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I have had a busy month. Our monthly motto mantra on our Adam Lambert calendar is "This is the opposite of what I wanted", and that has turned out to be sadly accurate.

  • Wax's computer broke at the very beginning of the month and she limped along with a backup machine using a motherboard that spontaneously shut down every time it overheated for 2 weeks+ before her shiny new laptop (Jean-Luc is dead; long live Sir Patrick!) arrived.

  • My Chris Evans & RDJ Movie Party on the 11th was... not a failure, since we had fun, but we ran into an unexpected snag with being unable to play DVDs, thanks (indirectly) to the above circumstance.

  • Perry was tested for Cushing's, a chronic hormonal imbalance common to older dogs, at the beginning of the month. He started his medication the second week, stopped eating his food in the third week and had to be given an anti-emetic, and then turned out to be responding favorably to the meds after all (as of about a week ago). However, he's still turning his nose up at dry food thanks to the diet of tasty canned stuff I had to use to tempt him to eat when he was nauseated. But overall, the dog news is excellent. My parents are paying for his medication too, which is good since it is around €70 a month, but we are still failing to recover from several hundred bucks' worth of vet visits and blood tests that the parents didn't cover.

  • Our 4 niecephews were over for tea 1.5 wks ago and I showed them Batman: The Animated Series and all of them loved it, but especially Loke, who was instantly converted into a tiny 4-year-old starry-eyed Batfan. He said "BATMAN IS THE BEST" approximately 15 times before they left (with my box set).

  • We had a nice Lillajul (cookie-baking and miniature tree-decorating) party last Saturday with the brother-in-law and luckily, because the bank was holding onto our credit card payment at the time, idk BIL's bff Thomas loaned us his car Sunday so that we were able to celebrate a belated Thanksgiving feast with [personal profile] pierydys in Rauma. It was magically delicious! I ate so much turkey pot pie and stuff that I was literally unable to eat dessert.

  • This morning my mother-in-law woke us up asking if we wanted to go to Ikea, which boy did I ever, being in semi-desperate need of several things including recycling bins, poster frames, spice jars, storage boxes, and divided storage trays. But when we got there, she rushed us through the downstairs section so fast that I didn't manage to get a single object on my list. (She bought us other stuff: a cat basket, a wire tree frame that Wax wanted for her climbing plants, a colander. But why couldn't we rush through the parts of the store that DIDN'T contain all the stuff I needed?!) Then we stopped for coffee with Wax's bro and she bragged at length about how delightfully efficient the trip was while I sat there half-comatose after a couple of hours of sleep thinking "So I got out of bed for this."

  • Next weekend I'm having another party to make up for the lack of DVD-watching at the last one and this time [personal profile] pierydys will be there and she will make me a pecan pie for my birthday (albeit a week early but PECAN PIE! I haven't had that in years! :D) and we will watch Wonderboys and have a bit of a feast; and plus I will get to introduce some of my friends to each other, and I love doing that.

  • There was a big standee display of Lindt Lindor truffles next to the checkout at the S-market under Wiklund yesterday. We're talking like it was my height and the top foot included a giant, life-size photo of a twinkly-eyed, handsome middle-aged man in an immaculate chef's outfit carefully piping chocolate onto truffles. There were bags and various sizes of assorted gift boxes and I almost cried. A little box of milk chocolate Lindor truffles costs more than my entire basket of groceries (müsli, organic and fair-trade fruit, bakery bread, cat and dog food). It's really hard being away from my parents in this season because one thing that my mother ALWAYS splurged on, no matter how much money we didn't have, was expensive chocolate.

  • Finally: this month I taught myself tapestry crochet and made a very lovely basket. However, I can't actually use the basket for its intended purpose so now it's just sitting here on my shelf full of spare balls of yarn.

On the plus side I have been too busy/exhausted for winter depression for the most part.
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↵ The highlight of my month was finding a cream chartreuse nailpolish. (I've been dying for some ever since I saw the image in my icon, which is from the 2008 Lavazza Espresso calendar, so.)

↵ Dammit, that is the second time I have dreamt about Adam Lambert. I don't understand why I'd have multiple dreams where the whole point of his presence is to perform at a concert, but I don't get to dream about the concert even though I want to see it both in the dream and reality, and even though I have actually seen him perform a concert in real life. >:[!!! I'm being tormented by my own subconscious with withheld Adam Lambert concerts! WHY?

This very much makes me want to see a particular production of a show live, which has never happened to me before at all (at least not with a show that was still in the future. I would really have liked to have seen the lesbian version of Hamlet that someone-or-other famously put on one time). But all-male gay Swan Lake with a closeted prince? *_* But come on, nobody can afford to go to New York! At least go on tour or something! :|

[personal profile] waxjism wistfully mentioned trying to sign up to co-write for Lambliff Big Bang together, under the theory that it might make our mutual writer's block easier to overcome. We have wildly different levels of investment in Adam Lambert fandom, but surprisingly similar feelings about fic about him. The problem is we each had one tiny kernel of an idea and couldn't imagine working on the other's. She was talked into signing up anyway with her idea, and I had to abandon the idea because without the excuse & motivation of writing with her (doing something as a favor to one's wife is always virtuous, sort of like writing for Yuletide. I wish all year was just a series of Yuletide-like multifandom challenges), I couldn't see writing a story about two white guys right now, even if one of them is an out gay dude. But now, after that 5 seconds of pitifully stunted hope, I'm feeling disproportionately disappointed.

↵ Jeans that fit. I know it's a universal problem, but I kind of go through stages with being more-or-less satisfied, versus stages (like now) when I kind of don't want to wear any pants because none of them fit quite right. I put on my cords for the first time in ≈1yr and experienced a brief revelation followed by a period of anger: "Why can't all pants fit like this?!" Then I remembered the reason they fit like that is that I redid the outer leg seam from ankle to hip pocket. I can't do this with all my jeans because a) denim is heavy and b) it only works if the waistband and rise are good & only the leg/hip is loose. It's also very annoying that [personal profile] waxjism and I can almost always borrow each other's shoes and even wear the same size of Converse but I can't wear her 8-hole Dr Martens even for the amount of time it takes to walk the dog without my poor toes being squashed & cramping.

↵ Anxiety, depression. It's as bad as anticipated or slightly worse, given my lack of motivation has spread from preparing what I consider "real meals" to actually eating. A week ago I spent 2 days feeling sort of sick because I almost completely forgot to eat. 6 days until I see a psychiatrist! I am, however, looking forward to having regular scheduled social interaction this winter which may help combat my SAD & hopefully, possibly, also my social anxiety. [personal profile] pierydys and I are planning to go to a weekly Finnish for Beginners course in Rauma (which is something of a commute, ouch. But it's not like I have anything better to do?) and combine it with some kind of crafting day. And [personal profile] morningfine at least has agreed to trying to get together weekly or biweekly this winter to watch things, the way we did when we were going through the Highlander box set. Of course we very much hope that [personal profile] bluesbell and [personal profile] anglepoiselamp will join these gatherings as well.
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I thought I had seen a red-bordered Chinese grocery display window on Brahegatan, but it turned out to be Bagdad Export and on Aningaisgatan. They have a ton of tahini, hot pepper flakes, and mango juice in boxes, but they are totally not the store I thought I remembered.

I'm remembering a window displaying blue-and-white china teapots, and I was hoping for bulk jasmine rice and chopsticks and hot chili oil. Did I hallucinate this shop, or did it used to be there and go out of business, or is it actually located in another part of town?

If you walk up the hill from Puolalankatu behind Stockmann towards the art museum, and turn left at the end of the street there and keep walking past some apartments and shit and then turn left again and walk back towards the river, somewhere around there is where Wax's #2 friend Aki used to live, and when we were walking to and from his apartment I used to see a giant toyshop as well as a Chinese grocery. I think. Unless I'm actually thinking of some other place. But because I could get lost in a brown paper bag, I don't dare try to go back there without Wax. Does anyone know where I'm talking about?

And hey, has anyone ever been to a paint store in town? The only one I know of is just on the other side of the bridge to Runosmäki??? Raunistula, but I'd kind of like a larger one.
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This weekend Brother Windows Metal1 loaned us his second car, and we used it to do things. Thursday we did the grocery shopping at one of those large suburban shopping centers, and bought things not carried at the corner store or the posh food boutique at our favorite department store (such as oregano in bulk, strawberry-lime cider, peach-mango black tea and salt & vinegar potato chips). Then Friday we drove to [personal profile] anglepoiselamp's apartment in the suburbs (after getting lost for about 45 minutes) and installed Kubuntu Karmic Koala on her spare partition, because she has been having Problems of Death with Windows 7 on her brand new desktop. Then yesterday we got up early and took all our dead electronics accumulated in the last six years to the closest electronics recycling station. These included:

i: ~The Dead Electronics List~

  • Gleeb the green-tinted 13" monitor from the 1990s, still chugging along, but greenly and with smaller than 800x600 resolution

  • Wax's last cathode-ray monitor, 17 19", dead since 2005

  • The giant television weighing more than I do which has been dead since 2005 when I dropped it on its face

  • We had to leave the broken LCD monitor in the basement because they charge you to take more than 3 monitors at a time

  • Four keyboards

  • Two modems

  • A toaster

  • A microwave

  • A bag containing three graphics cards, a sound card, three hard drives, a broken power source, and a number of other things

  • We meant to throw away another bag of cables, a broken clock, and a bag of dead electronics from [personal profile] anglepoiselamp that we collected night before last, but forgot to bring them with us, so they reside now in the basement

After returning from this expedition - before breakfast - we collected all the old clothes around the house. This amounted to:

ii: ~The Unwearable Clothes List~

  • Four Ikea-bag-sized paper bags occupying most of the wall of our bedroom, and

  • Seven or eight plastic trash bags filling most of the floor of our basement storage room,
  • containing

  • Many clothes that have been too big for Wax since 2007, when she went on Effexor and went down from size 44? to size 38

  • About four pairs of high school/college jeans of mine, ie tight high-waisted (ie above the hip-bone) bell bottoms, completely devoid of stretch, that are now too short and which I haven't fit into since I went off the evil anorexia-causing Prozac in 2003

  • Enough fifteen-year-old clothes from when Wax was in high school, including oceans of hideous colored denim and striped chenille from the mid 90s, to fill 2 shelves in our closet before we cleaned it out 3 years ago

  • I didn't know that they took shoes as well, so our old shoes, dating back only to 2006 when we last threw away old shoes, are still filling a shelf in the hall closet: 3 pairs of dead sneakers, 2 pairs of hideous sandals, 1 pair purple satin formal sandals from the 90s, 1 pair hideous canvas and cork wedges

We drove across town searching in vain for a Goodwill drop box before it occurred to me to call [personal profile] morningfine. She was our savior, and we went to scoop her up in the car, and she directed us to a parking lot near the hospital where we dumped all the old clothes before driving downtown to meet up with [personal profile] satu who was briefly in town. Our adventures weren't over, however, because:

iii: ~The Parking Garage of Pure Evil~

We tried to park in the first non-empty parking garage we found downtown, and I forget what it's called - maybe City Center or something. The thing is, this parking garage is exposed to the open air, not underground, and the ramp leading to it is not roofed. This ramp was steep and covered in snow and ice and the first thing we saw was an electrician's van parked smack-dab at the top of it. When we turned up to the ramp to the upper level we found out why... we couldn't get up it. The car would chug up to the top, then right before the final hump that would lead to leveling out, the wheels would spin furiously.

Now, I grew up in Alabama, and I don't know much about driving on snow/ice except, basically:

  • Don't do it because you will probably die (absorbed from Alabamian culture), and

  • It is mysterious and a difficult and arcane art known to people from the rest of the country, although not so difficult that Alabamians aren't really stupid about it because the amount of snow we get there is not enough to actually impede driving (from my parents, who did not grow up in Alabama).

So when the wheels spun furiously and then the car started creaking, and Wax said "Oh shit," and it actually started to slide backwards down the ramp, I shrieked, because, obviously, I thought we were probably going to die. When the car slid sideways while sliding backwards down the ramp and into the wall of the ramp (well, it would have if not for the several feet of snow drifts there providing a bumper), I sort of started rocking and whimpering. My hardy, Finnish companions were very annoyed and kept making comments like "You're not helping!" but I could not rid myself of my terror until they finally gave up on getting up the ramp (after 2 tries) and we left the garage without parking, and went to Anttila's garage, which is entirely inside a building.

And then we had fun with our friends, came home, and reorganized the living room. The De-Clutteringening had made space for an additional computer (Six, the WinBorg XP box) as well as 6 out of 7 shelves of paperback fiction from the bedroom bookcase in the living room bookcases, after extraneous items were moved into the built-in cabinets in the hall closet which were previously completely full of junk. Also, you can now see the bedroom wall! \o/

1. Brother Windows and Brother Linux both work in computers and are both geeks. They acquired their names back when Brother Linux was running Slackware and Brother Windows was still running XP, but Brother Windows has since converted his home system to Linux Mint (An Ubuntu Gnome-based distro) and has even surreptitiously installed Mint in VirtualBox on his work machine, running with his second monitor, and now uses it all day and the Windows machine not at all. He should probably, at this point, be renamed. I could call them Brother BB and Brother Triplets? Or perhaps I'll go with Brother Metal and Brother ThinkGeek (Brother Windows Metal is also a geek, but his geekery is more to do with movies and pop culture. Threadless is the t-shirt store of his dreams, whereas Brother Linux ThinkGeek could happily move into the ThinkGeek store, I think, if he were willing to move places without his wife, whose ideal location is rainbow-colored and sparkly, like the interior of your friendly local Indian homegoods store). Brother Windows Metal, or Twittermece66, is a BNF in the black & death metal fandom on Twitter, so this is his defining feature. Brother Linux ThinkGeek is more about nature photography and/or esoteric gadgets.
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Last night we were in Stockmann Buffet after the Lucia procession, warming up with hot beverages and desserts, and [personal profile] morningfine and [personal profile] waxjism got into a long and extremely loud discussion of the various brain-scarring porn scenes they had seen in the past, especially in reference to the guy who plays Ray in Generation Kill, and no, you don't need to tell me his name, because I don't care and will immediately forget again. Anyway, the conversation included such gems as - the concept of keeping one's voice down is foreign to my wife, who would be annoyed if I suggested the possibility of being ashamed to yell about porn in a restaurant -

  • "I was like, 'Is he actually going to come? Yeah, he is'."

  • "Because masturbation is just really not sexy."

  • "And it's like, 'Let's have sex with children now!' I mean, they're of age, but they didn't look it."

Anyway, in Finland everybody, or nearly everybody, does understand English, but it is slightly more private, because a) children don't know it1 and b)most people's English isn't quite good enough to follow a fast conversation and c)many people automatically tune out of conversations not in their native language in any case (although given what I've learned about my buds being unable to understand rural Swedish dialects, I wonder if we could just teach them to speak Southern and use it as a successful secret code?).

So then we got ready to leave and [personal profile] morningfine was putting on her coat and Wax goes, "Dude, you're being felt up by a kid." Apparently she hadn't even noticed? So there was a surprised huff of laughter and we turned around and indeed, right behind [personal profile] morningfine's chair was a tiny high chair containing a tiny fat toddler crowned with angelic brown pre-Raphaelite curls, and he was twisted around in order to put both hands on her ass! Or, actually, her skirt.

She was wearing an A-line skirt made out of some vintage sheets from the 70s bearing a giant cream, marigold, and salmon-colored hippie print of flowers, and his mother quickly explained in charmingly accented English that he loved the flowers. It took him a minute to let go, too. Meanwhile, the father was talking in Swedish on the phone, and the mom seemed to be a native speaker of Spanish or Portuguese perhaps by the accent. At any rate it seemed likely that she had understood the whole conversation. Hopefully her child only speaks Swedish and Spanish, though, and not English. And isn't a language prodigy who knows what masturbation and sex are.

1. Although my niece Carmela, who is 5, understands a LOT of English, not surprisingly given how much of a GIANT TV&movie geek her dad and aunt are, and how much Wax & I have been around speaking English with her dad constantly since she was tiny. She understands a lot of English, but we are not actually sure exactly how much, since she has made only a few attempts to speak it; however, the result of telling her what something meant is usually "I know THAT." Anyway, it's not a 100% effective secret language on her either. I keep telling Mece he should use lolcat instead. As for me & Wax, I'll have to teach her some phrases of Spanish and Japanese (my suggestion that she remember kirai for visits to her mom was met with dubiousness).
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We went to see the city's St Lucia procession from the cathedral to the carriage this evening with our peeps Chi and Bell. I have never seen Lucia before, except the top of the head of a Lucia at the Old Apothecary Museum two years ago.


st lucia dagen 13 december 2009 åbo domkyrka, finlandst lucia dagen 13 december 2009 åbo domkyrka, finland
st lucia dagen 13 december 2009 åbo domkyrka, finland

It was fucking freezing cold (okay, it was only like -1°C, but we weren't dressed quite warmly enough) and they lied and said Lucia would come out at 5:30, so we left the Christmas market across the street early and stood for a really long time, bored and freezing and watching dogs and children and their antics. Lucia's carriage arrived like 20 minutes before Lucia herself, and trotted around the square to great effect, where it was met by another tiny carriage carrying Santa, and pulled by a single tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny VERY BAD Shetland pony which was basically being an asshole, hilariously, for the rest of the wait. It kept trying to eat its handler's reflective jacket and bouncing around and generally acting like the Shetland pony version of Frank Iero. When trying to get a picture of it (I ultimately failed), I accidentally took a picture of a Boxer that someone had brought instead because they were the same size and color. So I leave it to your imagination, but here is a Shetland pony from Wikipedia:

([personal profile] waxjism: That's kind of what he looked like, only shaggier. And badder.)

more pictures, bigger versions )
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[personal profile] bluesbell, Chi has expressed a desire to be present when you receive your souvenir from the US. And [personal profile] anglepoiselamp, it'd be nice to see you if you're feeling up to leaving the house? Not next weekend though, we're promised for babysitting duties. Wax being on night shift this week, night is the only time we could meet without her and a) she might want to be there anyway and b) then Sugar would have to get home late - that's probably not ideal.
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My last class before vacay was canceled for tomorrow evening which means my source of stress is gone, too, and now I'm just antsy to go! One week to kill and all I have left to do is dye my roots! Anyone want to meet in town during daylight hours? I'd like to take in some sun, have some coffee (not at Arnold's) and a bagel (at Arnold's), etc, and would love to have some company. It's a lot more fun to window-shop and take in downtown during the day like that.
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Finding vegan sneakers is kind of rare. These are "Palm" by J41 in charcoal and brown.

We had this whole conversation about how it's only necessary to unlock the door for the prophet Elijah, not actually open it, at the seder today. I said that it was a symbolic gesture, like inviting a vampire in. Of course, that led to a lot of jokes about how the prophet's wine was drunk by his vampire minions and/or possessees (with me advocating for the term "vessel", but before I could say "as in Supernatural", several someones suggested nuclear wessels).
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Anyone want to meet me in town or alternatively go to Mylly today or tomorrow? (Obviously it's too late to go to Mylly today since it's almost 17:00.)

I want to go to that little rock & gem shop at Mylly and I also want to go to that hugely embarrassing scene kid shop on Auragatan Eriksgatan (it's between Julia and the Åland bank, right? Or is that my shitty sense of direction that could get lost in a paper bag again?), but I'm too apathetic to take the bus to Mylly alone and too embarrassed to enter the scene kid shop alone.
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I dreamed that [ profile] shiroi_chi and [ profile] wax_jism and I were going to some rock festival in another city, and rather than camp we decided to break into a big-ass marble building residence hall at a university, but despite having a huge pillared front, inside it was the size of someone's grandma's house, with one upstairs bedroom and a tiny landing and rickety wood staircase and a livingroom downstairs, and the heat had been off all winter, and while trying to turn it on I... caused the hot water heater to overheat. It looked like a little toaster that was sitting on top of a top-loading washer on the landing, incidentally, and it bounced rhythmically in the air like in a cartoon. It was going to explode, so we had to go into the bathroom and climb up on the toilet and edge of the tub so we wouldn't be touching the floor and get electrocuted (by... the flying hot water...?). So apparently in dreams I become like Mikey Way. (I got yelled at a lot.) (Before Wax mentions it, I have only left the burners on like, four or five times in years. That she knows of. And with the oven, it was only that once. And I've only exploded ONE plate in the sink!)
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There's no new fandom content in the House of Cim'n'Wax. I've been reading books, occasionally watching things, and devoting a few hours here and there to keeping up with all my usual sources of shoes, in case something exciting came up with the new season (there are no new shoes I desperately want, really).

§ Dream Job! But interestingly enough, on New Year's Eve quite late at night Wax was surfing the Employment Bureau website and found my dream job - one of Turku's international daycares, located within about 20 minutes' walk of here in the Student Village and feeding into the local international school (partly because I quite want to work with other immigrants - preferably ones who are rather more adrift in Finland than I am, and whom I might be able to help a bit, and partly because I just do want to work with little children. You see, older children I find more assholey and generally unmanageable, but little ones are still charming even when they're bad - well, it's just a matter of preference, I guess, but preschoolers have always been my favourite age).

Anyway, in Finland a teaching certificate is required for kindergarten teachers, a special one, and another kind even for preschool teachers (it's a 2-year technical degree in being a 'carer'); so, the daycare seeking a permanent staff kindergarten teacher, I obviously couldn't do it. I mean, it's illegal to hire a permanent salaried employee for these functions who's underqualified. But there's a kindergarten-nursery school staff shortage on in Finland just now, which means unqualified substitutes are hired temporarily; so Wax told me to apply anyway, and I did. Despite having forgotten to translate my CV into English and forgetting even to attach it to the first email, I got a call yesterday from the daycare. They appear to be quite desperate, because the lady said, "Um... how soon could you start?" So I'm to report there at 9am Monday for an interview, but if she likes me, and I quote, "Could you start right away?" So. Um. YAY! But I'm also nervous about it.

§ old recs So that's what's goin' on. I've also been rewatching Austen adaptations and making icons of them, in between reading; and furiously transferring the last of my old recs page to delicious, having now got all the way through the Star Wars page, and most of the way through the "Miscellaneous" page. All my old Jeeves & Wooster, Jay & Silent Bob, Master & Commander, The Sentinel, etc are now on delicious; I'm in the middle of Smallville now. (And let me tell you - curiosity compelled me to look over the Jay & Silent Bob ones again since I haven't read them since, oh, 2003, when [ profile] irisbleufic and I got into it at approximately the same time, and each wrote one ficlet, and then in a fit of UTTER insanity I actually wrote Kevin Smith/Jason Mewes RPS, too. My dark past! - But anyway, curiosity, and oh, dear, the offerings there were actually worse than I remembered. Which is hard to achieve! Because I hadn't forgotten the cringing! And I was compelled to leave some of them off because they were just too awful. Maybe I'll ask for some in Yuletide next year...)

§ Rewatching the original Star Wars Which reminds me that Wax said she DIDN'T WANT TO watch the original Star Wars trilogy with me. "I'm not a HUGE fan," she said. "You don't have to be a huge fan to watch it once every ten years," I said to no avail. Will someone else PLEASE watch with me?


29 Nov 2008 04:29 pm
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Well, compared to how well Channukah and Passover have always gone with my friends, Thanksgiving on my part yesterday was kind of a failure. This isn't to say anything negative about my guests - all my friends were incredibly gracious about having to wait forever because I hadn't started to fix the vegetables (only the pumpkin bread!) and they had to sit around chatting while I cooked.

I forgot to finish setting the table, I didn't have the serving implements in the dishes, I couldn't find the matches for the candles, I didn't have any proper substitute for the wine and Wax made orange juice from a box and served it in a plastic liquid measure with mL markings on the sides. I didn't have any spare wine when Sugar forgot to bring it. There was still enough food to stuff everyone and leave leftovers, but it didn't feel like Thanksgiving anyway because there still weren't enough dishes. [ profile] bluesbell's heavenly apple pie was the best part. The roasted potatoes were a good second for deliciousness, but they weren't particularly fancy.

Maybe it's really just that I've been feeling depressed lately, but I was nervous and inadequate-feeling compared to the magical dinner-party powers of my mom and my aunts. I didn't even have a proper tablecloth on the table, or a real vase to put the flowers that Chi brought in. I really ought to have baked the pecan pie yesterday, but I didn't do that either. We actually didn't finish off the one pie, but it feels utterly wrong to have only one pie at Thanksgiving. Honestly, I'd like to look forward to Channukah and getting it right, but it seems likely that in a month's time I'll still be too full of fail to cook a full meal.

You know, growing up my Mom would always have post-holiday stress and depression around every main vacation or trip to visit anyone, feeling grumpy and growly during the whole period. That never happened to me, at least, not unless I was so terrified of being yelled at that I was hiding and withdrawn the whole time in self-defense; but maybe it was something like this.
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I read online the other day that 12 years is the median beagle lifespan. Perry's age was estimaged around 1 ½ when I got him in January 1999. Disturbingly, that means he's nearly 11 ½ now. (Slightly less disturbingly it means I've been doing the math wrong for the past few years when I told people he was 12 already, and the math is just addition.) I got quite upset about that at first, and almost cried (like I said: only dogs dying! Although also literature or tv about Dads and mentors dying can occasionally do the trick. Very rarely), but Wax expended some effort to convince me that he was very healthy for his age - which he is; old beagles tend to corpulence, and with that in mind he's not even that fat. It's still an alarming thought, though.

In other news I've been coveting this enamelled bird pocket watch for like a year but I'm not sure if I should order it or not. I mean, I have a phone. It's not like I need a watch anymore. But even if it didn't work it'd still be like the coolest thing ever.

[Poll #1293080]

PS at my homies who live in Turku-Åbo, don't forget Ikea on Monday! ROAD TRIP! :D (Although okay, Reso isn't that far away... it's more of a road... jaunt.)

ETA2: LOL, Ulrike just started buzzing Wax and Perry started going "Whoof", you know, not the big bark, the little offended puff with his back prickling up. THAT'S MY BOY. Hates Ulrike! Good taste! ("Maybe he just thinks Ulrike's coming to the door," says Wax. IN WHICH CASE HIS BARKING WOULD BE EVEN MORE APPROPRIATE.)


1 Nov 2008 04:36 pm
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As you can see, Wax's costume as a member of Kiss didn't exactly fit.

Halloween '08

We were gonna have a three-person Halloween party yesterday. However, [ profile] anglepoiselamp got a cold, [ profile] lovebashed who has to travel from further away anyway got a terrible headache, and [ profile] shiroi_chi napped all day and was unable to drag herself out of bed. So after an unfortunately necessary shopping trip to town (cat stuff, red wool and embroidery materials, a stuffed sheep I totally NEEDED which I named Vega, a Lilla My pillowcase, a lot of candy, peanut butter, and two beautiful turquoise Teema cereal bowls that match our plates)...

I napped for a few hours, and then watched tv and took slightly more than three hours to crochet the heart and sew it onto this hat:

(which took two days of tv-watching to make, including the last Slasha Party, where we watched all the extras from I ♥ Huckabees followed by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), The Addams Family, the Dave Chappelle rap video from Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and the "I am NOT a merry man!" Robin Hood Q episode of Star Trek: TNG).

Also for Halloween see the Crazy disguised as a skein of wool:

as happy as a cat in a box o' yarn
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Well... we bought some candy. Shitty weather we're having today, though. Sugar, if you feel better - Chi, if you don't change your mind - [lo]veba[shed], if you want - feel free to come on over. I'm just going to be embroidering a heart on my hat, I think. Creepiest thing all day was a bunch of teenies outside Stockmann singing "Maneater".
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Halloween slumber parties include:

  • costumes - optional (shut up, the other options are pyjamas and lounge clothes)

  • piles of blankets and spare mattress on the floor by the couch

  • World's Tiniest Petting Zoo (tm [ profile] anglepoiselamp)

  • Lots of candy

  • Movies.

We already watched The Addams Family... ideas?

[Poll #1287815]

I know this is short notice, but people seemed to want to and I guess it would be a shame to let it pass. Sleeping here is of course also optional. Maybe we could illegally download a bunch of classic Bewitched or something. Or we could just watch the Resident Evil trilogy? Or something?
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Fridays are non-van days at the house of Wax's family because they have to take the babies to Baby Music!

So we have reserved the van for Monday the 10th of Nov instead!
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Anyone wanna hang out in town in the next coupla days? It seems I've got to pick up a package at the post.


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