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cimorene: blue-green tinted monochrome photo of a woman with short curly hair holding one hand to the back of her neck and looking to the side (helen kane)


multi-fannish American queer cat & bunny owner in Finland

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Created on 2009-04-10 10:19:44 (#30624), last updated 2019-04-22 (26 minutes ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 9
Location:Turku/Åbo, Finland
the former [ profile] cimness / [ profile] cimorene111

I am a 1980s-born USan expatriate living in Finland because my better half, [personal profile] waxjism, is a Swedish-speaking Finn, and I've been in media/slash fandom since 2000, having gone from Angelfire and email lists to private hosting and livejournal to here and, more recently, Tumblr.

I'm also a 2nd-generation science fiction fan and a multifannish slash reader, writer, and reccer with: 2 cats (the BB and Snookums) & 2 angora bunnies (Japp & Rowan); socialist/green politics; and a secular Jewish heritage which is important to me even though I have a supernatural-free worldview. My dad is quadriplegic and in a wheelchair due to a car accident when I was in college. (Of all of this read more at: 10 Things I Assume You Know About Me If You Read My Journal). A more legible, categorized survey of hobbies and interests is here.

I am Cimorene at the Archive of Our Own, like here (unlike almost everywhere else, where I tend to go with cimness). This is the most up-to-date, best source for my fanfiction.

In the past I was a prolific poster of headers & summaries, i.e. entertaining excerpts from fanfiction headers encountered on my voyages through fandom. I used to collect these when going searching through different types of archives. Hundreds of posts going back to 2005, the earliest from SGA fandom. These tapered off eventually in 2015. They sometimes include what I used to call "delicious summaries", i.e. the contents of the comment field from people's bookmarks on delicious (RIP delicious), and later Pinboard. Sometimes they are quotes, sometimes author summaries, sometimes made up by the bookmarker.

My fanfic recs, the earliest dating to 2002 when I started maintaining a list, used to live at and until I upgraded to the social bookmarking method ~2006ish with Delicious. My bookmarks, including the entire contents of my old Delicious account and my old recs site before that (albeit broken links have occasionally been deleted) then moved to Pinboard here (mostly works not to be found on ao3) and AO3 (for works located on ao3). Because of my efforts to locate new copies of things and cull dead links, the number is somewhat in flux.

Comment policy: Comments are usually open on my posts, although closed to anons because of spam, but I respond to them at best sporadically, and occasionally (and without warning) do not read them at all. Contact: The best way to contact me is on Twitter, and the second best is by private message. I do usually read my email these days, but have anxiety about inboxes.

Blanket Permission Statement: Anyone has blanket permission to make derivative works or fair use of my fiction or statements. This includes podfic; fanart; remixes and other derivative works, such as using the plot in another universe or with other characters; translations; reviews or critiques; and quotations or linking for articles or academic papers or inclusion in fandom newsletters. I ask that any derivative works credit me and link to the work in question. It would also be cool to be notified of them, but as a rule I don't listen to podfic (nothing philosophical about it; my brain just doesn't like processing information that way).

In an emergency situation, every second counts.
I participate in the Dreamwidth Emergency Contact Information First Post program.

Interests (124):

1920s, 1930s, 19th century, a song of ice & fire, agatha christie, american gods, angora rabbits, anxiety, ao3, art, art deco, art history, art nouveau, bauhaus, billie holiday, black sails, brooklyn 99, calligraphy, chairs, clue, clueless, cornish rex, costumes, cozy mystery, critical analysis, detective fiction, diana wynne jones, dinah washington, discworld, dragons, early middle ages, ella fitzgerald, emil i lönneberga, emilie autumn, enchanted forest chronicles, executive dysfunction, fall out boy, fandom wank, female jazz vocalists, finding nemo, folk tales, folkloristics, fountain pens, fraser/kowalski, furniture design, georgette heyer, granada holmes, hannibal, harry potter, harry/draco, hating portmanteau pairing names, historical fashion, historical rpf, hockey rpf, holmes/watson, house rabbits, inspector lewis, inspector morse, interior design, intersectional feminism, jane austen, japan, jeeves & wooster, jonathan strange & mr norrell, kent, kirk/spock, knitting, legolas/gimli, lena horne, linguistics, marimekko, marvel movies, meta, miss fisher's murder mysteries, monty python, morgana king, my chemical romance, mythology, nail polish, nina simone, origami, ot3, otw, persephone, poirot, pre-raphaelites, queen, qui-gon/obi-wan, rabbits, recs, red dwarf, regency romance, rivers of london, rps, rupaul's drag race, sarah vaughan, science fiction conventions, seasonal depression, semantic arguments, sf/fantasy, she-ra, sheep, sheppard/mckay, shoes, singin in the rain, slash, sociolinguistics, sociology, star trek, star wars, tea, teen wolf, the addams family, the dark is rising, the lord of the rings, the princess bride, the resistance, this old house, toronto maple leafs, ubuntu linux, visual design, vulcans, william morris, wool
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