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(mostly computer-related) anecdotes from the family reunion

So, when I was with my family we mostly just ate and talked a lot, but there were a few other things that happened that were funny.

  • My great-aunt and uncle tried to insist that Urdu was in the Finno-Ugric language group. I was like "Seriously, you guys, I live in Finland. The group doesn't have that many. It definitely doesn't contain ANY languages from, you know... India." But in 1960 they were in the Peace Corps and they got a briefing on languages and they could totally swear! This was solved on Wikipedia, via my phone.

  • My sister gets so offended by people interrupting her that she yelled at the entire room, threatened not to come to any more family reunions if people were going to be interrupting each other a lot, and then went to her room to cry. Um. Was I ever 19 years old? (Don't go back to the beginning of this journal and rub it in my face, please.)

  • I went to Best Buy to get parts to make a new computer for my mom because it was the only place open on Saturday (seriously?). People had warned me their selection was bad, but I didn't realize that meant they don't actually stock motherboards and CPUs. So we had to rush-order from Amazon and I had to build the entire thing in the second half of my last day before my flight left at 4 am. Also, the prefab Dell box proved impossible to take apart because the back was riveted, not screwed, and we had to return to Best Buy for a shell. The cheapest they had was a low-end gaming case, gigantic, called 300 something, with space for six internal hard-drives, with two built-in fans and blue LEDs. It cost $80. The best anecdote of the trip happened then:

    The guy at the checkout lit up and asked me, "Are you sure you don't want the 900?" (The only other shell they stocked, even bigger, costing $130).

    "It's for her," I said, jerking a thumb at my mom.

    "Oh," he said. ":/."

    "This was the smallest one you had," I added.

    "The only one!" piped up Mom.

    "No, they had a bigger one, Mom. That's what he was talking about."

    "Oh. Was that what that box was?"

  • I tried to install a dual-boot with Xubuntu or Mint LXDE on my mom's eeepc, but kept running into an input/output error. I struggled with the errors for days, but when it came time to build the new box, ran out of time to try the next solution on the list (a reformat with a partition magic disk). So she doesn't really NEED it, but I left her with an eeepc that can only boot from live usb. :/

  • I struggled for a while to get mom's Windows wireless modem USB to work on the new Linux machine, but I had to fall into bed before I finished trying all the drivers on the CD. Meanwhile, I explained that Linux is a different format from Windows and Windows software won't just work in a Linux manchine and isn't even supposed to - twice. Or maybe three times. I ended up having to troubleshoot over the phone, and since my ultimate solution was that she should just buy a Linux-compatible modem or network card (they're not that expensive), I suggested she could use an ethernet cable in the meantime if she wanted.

    "I can just use an ethernet cable?" she asked.

    I explained that she could and how you could just plug one end into the computer and the other into the router. "Will it work on the computer though?" she said. "I don't know if I saw a plug for it."

    "Yes, it will work on basically any new computer; all motherboards usually have a plug, and this one definitely does. I put it in."

    Once we established that you can in fact plug multiple machines into a router or modem, she said "Oh! If I'd known I could do that I would never have wanted to use wireless in the first place!"

    She's been using wireless for years, guys.

  • I talked to her when I called my dad on Father's Day and she said how much she loves her new computer, (named ElizaBennett and running Linux Mint 10 Julia, which is based on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick), because it's so nice "to just click something and it happens instead of having to wait for several minutes!"

    Yes, isn't it amazing? XD

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