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Workmate's reserved Yorkie puppy is currently 1 day old. At first I said "aw", then I opened my mouth to say "I have a beagle" and instead hastily closed it in alarm when I felt an additional speech crowding up to my tongue along the lines of "Don't get a sweet adorable puppy because it will only break your heart when it is slowly and evidently painfully dying and is still so sweet and precious and it's your little baby but you can't really help it and it's all feeble and also pretty disgusting." So there's that.

The Crazy has been acting extra crazy as well as having extra stinkiness for a few days and has also started filling the dog's water dish with plaster dust, which she tracks from the litter box every couple of hours before having a little playtime splashing her feet around in it. Perry appears to have a UTI and other probably more serious problems. The stress is astronomical.
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The dog has a UTI and so, since yesterday evening, he is temporarily walking around diaperless. He's also getting painkiller and antibiotics and I'm hoping it will clear up as quickly as the last time he had one, but I still might need to rethink the dog diaper solution, since his skin is so sensitive. Make them less airtight, or only a portion of each day, or something.

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Dire things are happening in our household. The dog is 15 and senile and gross and the Crazy is 15 and crazy and gross, and seems to be having some kind of digestive difficulties in addition to being a CRAZY ASSHOLE, and all of these circumstances have conspired to create THE POOPOCALYPSE (obviously, this cut hides information that is both disgusting and about poop). )
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I don't know why it didn't occur to me, when I bought my initial rounds of dog-diapering supplies, that I would also need the other diaper-related things. I did manage to pick up baby powder on a 2-day delay, but a lot of my other problems would be solved by:

  • a changing pad

  • diaper rash cream

  • baby wipes

... etc. Sadly, the baby-changing world has not invented a solution for when the baby (or dog) starts peeing before you get the new diaper in place. I still remember when my sister was an infant and I was 9 or 10 and I had to change my entire outfit right before leaving for school...
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Somehow, in yesterday's summary of all my various attempts to create a working dog diaper solution, I forgot that one of the things I bought was a dog diaper holder that's actually made and sold specially FOR DOGS that somehow looks like kinky bondage wear. (See?)
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We don't only have dog diapers because we have a disgusting old dog. We also have a disgusting old cat! Read more... )
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We went to my oldest friend's wedding on a mountain outside San Francisco last weekend.

According to the news, they've been having the same weather as us lately: around 20°, kind of. On the day of the wedding it was actually way hotter than expected, but when we went back into the city on Sunday it went back to the forecast. The problem is that Turku is nowhere near as windy as San Francisco in this time of year, apparently. (In the autumn and winter Turku is VERY windy, though.) There was a constant hard, cold wind that made it feel like it was firmly below 15° the whole time, and I didn't have adequate garments for layering with me at all.

Sunday we went to the Aquarium of the Bay. Then I went with my family to Ghirardelli Square - we wanted the old factory to still be open but apparently all it is now is a collection of giftshops so crowded you can barely walk into it. It used to be home to a tea salon I have been dying to visit for over a year called Crown & Crumpet, and I was super excited to go there, mainly because you can't order the teacups with the pink crown teapot over the internet; but when we got there we looked up their website and found out they're closed for moving and I didn't get any awesome tea swag at all. :(((

I want this teacup and also I want it on like a shirt or possibly on everything

Monday we were supposed to just meet Dad's internet fandom friend (his fandom is original sf poetry and it's mostly old people and doesn't overlap with our circles much) at an sf bookstore in the Mission called Borderlands, and then spend the majority of the day exploring the Castro. But some things came up: Read more... )

The Return Journey from Purgatory

We had to wake up at 4 am for our trip to the airport and I was out of cash to tip the bellhop, and then there were no Starbucks in our concourse. My earbuds had started to hurt my ears so badly that we only watched 1 episode of Game of Thrones, and we were unable to locate a deli with bagels OR a Starbucks or indeed ANYWHERE to sell us tea during our layover in NYC; and the world's rudest, most obnoxious American jerkface lady had the seat in front of Wax on the Helsinki leg. She kept her seat all the way back, which is so far that to get out of our seats we had to climb OVER THE ARM, the entire time, and had to be told by the flight attendants to straighten it up when they served food both times. To which she responded respectively "Why?" and "Who, me?" So her seat was literally pressing against Wax's knees the entire time and Wax is only 5'5". There LITERALLY wasn't room between the seatback and Wax's abdomen for her laptop!

So after this 7-hr interval of BOILING RAGE we got to Helsinki completely exhausted and promptly got lost on the way to baggage claim. While we were trying to find it and on the verge of collapse, Wax's backed-up SMSes arrived and one was from her mom saying that the dog hadn't drunk or eaten anything since Thursday! Making 5 days! And we were still trapped in the airport. When we found someone to lead us out, Wax was freaking out because they delayed us TWICE at the stupid passport control even though we'd ALREADY BEEN THROUGH IT FIVE MINUTES BEFORE, and the said someone gave her attitude about it (srsly fuck you dude; she wasn't even flailing at YOU). Still not having eaten, we piled onto a (VERY HOT) bus for a 2½ hour commute...

...and then went immediately to meet Wax's mom to take Perry straight to the vet. I stayed there with him for two hours or so, almost completely zombified and having come out the opposite side of hunger so that I didn't even know I was hungry, while they gave him an IV to prevent him from shriveling up and floating away, took a blood test and urine sample, and ultimately prescribed some antibiotics for a UTI.

I gave him his medicine and he ate and drank Wednesday night before I fell asleep, but I think I got a broken 7 hours of sleep altogether, and Thursday morning I kept staring at the computer, unable to remember when I needed to leave to catch the bus.

Purgatory Still Not Over

So I was late to class, and then I found out that we hadn't learned anything all week and the substitute didn't intend to start now. It was so boring (and overcast outside, and nearly deserted inside the school) that I sort of felt like I was dreaming, just floating along blankly through everything with a severely delayed reaction time. That is, until I got home and found out that THE DOG HAD STARTED PEEING BLOOD! I didn't really have a panic attack, but I think I just couldn't anything anymore. I just sort of sat there moaning and nearly crying in response to every single thing that happened, including when Wax started (FINALLY) playing the latest episode of Teen Wolf.

Eventually (after talking very incoherently on the phone to the vet, and giving the dog some pain meds) I took a Xanax and slept. And, yes, we did spend 3 hours today covering 'to get from [person][case]' and 'to give to [person][case]', which, yes, we had actually already seen before, and, in fact, the substitute DID demonstrate using the clever device of pretending to hand her pencil to at least six different people, and she did explain 'take' and 'bring' a LOT of times and tell Loud Girl to be quiet when, for the first time ever, I didn't even want her to shut up because nobody was actually saying anything that conveyed any information at all; but at least I finally got to come home and sleep another four hours. Oh, and we didn't even do so much as a worksheet in that time, just looked at the overhead while she yapped. I'm bitter.

But whatever, at least it's the weekend and the dog seems to be getting better. And my mother-in-law did the dishes for us while we were gone. She's a champ.
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  1. Wax and her inheritance: We mentioned a while ago about Wax's ancient granny-who-hated-me dying. Well, the sale of the house was finalized this week, and Wax has spent... about the last week putting in mostly-full-days emptying the house of crap. She's been exhausted, and also not at home because she's in Pargas which is 45 min away.

  2. Sick: A week ago this past Wednesday my throat swelled almost closed to the tune of INTENSE PAIN. I thought it was some sort of allergic reaction (it's happened 3 times to me before, always in response to certain perfumes in the face) until a few hours later when the flu-like muscle quakes and hot-and-cold took over. The flu symptoms lasted 1 day and the sore throat 3, but I took it easy through Monday. I seem to be okay now except for sinus congestion, but luckily I have a box of Sudafed purchased last summer in the US. (Sudafed is prescription-only in Finland.)

  3. Perry: This week he acquired a really bad ear infection: suddenly he wouldn't eat or sit down for more than like 20 seconds at a time all night. I skived off Thursday for an emergency vet appointment and now I've got to squirt slimy medicine in his ears twice a day. I think it's helping, though. Anyway, another thing that I need to get my energy together for is dog diapers. I've seen some tutorials online and I guess I can crochet the diaper cover and you can use baby diapers and cut a hole for the tail... I just don't seem to have the energy/time to determine the sizing and the budget and actually make the cover. Well, that's my agenda for next week I guess.

  4. Rupert Replacement: My mom has a big dragon collection dating from before I was born, and my favorite of these is Rupert, a 2' long tabletop Chinese dragon that she got as a wedding present. He's durable and lightweight, made of resin with plastic jewel eyes, and the somewhat rare product of a Chicago-based statuary company that was active from the 30s-60s, and which has now become rather collectible. (Most of her favorite dragons had names, and she made them talk to me in different voices, but my other favorites to talk to were one-of-a-kind ceramics; Rupert I could actually hug and play with.)

    I've been looking online for something sort of like Rupert for five years or so, but without much luck. There are cast stone garden decoration dragons, and there are ceramic and resin collectible dragons, but the latter tend to be smaller and somehow less friendly, and all of them are kind of pricey. But this week I talked to my mom about it and got Rupert's manufacturer information and I found two more Ruperts online. One of them was about $70 USD on eBay with a very ugly paintjob but one of them was more reasonable and mom's gonna try to buy it for me. Even if she can't get it, though, we talked about trying to cast a duplicate of him, or if that fails, I'm now determined to sculpt my own from papier-mache or clay, if necessary (clay's easier to work with, obviously, but more fragile and there's the problem that I don't know anybody with a kiln. But if nothing else, there's mom's kiln). Anyway, just the prospect of getting a Rupert made me happy. I only have stuffed dragons and a lego one at the moment.
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I have had a busy month. Our monthly motto mantra on our Adam Lambert calendar is "This is the opposite of what I wanted", and that has turned out to be sadly accurate.

  • Wax's computer broke at the very beginning of the month and she limped along with a backup machine using a motherboard that spontaneously shut down every time it overheated for 2 weeks+ before her shiny new laptop (Jean-Luc is dead; long live Sir Patrick!) arrived.

  • My Chris Evans & RDJ Movie Party on the 11th was... not a failure, since we had fun, but we ran into an unexpected snag with being unable to play DVDs, thanks (indirectly) to the above circumstance.

  • Perry was tested for Cushing's, a chronic hormonal imbalance common to older dogs, at the beginning of the month. He started his medication the second week, stopped eating his food in the third week and had to be given an anti-emetic, and then turned out to be responding favorably to the meds after all (as of about a week ago). However, he's still turning his nose up at dry food thanks to the diet of tasty canned stuff I had to use to tempt him to eat when he was nauseated. But overall, the dog news is excellent. My parents are paying for his medication too, which is good since it is around €70 a month, but we are still failing to recover from several hundred bucks' worth of vet visits and blood tests that the parents didn't cover.

  • Our 4 niecephews were over for tea 1.5 wks ago and I showed them Batman: The Animated Series and all of them loved it, but especially Loke, who was instantly converted into a tiny 4-year-old starry-eyed Batfan. He said "BATMAN IS THE BEST" approximately 15 times before they left (with my box set).

  • We had a nice Lillajul (cookie-baking and miniature tree-decorating) party last Saturday with the brother-in-law and luckily, because the bank was holding onto our credit card payment at the time, idk BIL's bff Thomas loaned us his car Sunday so that we were able to celebrate a belated Thanksgiving feast with [personal profile] pierydys in Rauma. It was magically delicious! I ate so much turkey pot pie and stuff that I was literally unable to eat dessert.

  • This morning my mother-in-law woke us up asking if we wanted to go to Ikea, which boy did I ever, being in semi-desperate need of several things including recycling bins, poster frames, spice jars, storage boxes, and divided storage trays. But when we got there, she rushed us through the downstairs section so fast that I didn't manage to get a single object on my list. (She bought us other stuff: a cat basket, a wire tree frame that Wax wanted for her climbing plants, a colander. But why couldn't we rush through the parts of the store that DIDN'T contain all the stuff I needed?!) Then we stopped for coffee with Wax's bro and she bragged at length about how delightfully efficient the trip was while I sat there half-comatose after a couple of hours of sleep thinking "So I got out of bed for this."

  • Next weekend I'm having another party to make up for the lack of DVD-watching at the last one and this time [personal profile] pierydys will be there and she will make me a pecan pie for my birthday (albeit a week early but PECAN PIE! I haven't had that in years! :D) and we will watch Wonderboys and have a bit of a feast; and plus I will get to introduce some of my friends to each other, and I love doing that.

  • There was a big standee display of Lindt Lindor truffles next to the checkout at the S-market under Wiklund yesterday. We're talking like it was my height and the top foot included a giant, life-size photo of a twinkly-eyed, handsome middle-aged man in an immaculate chef's outfit carefully piping chocolate onto truffles. There were bags and various sizes of assorted gift boxes and I almost cried. A little box of milk chocolate Lindor truffles costs more than my entire basket of groceries (müsli, organic and fair-trade fruit, bakery bread, cat and dog food). It's really hard being away from my parents in this season because one thing that my mother ALWAYS splurged on, no matter how much money we didn't have, was expensive chocolate.

  • Finally: this month I taught myself tapestry crochet and made a very lovely basket. However, I can't actually use the basket for its intended purpose so now it's just sitting here on my shelf full of spare balls of yarn.

On the plus side I have been too busy/exhausted for winter depression for the most part.
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Half of our menagerie is currently on reduced rations because they are gaining too much weight - Russel Crowe and the Crazy. As a result of the reduced quantity of cat kibbles being set out, the BB is being fed extra servings of canned food that aren't available to the others because she eats too infrequently if it's just dry food, and meanwhile Perry is on antibiotics, which he is being given in lumps of the same tasty cat food.

So basically there is confusion from all quarters. Perry and Rusty inevitably smell the canned food five minutes after the BB has been shut in the sauna to eat it by herself, and wait around outside the door. Last night they both darted in there as soon as I let her out, and didn't notice I was carrying the plate of leftovers right above their heads. They proceeded to spend several minutes industriously sniffing all over the sauna trying to find it while I woke the Crazy up and gave it to her (she is a bit overweight, but she's also old. And we feel sorry for her because Russel Crowe frequently beats her up and steals her bed).

Also I keep putting the BB in the sauna and forgetting about her until she pitifully goes "Mraaaaaaaooooow?"

Perry is due to have lab work next week to determine if he really has Cushing's disease, which is a hormonal imbalance that can be treated at a cost of between €40 - 120-something per month, but not cured. Luckily my parents offered to pay for it and Wax's mom gave us money for the initial vet visits/tests, because otherwise there's no way we could manage that.
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So Russel Crowe has started frequently beating Perry up and stealing his bed. Like this was the third time today:

I went to step over the dog and looked down and said, "Perry, when did you get so small and feline?" Wax craned over to see and commented, "Russel Crowe, you're such a turd."

I naturally wondered where the dog was if the cat was in the dog bed, and located him in the middle of the room, directly behind Wax on the bare floor. "Wax, look."

She leaned over the back of the sofa to get a closer look and informed me, "He's sleeping on the tea cosy."
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Well, in short, the situation is that we found a bunch of the dog-training pads at Citymarket (which is a supermarket, and easier to shop at than a pet specialty store) and they were fairly cheap, and they are indeed as wondrously absorbent as advertised; but my dog is a dumbass and won't use them the right way (by peeing ON instead of next to them). long version )
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I slept really well last night, which seems like an auspicious sign of the beginning of the recovery period. I can even sort of breathe through my nose, though not smell through it.

But I woke up to chaos! Wax came home and instantly started yelling at the animals. I don't know if I got everything, but:

  • The dog stopped being able to hold it at all and his paper-training is no longer in force. He peed twice in the livingroom yesterday and once in the bedroom this morning. Time for dog diapers I guess. Too bad I'm not really recovered enough for the hike to the pet store. Hopefully tomorrow.

  • Russel Crowe likes to carry things around. He took a spare tube of toothpaste out of the bathroom this morning and left it lying outside the bathroom door in a puddle of dog pee, inches from a dog turd. THANKS, RUSSEL CROWE.

  • Rusty and the BBkitty are loudly chasing each other around. They're having fun, it's just their playful war cries/growls/inquiring chirrups and the little crashes of kitties slapping the kitty treehouse and the wall and stuff are a little loud.

  • All three cats want to eat at once. The Crazy and the BB didn't really complain vocally about eating before; they'd just remind you and then wait by the food bowl, if that. Rusty is more Siamese though, and he's loud, and it's catching, so Wax was followed by a train of three loud, frolicking cats yelling for food, who then refused to jump up on the cat food tables to eat the food in question. She put them on the table and then they all acted confused and went away without eating it. (Although they did later come back for it.)

  • Within five minutes of Wax getting home and going to bed, someone had barfed in her shoes. We have a raised hall closet for outerwear with a shoe place, and also a little shoe rack, but Wax is one of those people who can't really remember things like that and likes to drop things wherever they fall, so her shoes are usually next to the rack. So a cat barfed right in the inside of her favorite lace-up sneakers, the ones my parents bought her for our wedding 1½ years ago, and then the dog thoroughly licked the insides of them. Yum. Time to throw those bitches in the wash!

I think that's covered everything, except the obvious implied fact that when I'm recovered enough for cleaning I'm going to have to disinfect everything it seems like. /o\

PS: Did you guys see this new romance novel plagiarist (via [personal profile] cleolinda via Making Light) who seems to be acting just like Cassie Claire? Before Charlee's 30: Oi Carroll! No!
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  • After a year of procrastination, I still haven't gotten our paperwork in order to have our Iowa marriage recognized in Finland. This was actually the whole reason we got married in Iowa - because Finland has registered partnership, but not marriage, and this pisses us off because 1. separate but equal is not equal and 2. they're not equal anyway; it doesn't come with quite all the legal benefits. The point of the whole exercise is that after doing it elsewhere, we get to petition to be legally recognized as married to a Finnish judge of some sort and make our voice heard. Given past precedent, they probably aren't going to recognize it as a marriage (Wax looked at some forums, and Vermont marriages have historical precedent of being declared to be legally only a registered partnership under Finnish law - assholes).

    The main reason for the procrastination, though, is that the process is both expensive and fiddly. You need an Apostille form PAY ATTENTION TO THIS IF YOU ARE AN EXPATRIATE GETTING MARRIED ON A FLYING VISIT BACK TO YOUR NATIVE LAND OKAY THIS IS IMPORTANT! I wish someone had told me this. )

  • Our pet shampoo is malodorous! I've been bathing my dog in it because it's supposed to help with dandruff and dry skin, which he occasionally seems to have a mild case of, but it's really not a pleasant smell. More of a stench. Even though I have taken to putting my own berry-scented conditioner on him afterwards, the smell is penetrating. Any suggestions?

    Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 0

    Do you have any suggestions for what I could wash my dry-skinned dog in that doesn't stink?

  • While vacuuming yesterday I found a lollipop under the couch with a wrapper that says "BON BON BUM junior". Which begs the question: is this lollipop intended for people with bums as delicious as bon bons, or for people who have bums whose size is attributed to bon bon consumption? Or both? We may never know, especially because neither one of us is brave enough to actually eat an under-couch lollipop of unknown provenance, even though it's still in the wrapper.

  • Wax and I have given up our yearning for the now-discontinued Marimekko pink cheetah wall panel and our new ambition is to adorn the area above our couch with panels of each of these, Marimekko "Karkuteillä" in orange and blue:

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Possibly because he's old and less argumentative/stubborn now, or possibly because he's smart enough to know that wearing things is protection against the cold, Perry consented to wear his doggy winter coat for the first time ever a few days ago! I haven't tried it in a few years now after his earlier strident refusals of course.

I don't have a camera right now, but Wax took a grainy phone picture:

It's like -17°C, so he's still shivering when we get home.
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We ran out of dogfood yesterday evening and catfood in the middle of the night, so of course all the critters started begging around midnight cut for potentially gross pet bodily functions ) So at ten or so we pulled on our billion layers (-7°, feels like -13° C) and went to the store to buy pet food before even drinking a cup of tea, and when we got home and I fixed my tea and oatmeal and sat down to turn on the computer, Darth Vader the monitor would not turn on. His touch-sensitive power button was not responding even though his adapter was green-lighted! I unplugged him from the power bar and plugged him back in, at which point he came to life and all is now okay except that in the monitor panic I overbrewed my Earl Grey :(.


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