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A multi-fannish American lesbian cat & bunny owner in Finland

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Birthdate:Dec 9
Location:Turku/Åbo, Finland
the former [ profile] cimness / [ profile] cimorene111

I am a 1980s-born USan expatriate living in Finland because my better half, [personal profile] waxjism, is a Swedish-speaking Finn. I am also a second-generation science fiction fan and a voracious multifannish slash reader, writer and reccer with: 2 cats (the BB and Snookums) & 2 angora bunnies (Japp & Rowan); socialist/green liberal politics; and a secular Jewish heritage which is important to me even though I'm an atheist. My dad is quadriplegic and in a wheelchair due to a car accident when I was in college. (Of all of this read more at: 10 Things I Assume You Know About Me If You Read My Journal.)

  • Headers & Summaries: The headers & summaries tag, containing hundreds of posts of compiled excerpts from fanfiction headers encountered on my voyages through fandom, goes back to 2005, and the earliest posts are from SGA fandom. These tapered off eventually in 2015. They sometimes include what I used to call "delicious summaries", i.e. the contents of the comment field from people's bookmarks on delicious (RIP delicious) - these now come from Pinboard. Sometimes they are quotes, sometimes author summaries, sometimes made up by the bookmarker.

  • Recs: My recs, the earliest dating to 2002 when I started maintaining a list, used to live at and until I upgraded to the social bookmarking method ~2006ish with Delicious. My bookmarks, including the entire contents of my old Delicious account and my old recs site before that (albeit broken links have occasionally been deleted) are now at Pinboard here (mostly works not to be found on ao3) and AO3 (for works located on ao3), the total count having topped 4000 a while ago. Attempts have been made to root out dead links and update to copies on AO3 where available, but there's really too many to have caught everything; still, new ones appear at ao3 far more often these days.

  • My fic: I am Cimorene at the Archive of Our Own (unlike almost everywhere else, where I tend to go with cimness). This is the most up-to-date, best source for my fanfiction.

  • Comment policy: Comments are usually open on my posts, although closed to anons because of spam, but I respond to them at best sporadically, and occasionally (and without warning) do not read them at all. Contact: The best way to contact me is on Twitter, and the second best is by private message. I do usually read my email these days, but have anxiety about inboxes.

  • Blanket Permission Statement: Anyone has blanket permission to make derivative works or fair use of my fiction or statements. This includes podfic; fanart; remixes and other derivative works, such as using the plot in another universe or with other characters; translations; reviews or critiques; and quotations or linking for articles or academic papers. I ask that any derivative works credit me and link to the work in question. It would also be cool to be notified of them, but as a rule I don't listen to podfic (nothing philosophical about it; my brain just doesn't like processing information that way).

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akira/hikaru, arthur/guinevere/lancelot, badfic, bedknobs & broomsticks, better living through orgasm, bones, cake pizza sex death, closer, clueless, criminal minds, csi, cupid & psyche, descent myths, diana wynne jones, discworld, don/kathy/cosmo, dragons, duncan/methos, emilie autumn, enchanted forest chronicles, fandom wank, fashion, feminism, finding nemo, folk tales, frank/gerard, fraser/kowalski, fred saberhagen's dracula, frodo/sam, garcia/morgan, gay fish sex, georgette heyer, ginger beards, google/wikipedia otp, harry/snape, hastings/poirot, hating postmodernism, holls, holmes/watson, i heart huckabees, icons, inspector japp making tea, interior design, jack/will/elizabeth, jane austen, japan, jay & silent bob, jeeves & wooster, judging you, juegas todos los días, kane/toews, keira knightley, kent, kirk/spock, kokia, legally blonde, legolas/gimli, life on mars, linguistics, looking down on people who wear crocs in public, marie antoinette, meta, mysteries, mythology, natalie portman, northrop frye, ohmiya sk, ophelia, parody, persephone, poirot, pseudoscience, random surrealism generator, regency romance, roger zelazny, rosencrantz/guildenstern, rps, sally, samuel r delany, scarlett johansson, science fiction conventions, sf/fantasy, shakira, shatner/nimoy, she wants revenge, she-ra, sheppard/mckay, shin/yankumi, shoes, simon & garfunkel, singin in the rain, slash, sob, sociolinguistics, sociology, squeezing cats, star trek, tea, teen wolf, tezuryo, the addams family, the knife, the princess bride, the servant, tim roth/gary oldman, tinkly harpsichord of squalor, tiny kitty fists with little knuckles, veronica mars, vulcans, werewolf cardigans, what is my life, will/bran
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