Wrecks of Plenty

Nov. 25th, 2015 02:00 pm
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Posted by Jen

According to Wikipedia, the cornucopia - or "horn of plenty" - is typically a hollow, horn-shaped wicker basket filled with various kinds of festive fruit and vegetables.

According to Wreckerators, this is a cornucopia:

Where "festive fruit and vegetables" = "neon holographic plastic flotsam bits."


And this:

"Is that a vomiting tornado in your cart, or are you just sorry to see me?"


I refuse to believe this next one is anything other than a pile of tiny Wizard hats:

How many tiny Gandalfs had to die for this cookie cornucopia cake, huh? HOW MANY??


Fortunately, some of you knew better than to order a cornucopia cake. You ordered one of these lovely turkey ice cream cakes, instead:

So at least you have that to look forward to.

Heh. Aheh.

[keep scrolling]



Oh, I'm sorry, do you still have an appetite? Here, let me help you with that:

Just think, "Charred and slimey." Thaaat oughta do it.


So in conclusion, tomorrow, remember to:

"Goble Goble,"



But only one. Times are tough these days.


A very special "thank" to Diana T., Pam M., Sarah H., Tracy B., Sarah B., Linda S., & Emily G. (You guys will have to share.)


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Jeopardy gossip

Nov. 25th, 2015 01:43 pm
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Posted by Mark Liberman

The internet has been working hard at providing Deborah Cameron with material for a book she might write on attitudes towards women's voices. (Background: "Un justified", 7/8/2015; "Cameron v. Wolf" 7/27/2015.)

To see what I mean, sample the tweets for  #JeopardyLaura, or read some of the old-media coverage, like "Is this woman the most annoying 'Jeopardy!' contestant ever?", Fox News 11/24/2015:

"Jeopardy!" contestant Laura Ashby is causing quite a stir on social media. The Marietta, Georgia, native isn't getting attention for her two-day winning streak but instead the tone of her voice.  

Ashby first appeared on the competition show on Nov. 6 and when she returned this week the Internet went crazy over her voice.

Several tweeters went out of their way to exemplify Cameron's observation that "This endless policing of women’s language—their voices, their intonation patterns, the words they use, their syntax—is uncomfortably similar to the way our culture polices women’s bodily appearance":

Here are some examples of what people are reacting to:

Some people think that this is a regional accent of some kind:

Others think that it's an instance of "uptalk".

But I'm pretty sure that it isn't either a regional accent or a propensity for final rises that has caught people's attention. Listening, or looking at a display of waveform, spectrogram and f0, shows that the unexpected feature is mostly the lengthening of the final unstressed syllable:

Both "blue yonder" and "two hundred" have down-stepping pitch contours with high accents on each of the stressed syllables — the final rise is due to a falling-rising pattern on "hundred", which is especially noticeable because the final syllable is longer and louder than expected.

And frankly, I doubt that Ms. Ashby talks this way in ordinary conversation or general public speaking — it strikes me as a practiced Jeopardy-player's exaggerated ritualization of a response type  often used in certain of that game's ritual verbal exchanges.

What I find most interesting about all of this is the evidence of some weird terminological evolution. Thus Sarah Platanitis, "'Jeopardy!' two-day champ Laura Ashby's voice confuses Twitter as she pockets $36.8k", Mass Live 11/24/2015:

Ashby first appeared on the quiz show on November 6, before the Tournament of Champions began. Now that the show is back to regular episodes, viewers are expressing their opinions about the prosodic wife, mother and practicing attorney at Miller & Martin in Atlanta. The joke, however, is on them as this theatre-loving smartie pants with an odd vocal fry has an earnings tally of $36,802 so far.

So apparently "vocal fry" is coming to mean "way of talking". . .

Also, "prosodic wife, mother and practicing attorney"?




Chamomile & Turmeric Evening Tea

Nov. 25th, 2015 11:50 am
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Posted by Green Kitchen Stories


It was soon a year ago that we crammed Elsa, baby Isac, ourselves, our backpacks and a pram into a tiny campervan and drove around New Zealand. Our memories of green mountains, turquoise volcano lakes, enchanted forests, star-filled nights and sheep-covered fields are still vivid. Campervan life wasn’t super comfortable and our cooking wasn’t extravagant but it was the trip of a life time.


We made this tea part of our evening routine while we were driving around the chillier south island of New Zealand. It was the perfect way to end the day after having driven for hours, taken mountain hikes and played on the windy sand beaches. Sitting on wobbly plastic chairs next to the car, watching the sunset and drinking this warm and soothing evening tea before going to bed. Oh happy memories!

And with the first snow starting to fall here in Scandinavia, we have now begun making that tea again. Unfortunately our view isn’t that amazing here in our Stockholm apartment, but we close our eyes, take a sip and pretend that we have lush mountains behind our backs and a wild ocean dancing in front of us.


Warm chamomile tea with honey is indeed a good sleep-aid. Chamomile is calming and honey is anti-bacterial. We kept a huge jar New Zealand Manuka with us in the van and it felt like such a luxury. Active Manuka honey is known for its medicinal properties. If you can’t find it or afford it, choose another unheated quality honey. Coconut oil is a true super food with a long list of health benefits, add it to your daily routine and always choose a cold pressed quality oil. It gives tea a round and rich consistency and leaves you more satisfied. It can however feel a little oily and unusual if you are not used to it, so I recommend starting with a little less. Turmeric, ginger and cinnamon add great flavour as well as immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.


Chamomile & Turmeric Evening Tea
Serves 4

2 cups drinking water
2 tbsp dried chamomile in a tea bag or 2 chamomile tea sachets (organic if possible)
1 tbsp raw honey (Manuka honey if possible) or more to taste
1-3 tsp cold-pressed coconut oil
1/2 tsp ground turmeric
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1 1/2 cup unsweetened plant milk of choice

Bring water to a boil in a sauce pan. Turn off the heat, then add chamomile and let steep for 3-5 minutes. Discard the chamomile. Now stir in honey, coconut oil, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and milk. Taste and add more honey, coconut oil or spices if you prefer. Re-heat on low heat if needed. Enjoy!

Daily Happiness

Nov. 24th, 2015 11:30 pm
[personal profile] torachan
1. It's raining! Probably not much or for long, but it's nice.

2. Tomorrow is my early day and I'm not looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to coming home early, so hopefully I won't have to stay late! (Plus it is nice to get in there and get stuff done before there's a bunch of people bothering me.)

3. We had the most hilarious kitten moment tonight. I really wish we had been filming! Chloe was up on the shelves by the mantle and she can jump from there to the love seat now, so she made the jump just fine, and landed next to Carla's foot and then was just super startled by the foot! She just paused in shock for a moment, with this horrified look on her face, and then jumped up onto the back of the love seat. Describing it just really can't do it justice. If we'd been filming, we would have had a hit cat video on our hands for sure.

4. Apparently some people are trying to bring back Glitch? It's called Children of Ur now and if you sign up with the same username you can even have your old avatar! It's really slow and buggy right now and not especially fun to play, but omg I am so excited about the idea of this game coming back!

A Case for Plantation Shutters

Nov. 25th, 2015 07:00 am
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Posted by deardesigner

Shutters from S-CRAFT

I’m not sure if I’ve told you how pleased I am that I chose plantation shutters for the new house? They have surpassed all expectations really, look fabulous, and elicit comments from everyone who sees them. So, just in case you are considering taking the plunge (there is a huge range to choose from at S:CRAFT), let me tell you why I think they are so great.

  • They are custom made. So they sit inside the recess (although you can have them outside if that suits the window better) and they look like part of the room instead of something that was added later.

S-Craft inside-recess shutters

American style shutters tuck neatly into the window recesses and can be combined with curtains

  • They are very effective at controlling the light. This is especially true in the office where sunlight is sometimes an issue, but all I have to do is alter the slant of the shutters slightly and the problem is solved. The same problem exists in the bedroom too. I don’t particularly like a dark room but you don’t always want to wake up with the sun, so we do close the shutters in the summer.


The perfect choice for an office where light control is crucial

  • They are unfussy. I didn’t want to especially make a feature of the windows with curtains or blinds as my windows are kind of on the small side, but I did need to consider privacy and dress them in some way. By the same token, if you have a huge bay window, shutters can look neat and tidy. Much more so than acres of fabric curtains or uneven blinds.
  • Privacy is no longer an issue. Our living room looks out on to the street so we quite often close the bottom half to stop everyone looking in, but keep the top open to allow some light through.


Shutters are perfect for providing the right level of privacy

  • They couldn’t be easier to clean. Just a quick flick with the duster once a week and an occasional wash with a soapy cloth.
  • They suit all kinds of windows. Not just my small square, unremarkable ones. You can have them custom fitted to french windows, bay windows, picture windows, skylights, conservatory roofs and doors. In fact there isn’t a window they won’t enhance.


Bathroom window treatments can be quite tricky with the high levels of moisture present but shutters are the perfect solution

  • They come in a variety of materials, styles and colours. My personal preference is for white, but I must admit in the right location, natural wood can look sensational.
  • They suit all styles of homes. Whether they are traditional or contemporary. From Victorian villas to modern, steamlined apartments.


Wooden shutters can look sensational in the right setting

  • They can be combined with curtains. This is especially effective on larger windows where expensive fabric can be used as dress curtains only. The shutters provide all the light control and privacy needed but maybe you want to use some fabric dressing to inject some colour and pattern?
  • They have even more uses than I’ve listed here. For example as room dividers or wardrobe doors.
  • They look utterly charming when the sun streams in.

Would I choose plantation shutters again? Absolutely.

This post has been written in partnership with S-Craft who have been retailing the highest quality plantation shutters for over 10 years. Their shutters are manufactured by the world’s largest shutter manufacturing facility and are guaranteed for 3 Years.

Update from OTW Board Members-Elect

Nov. 24th, 2015 11:04 pm
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Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says 'OTW Announcement'

AO3 (and other projects) will keep running as usual. Learn more in this update from the OTW Board members-elect: http://bit.ly/1T2to24

( brittle ) teatime

Nov. 25th, 2015 12:44 am
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Title: Teatime
Credit: [community profile] coorhagen
Base style: Brittle
Type: CSS
Best resolution: 1024x768 and higher
Tested in: Chrome, Firefox
Features: 2 columns, fixed sidebar, alternating post background colours, no modules

( static / live / installation )

UM/UH accommodation

Nov. 24th, 2015 10:02 pm
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Posted by Mark Liberman

Over the years, we've presented some surprisingly consistent evidence about age and gender differences in the rates of use of different hesitation markers in various Germanic languages and dialects. See the end of this post for a list; or see Martijn Wieling et al., "Variation and change in the use of hesitation markers in Germanic languages", forthcoming:

In this study, we investigate cross-linguistic patterns in the alternation between UM, a hesitation marker consisting of a neutral vowel followed by a final labial nasal, and UH, a hesitation marker consisting of a neutral vowel in an open syllable. Based on a quantitative analysis of a range of spoken and written corpora, we identify clear and consistent patterns of change in the use of these forms in various Germanic languages (English, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Danish, Faroese) and dialects (American English, British English), with the use of UM increasing over time relative to the use of UH. We also find that this pattern of change is generally led by women and more educated speakers.

For other reasons, I've done careful transcriptions (including disfluencies) of several radio and television interview programs, and it occurred to me to wonder whether such interviews show accommodation effects in UM/UH usage. As a first exploration of the question, I took a quick look at four interviews by Terry Gross of the NPR radio show Fresh Air: with Willie Nelson, Stephen KingJill Soloway, and Lena Dunham.

Willie Nelson was born in 1933; Stephen King in 1947; Jill Soloway in 1965; and Lena Dunham in 1986.  Nelson and King are male, while Soloway and Dunham are female. So both on the basis of age and on the basis of gender, we expect some differences in UM/UH usage, And the interview transcripts confirm the expectation — the percentage of UM among UM+UH hesitation markers varies from 0% for Willie Nelson to 69.4% for Lena Dunham:

Words #UM #UH UM per KW UH per KW UM/(UM+UH)
Willie Nelson 3318 0 92 0 27.7 0%
 Stephen King  4750  4  65  0.9  13,7 5.8%
 Jill Soloway  4327  42  25  9.7  5.8 62.7%
 Lena Dunham  5740  25  11  4.4  1.9 69.4%

What about Terry Gross? She's female, and born in 1951, so we might expect her rates to fall somewhere in the middle of the observed distributions. And overall, that's true — in the transcripts of those four interviews (or at least the parts that are presented on the Fresh Air website) her combined numbers show an UM proportion of 52.8%:

Words #UM #UH UM per KW UH per KW UM/(UM+UH)
Terry Gross 5885 38 34 6.5 5.8 52.8%

But if we look at the number interview-by-interview, we see the sort of pattern that we would expect if some accommodation were going on, with her UM percentages varying from 26.7% with Stephen King to 82.6% with Lena Dunham:

Words #UM #UH UM per KW UH per KW UM/(UM+UH)
TG(Willie Nelson) 1482 6 14 4.0 9.4 30%
 TG(Stephen King)  1172  4  11  3.4  9.4 26.7%
 TG(Jill Soloway)  1516  9  5  5.9  3.3 64.3%
 TG(Lena Dunham)  1715  19  4  11.1  2.3 82.6%

Four interviews is not nearly enough to draw any strong conclusions from. But I predict that we should find similar accommodation effects, at least for some speakers, if we look more broadly.

Unfortunately for this purpose, the transcripts provided on the Fresh Air website omit all hesitation markers, and editing them in by hand takes 1.5 to 2 times the interview time. But there are other collections with more complete transcriptions, so you'll be seeing some more on this topic in the future.

Past LLOG posts on hesitation markers:

"Young men talk like old women", 11/6/2005
"Fillers: Autism, gender, and age", 7/30/2014
"More on UM and UH", 8/3/2014
"UM UH 3", 8/4/2014
"Male and female word usage", 8/7/2014
"UM / UH geography", 8/13/2014
"UM / UH: Lifecycle effects vs. language change", 8/15/2014
"Filled pauses in Glasgow", 8/17/2014
"ER and ERM in the spoken BNC", 8/18/2014
"Um and uh in Dutch", 9/16/2014
"UM / UH in German", 9/29/2014
"Um, there's timing information in Switchboard?", 10/5/2014
"Trending in the Media: Um, not exactly…", 10/7/2014
"UM / UH in Norwegian", 10/8/2014
"On thee-yuh fillers uh and um", 11/11/2014
"UM / UH update", 12/13/2014

OTW Fannews: Improve Your Life

Nov. 24th, 2015 10:33 am
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banner by SoyAlex of a bicycle with the OTW logo as the wheels

Want to stay healthy, do hands-on learning, or have the greatest day of your life? Fandom can get you there!

He is Back!

Nov. 24th, 2015 05:30 pm
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Posted by The Sartorialist

112415webI have some very, very exciting news for chic men all around the world and the women that love them!


This Friday I’ll be able to make the official announcement which is actually a very sweet story based on shared history, mutual respect and an optimistic look toward the future.

I was sworn to secrecy while all this was going down so I’m very proud to be the first one to share this with general public and especially with all the Sartorialists out there! Check in this Friday around 4:30pm New York City time

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NixNote is an unofficial Evernote client for Linux which was initially called NeverNote. The application was written in Java until NixNote 2, which is a complete rewrite in C++ using the Qt framework, having better performance and a reduced memory footprint as main goals. The application continues to use Java for encrypting and decrypting text, but that's optional.

Nixnote2 Linux

Evernote is a popular note-taking service that supports saving text, full webpages, voice memos, video notes and more with a lot of useful features. There are official Evernote clients available for Windows, OS X, web (but it lacks many features) and mobile platforms but not for Linux.

Nixnote 2 beta 5, released recently, brings numerous bug fixes as well as various enhancements:
  • added the ability to email notes;
  • searching will now highlight PDF results;
  • added Print Preview & the ability to only print selected text;
  • notes that are marked as shortcuts are now visible in the tray icon;
  • added the option to use notify-send instead of Qt's popup notification;
  • a colors.txt file can now be added to customize note background color options;
  • various GUI enhancements.

The latest Nixnote 2 beta also brings basic support for the nixnote2-cmd utility however, I should mention that this command line tool is not bundled with the NixNote 2 binaries.

For those not familiar with NixNote 2, here's a quick list of important Evernote features supported by this app:
  • full synchronization of all notes and attachments;
  • the ability to create, edit and delete notes, tags, notebooks and saved searches;
  • the ability yo search notes and index attachments;
  • allows using the image text recognition features provided by Evernote;
  • supports multiple Evernote accounts.

Also, there are some Evernote features that aren't available or work differently in NixNote 2, including:
  • slightly different search syntax (NixNote allows any term to be negated, where Evernote does not);
  • no Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn sharing;
  • audio notes are not directly supported (you can't record audio notes through NixNote but you can use a note recorded with a different app as an attachment);
  • Ink notes can't be implemented in NixNote because Evernote doesn't provide an API for it.

Note: To enable syncing with Evernote, from the NixNote 2 menu select Tools > Synchronize and authenticate NixNote 2 with Evernote.

Download NixNote 2 beta

Download NixNote 2 beta 5 (deb, rpm and ebuild packages available)

Arch Linux users can install NixNote 2 via AUR: beta | git

To download the NixNote 2 source, report bugs and so on, see its GitHub page.

For more information on using NixNote 2, see its user manual (PDF).
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Posted by john (the hubby of Jen)

And now...

Cats Reacting To Simple Misspellings












And finally:



Thanys to Sariah S., Kristi W., Erica S., Iryna S., Ginny M., Kelly R., & Kelsey K. for giving us some bunny to love.


Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.

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On GIMP's 20th birthday (Nov 22), a new version of the free and open source image editor was released: 2.8.16. This is a bugfix release from the 2.8 stable series and it includes the following changes:
  • Core:
    • seek much less when writing XCF;
    • don't seek past the end of the file when writing XCF;
    • Windows: call SetDLLDirectory() for less DLL hell;
    • fix velocity parameter on .GIH brushes;
    • fix brokenness while transforming certain sets of linked layers;
  • GUI:
    • always show image tabs in single window mode;
    • fix switching of dock tabs by DND hovering;
    • don't make the scroll area for tags too small;
    • fixed a crash in the save dialog;
    • fix issue where ruler updates made things very slow on Windows;
  • Plug-ins:
    • fix several issues in the BMP plug-in;
    • make Gfig work with the new brush size behavior again;
    • fix font export in the PDF plug-in;
    • support layer groups in OpenRaster files;
    • fix loading of PSD files with layer groups.

The GIMP 2.8.16 release announcement also mentions that the devs' "immediate future plans are to release first public version in the unstable 2.9.x series that will feature fully functional GEGL port, 16/32bit per channel processing, basic OpenEXR support, vastly improved color management implementation, new tools, on-canvas preview for many filters, and more", this being the first milestone towards GIMP 2.10.

If you want to try the latest unstable GIMP, you can already do so by using a PPA.

Install GIMP 2.8.16 in Ubuntu or Linux Mint

To install the latest stable GIMP in Ubuntu (Precise and newer) / Linux Mint and derivatives, you can use Thorsten Stettin's PPA. Add the PPA and install GIMP using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gimp
It's important to mention that besides GIMP, this PPA also includes various GIMP plugins, such as G'MIC, and GIMP PLugin Registry.

For other Linux distributions, Windows and Mac OS X, see the GIMP downloads page.

How to revert the changes

In case you don't want to use GIMP 2.8.16 any more and you want to downgrade to the version available in the official Ubuntu repositories, you can purge the PPA using "ppa-purge":
sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
sudo ppa-purge ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp

Local language

Nov. 24th, 2015 10:31 am
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Posted by Victor Mair

From Bob Bauer:

A couple of days ago I discovered one of your Language Logs from last year that had a very interesting and very long back-and-forth discussion on the distinctive characteristics of Hong Kong's Chinese language.* I noticed.one commenter with initials HL** mentioned some particularly interesting things about the use of the term Punti 本地話*** to mean "Cantonese" in HK's law courts. Historically, Punti had referred to the indigenous Cantonese in contrast to the more recently-arrived Hakka immigrants. (By the way, for what it's worth, in the first half of the 19th century 地 was pronounced [ti], and then in the late 19th/early 20th century it diphthongized to [tei]).

As it turns out, 本地話 has established its own special HK usage. This semester I just happen to have a student who is a court interpreter, and I asked her about this term. According to her, 本地話 is used instead of 廣東話 within certain govt. depts. The term 本地話 is written on a card that is used by court interpreters who make an affirmation when they take up the post of court interpreter. It is also the term used to mean Cantonese by the police when they record verbatim in their notebooks whatever is said to them by witnesses, suspects, etc. So, if someone had said something in Cantonese to the police officer, then he would use this term to indicate that. In addition, the Immigration Dept. and the Customs and Excise Dept. both use this same term to mean Cantonese.

Notes by VHM:

*"Is Cantonese a language, or a personification of the devil?" (2/9/14)

**Long comment by HL.

***In MSM, 本地話 would be pronounced běndìhuà ("local language / speech"); in Cantonese it would be more common just to say bun2dei6 ("local [language / speech]")

How many "local languages" there must be on earth!  I would surmise that most indigenous, rural folk refer to their speech as "local language" or some such designation.  It is only when we start to get regional and national identities that terms like "Cantonese" and "Chinese" come into being.  Another distinction in the naming of languages (and the people who speak them) is that between endonym and exonym.  Often the endonym will be egocentric ("human speech"), whereas exonyms are often pejorative ("немецкий язык", the Russian term for German, derived from the word for "mute").


Nov. 24th, 2015 09:48 pm
[personal profile] vass
Randall Munroe on why Cory Doctorow's 0wnz0red is... not exactly realistic.

(But it's such a nice fantasy. Apart from the horrifying.)

The mouseover text is particularly pointy.

Daily Happiness

Nov. 24th, 2015 12:19 am
[personal profile] torachan
1. We braved Costco today to get a turkey breast (they have already cooked ones with no bones in) and we also got a couple other things we needed and now hopefully won't have to go again until after Christmas, because wow, it was horrible.

2. I played a bit of both cooperative multiplayer and the battle stages in Triforce Heroes and it's pretty fun. It can be really frustrating, though, because there's no way to actually talk to other players, so if someone is being stupid, there's no way to tell them what they need to do. I definitely wouldn't want to play the whole game this way, but just as a way of doing some of the bonus challenges to get extra materials for new outfits, it's fun.

3. We had a delicious dinner tonight of steak, broccoli, and cheesey potatoes. There's lots of leftovers, too, especially the potatoes.

4. I did less translating than I'd planned today, but I did get some done.

5. The kittens have been so cute lately! Chloe has this new thing where instead of being super aggressive about people food, she is instead suuuuuuper casual, like, who would even think she is interested in your food? I'm terrible to encourage her, but she's so cute I always end up giving her a bite or two.

The Dilemma of the White Turtleneck

Nov. 23rd, 2015 09:34 pm
[syndicated profile] thesartorialist_feed

Posted by The Sartorialist


I know it’s my own problem but I just can’t get with white turtlenecks.


They seem so medical uniform-y or athletic (like Under Armour)…


….Or they remind me of the Randy Quaid character in the Vacation movies.


Here Christopher Lemaire makes a white turtleneck look great, so I know it can actually happen but I just can’t see one on me.

Future in Headlinese

Nov. 23rd, 2015 04:35 pm
[syndicated profile] languagelog_feed

Posted by Barbara Partee

Funny headline on a Yahoo news story: "Ford stops using Takata air bag inflators in future vehicles". To me that says that they used to use Takata air bags in future vehicles. How did that work?

I first posted this on Facebook. Christine Behme (who's German) jokingly responded that maybe it was written by a German, since Germans often mistakenly omit 'will' in English.

That made me realize how it might have happened.  Headlinese does regularly omit 'will', and this may have been a conversion of a perfectly good sentence with 'will stop' in it into headlinese. But they should have used 'to stop' – also normal headlinese, and unambiguously future – instead of 'stops'; then it would be perfectly fine.

Then my son Morriss commented, "If "stops" changes to "will stop" then future becomes redundant. But I think the headline was written this way because auto manufacturers always have production going on the current model year, and then several future model years planned out. So I take it that it really means that they will continue to use Takata air bags on the current model year, but will stop using them on future model year vehicles."

To which I replied, "That also sounds right, almost: but if the decision has been made, would you be able to say (as a full sentence – not talking about headlines now) "Ford has stopped using Tanaka air bags on future cars"? By your account, shouldn't that also be ok?" To which Morriss replied, "Yes." To which I replied, "Morriss — cool! OK, if I stare at it long enough, I think I can too! But if I were their copy-editor, I would undoubtedly look for another way (I think the clearest and simplest will use 'to stop': by itself in a headline, or 'has decided to stop' in a full sentence.)

In the meantime, Richard Krummerich commented, "Headlines are frequently written by printers motivated primarily by space considerations." To which I replied, "Of course, but there's a real grammar of Headlinese. Linguists sometimes comment on some of the differences between Reuters headline grammar and American news sources' headline grammar. And sometimes it really does come out 'wrong', and I've noticed that sometimes when I comment on something that strikes me as wrong in a headline form, it gets revised soon after (not because of me, of course — one of their own must have spotted it.)"

And by then I realized that maybe this was after all interesting enough to put on Language Log, so here it is.


The Poo Wang-ian Tradition

Nov. 23rd, 2015 02:00 pm
[syndicated profile] cakewrecks2_feed

Posted by Jen

Ahhh, Thanksgiving. A time of giving. A time of thanks. A time of family, food, and, of course...



...inappropriate turkey cakes.

By now Turkey Poo Wangs are as much a part of Thanksgiving as candied yams and Uncle Jerry's drunken rants about "kids these days," so it's nice to see bakers continuing the tradition:


Bored Poo Wang


Angry Poo Wang


Chilly Poo Wang


Trying-To-Look Innocent Poo Wang


Extra Poopy Poo Wang



Not-Fooling-Anyone Poo Wang


So this Thursday, let's be grateful for ALL of life's goodness and blessings.
Including the humble Poo Wang:

Long may it wave.

Or... serve.

Wow, I just can't make that not-dirty, can I?


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Daily Happiness

Nov. 22nd, 2015 11:30 pm
[personal profile] torachan
1. I'm soooooo tired for some reason (I'm not sick, but maybe fighting off the sickness that everyone else has), but I have tomorrow off and I'm looking forward to resting.

2. It was really hot this weekend (almost 90!?) but is supposed to plunge down into the low 60s later this week, with maybe rain for Thanksgiving.

3. Tonight's Brooklyn Nine-Nine was great. This season is really on a roll!
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Posted by deardesigner

Star light, star bright, fill my stocking with starry nights.

Christmas gifts 2015

1. Cole & Son, Woods & Stars wallpaper, £78, Rockett St George

2. Scatter Star Tee, £30, Hush

3. Small Suede Clutch, £35, The White Company

4. Zinc Star Carnival Light, £65, Cox and Cox

5. Leather Magnetic Bracelet, £39, The White Company

6. Two-Tone Zinc Vase, £30 – £35, French Connection

7. Charcoal Pillar Candle, £12, French Connection

8. Grey Sherpa Fleece, now £12.50, BHS

A megaphone that can translate

Nov. 23rd, 2015 01:11 am
[syndicated profile] languagelog_feed

Posted by Victor Mair

An article by Nick Vivian in USA Today informs us:

"Tokyo's airport is using this incredible megaphone to translate into three languages on the fly" (11/22/15).

The person wielding the megaphone speaks into it in Japanese and the megaphone amplifies her messages in three languages, one after another:  English, Korean, and Chinese.

The article includes a video showing the megaphone in action.  It also describes plans to develop more ambitious devices that can handle more languages, that will be able to engage in two-way conversation, and can team up with robots to make them even more astonishingly lifelike than they already are.

[h.t. Kyle Wilcox]

code push done!

Nov. 22nd, 2015 07:32 pm
[staff profile] karzilla posting in [site community profile] dw_maintenance
We're updating the site momentarily! Once the dust settles, please let us know if anything isn't working as expected. I'll edit the entry here if we confirm any issues.

Update, 21:45: All done!
[personal profile] otw_staff posting in [community profile] otw_news

Banner by Diane of a 3 line checkbox with the choices 'OTW', 'Elections News' and a checkmark next to 'Make your voice heard'

OTW's Board of Directors appoints last-place candidate to empty seat: http://bit.ly/1PUpsRD

Board of Directors Update

Nov. 22nd, 2015 04:56 pm
[personal profile] otw_staff posting in [community profile] otw_news
Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says 'OTW Announcement'

OTW Board of Directors resign: http://bit.ly/1MLC3SX

Code push!

Nov. 22nd, 2015 01:03 pm
[staff profile] karzilla posting in [site community profile] dw_maintenance
We are planning to do a code push in about six hours, around 5pm Pacific time.

Most of the changes with this push are cleanup and small backend fixes, but we also have a new journal style called "Pattern" with 24 themes for you to choose from, and most excitingly, QuickReply has now been enabled for journal, day, and network views.

We'll update again to let you know when the code push is in progress!

OTW Fannews: For Reals

Nov. 22nd, 2015 01:33 pm
[personal profile] otw_staff posting in [community profile] otw_news
Image reading OTW Fannews For Reals

Fandom canons are the touchstones of our cultures, and various institutions are on board with their -- and fans' -- importance. http://bit.ly/1OagYpF

Sunday Sweets: Doctor Who Day...ish

Nov. 22nd, 2015 02:00 pm
[syndicated profile] cakewrecks2_feed

Posted by john (the hubby of Jen)

Tomorrow is Doctor Who Day so of course we had to post some amazing Doctor Who Sweets today. Sadly, we're at a convention so we ran out of time and couldn't write our usual commentary. Sorry about that. Please enjoy today's cakes and imagine we're saying something witty and/or profound. -john (the hubby of Jen)


(By curiAUSSIEtycakes)


(By Happy Occasion Cakes)


(By Little Cherry Cake Company)


(By The Bunny Baker)


(By Bijou's Sweet Treats)


(By Nerdache Cakes)


(By Artisan Cake Company)


(By Cake Diane)


(Baker unknown. Anybody know?)


(By Imaginative Icing)


(By Nichole's Custom Cakes, based on this art print by Karen Hallion)


Happy Sunday!


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Whore or horde?

Nov. 22nd, 2015 03:15 am
[syndicated profile] languagelog_feed

Posted by Mark Liberman

Several people have written to ask whether phonetic analysis can settle a Canadian political controversy, described in a November 19 CBC News article "Sask. MP Tom Lukiwski denies callng female politician a 'whore'":

Saskatchewan Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski has denied that he referred to a female politician as a "whore" — and interim party leader Rona Ambrose says she accepts his explanation.

"I did not say 'whore,'" Lukiwski told CBC News on Thursday. "I said 'horde,' as in NDP gang."

Lukiwski's comment came after Saskatchewan journalist Mickey Djuric blogged about Lukiwski's victory speech at the Eagles Club in Moose Jaw, Sask., on election night, Oct. 19. […]

"This is a very important election provincially," Lukiwski said. "We got to get Greg back elected."

"He's too important of an MLA to let go down to an NDP" — and at this point Lukiwski says either "whore" or "horde" —"just because of a bad boundary."

A video was posted on youtube:

Here's the audio for the critical sequence:

And zooming in further:

This sounds to me like "NDP whore", but I have to admit that in a sequence like

 whore just  horde just
/hɔɹ.dʒʊst/ /hɔɹd.dʒʊst/

the final /d/ of "horde" and the initial [d] of the voiced affricate /dʒ/ that starts "just" are likely to merge into a single [d] closure, without any re-articulation,  so that the only difference would be a slightly longer closure.

The acoustic quality of the audio in that video is so poor (reverberation and hum) that it's hard to determine what the closure duration really is in this case — but my best guess (from listening and looking at the waveform and spectrogram) is about 80 msec:

Compare the 75 msec closure in the middle of the sequence "bad joke" from a conversation in the LDC Fisher Corpus (sorry that the time scales are different):

On the other hand, another youtube video, documenting some political headquarters kidding around 24 years ago, suggest that Mr. Luwiski is not incapable of un-PC utterances:

[syndicated profile] languagelog_feed

Posted by Mark Liberman

From last summer's pilot episode of What The Fox, put together by Zach Fox and a group of other Penn undergrads:

Episode 2 came out last week — my favorite part, I think, is the correspondent enacted by Dale Stewart:


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