a shorter introduction to the whole thing on the fandom wank wiki.
cimorene: A black-and-white vintage photograph of 1920s singer Helen Kane in profile, with a dubious, side-eye expression (Default) is down because it is hosted on a server of [ profile] isilya's which was recently suspended without warning by dreamhost. i hope they respond to her request to undelete, since i've lost my backups of almost all my lord of the rings and lord of the rings rps fiction. if they do no drastic measures will be necessary, but if they don't i'll probably have to go looking through mailing list archives at yahoo groups if i want some stuff back.

things that are missing, which i would greatly appreciate being sent if anyone has a saved copy of them. )
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here are a bunch of cards for you from some of my favorite pairings couplings people who have sex pairings and one threesome*.  it's not all the pairings i adore.  i just sort of made them until i stopped.

10 valentines )
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spoilers about the extended release of TTT posted by [ profile] mirabellawotr. SQUEE. (i thought i'd try to keep it to a minimum.)

sweet cherry pie, that sounds like the additional scenes that someone would lift out of my subconscious desires and CLAIM were going to be added to the movie just to TAUNT me cruelly.
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Usually I don't bother with it on livejournal. In fact, I often cut corners in my punctuation, as well, to more closely imitate patterns of speech. But don't think that means I wasn't correcting everyone who didn't want to be corrected from the age of three. I think a little lesson is in order, here.

The phrase 'middle school,' like the words 'school' and 'captain,' is only capitalized when part of a proper noun.

Correct: Westlawn Middle School.
Incorrect: Westlawn middle school.

Correct: The middle school rang with the babble of slamming lockers, squeaking shoes and adolescent voices.
Incorrect: I haven't felt so chastized since Middle School.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled lack of capital letters.
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[ profile] mirabellawotr has posted a letter that seems to encapsulate this.

Dear people who have me friended:

It's come to my attention that someone who prefers not to use names even though everyone knows who she's talking about has posted saying that she's going to start trimming her friends list, and prime targets for the ax are going to be people who have friended any or all of Three Certain People who need to grow up and stop engaging in behavior that most people outgrew in middle school. I have no way of knowing for sure that I'm one of those people, but information suggests that it's me ([ profile] mirabellawotr), [ profile] cimorene111, and [ profile] ninglor.

I wouldn't be posting in response to this ordinarily, but you do have me friended, and I take that seriously. So: if you're worried about this, don't be. If you feel like you need to unfriend me so you can stay on her friends list, go for it - no hard feelings and no harm done, and I hope you'll still stop by from time to time.

It might be worth thinking about, however, that it wasn't us "middle schoolers" who told you that you couldn't be friends with the prom queen anymore if you insisted on talking to the snarky bitches at the back of the class.


link is my addition. kerfluffdates must be accurate reference resources.
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posted [ profile] daisy_gamgee's wank to fandom_wank.

::sits back::

i wonder if anything will happen, she said idly. and i wish [ profile] mirabellawotr were around...

edit: ask and ye shall receive.
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[ profile] daisy_gamgee is so incredibly wanky. it wants something, i think, to qualify for fandom_wank--like someone challenging her and her pouncing puffedly.


posturing like this really needs some kind of fanfare to announce it. the oozing unctuosity! [runs out of readily available alliterations]
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why i would dream a sam/frodo/rosie dream is beyond me, but at least it was not a happy and fluffy one. it was horribly sad and twisted and frodo was alien-ish and it was mostly rosie's pov, and frodo was able to work magic. rosie kept having babies who died after a few days and frodo refused to use magic to save them.

not particularly disturbed.


in other news, i wrote a lot of smut last night. extraordinarily smutty, for me. more fantasy than anything else i've written, vibe-wise. must go back and clean it up. i don't write sex scenes without a point. usually an angsty point, at this part of the story. was forced to leave dom and lijah in a compromising position to ensure i'd be able to find my inspiration again this afternoon--

speaking of which, i have some reading to do for my 2 pm class. ooooooops.
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cimorene111: ...khalid got me a "pervy hobbit fancier" shirt.
Jmh925: sweet!!
cimorene111: dad: did this have anything to do with insanity on his part?
Jmh925: you: no!
cimorene111: me: well, you know, who WOULDN'T i accept one from?
cimorene111: rev jerry falwell: come here, little girl, and get in the car... see, i have a niiiiiiiiiiice "phf" shirt for you.
cimorene111: me: *thinking* do i have to get in the car?
cimorene111: rjf: yes.
cimorene111: me: ...okay!
Jmh925: you: ok
cimorene111: ahahaha
Jmh925: hahahahaha

[edit: AT THE SAME TIME, she posted the following, from the same conversation:

cimorene111: so, i like to starve.
cimorene111: but not like a buffoon.
cimorene111: of course.
Jmh925: not even a starving one?
cimorene111: or a starving --
cimorene111: ahaha!
cimorene111: *pets jennifer*
cimorene111: separated at birth.
Jmh925: yes
Jmh925: surely
cimorene111: ahahahahaha

we were discussing the line of poetry, "I like to munch on lots of tasteful food/Rather than starve like a starving buffoon"--which, i am confident, scared wax even if she won't admit it. i AM a stalker, dammit.]
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i love legolas/gimli! even though i've only written one fic for them, i love them to pieces, i really do. and they're. so cute. and in love. and. yes. the pointy ears. dude, i want a boy with pointy ears!

and i uploaded my sam/frodo icon again because i couldn't not after reading [ profile] billthepony's wonderful sam/frodo preslash stories. ;)


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