OTW Fannews: Skewing the Process

Apr. 19th, 2015 12:14 pm
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Banner by Kat of a scale with 'OTW Fannews' on one side and 'Skewing the process' on the other

Matt Binder wrote in Salon that right-wing conservatives in the U.S. were trying to exploit the activities of misogynistic fans for personal gain and political capital. "A common tactic used by right-wingers is the call to 'stop politicizing everything' — while at the same time trying to push forth their own political agenda in the culture wars, of course. Keeping politics out of any art form is laughable, but there is a certain extra level of hilarity in attempting to do so with one that already has a long history of social justice.

Are outsiders using fan wars for political gain? Plus: studying fanfic, skewing charts, and changing spoiler habits.
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Posted by Jen

Cakes were pretty simple back when we thirty-somethings were kids - which is why my inner 6-year-old is so jealous right now:

(By Patisserie Jaja)



And check out this gorgeous hand painted Strawberry Shortcake:

(By The Painted Box)

I love that they used the original Strawberry Shortcake, not the new rebooted style.


Anyone remember this guy?

(By Studio Cake)

Careful; if not, you could make him very angry.


All together, now:

(By Tortystka)

Piiiigs innnn Spaaaaaaace!

It makes me so happy that this exists.


Depending on how old you are, these next ones will either make you squeal in delight or look completely baffled:

(By Sugar Rush Custom Cookies)

Hollie Hobbie! She was a little before my time, but I remember the wooden plaques with her picture on it still hanging in some of my friends' rooms.

Those are handpainted cookies, by the way, and if you look close you can see they're bas relief - aka slightly 3D!


Thanks to Toy Story this classic has made quite the comeback:

(By Karolina Cake Designer)

Mr. Potato Head! Such a fun design with the number for his nose, too.


Scooby Doo! WHERE ARE... oh. There you are:

(By Mladman Cakes)

Look at the flying bats! And the fun spooky trees and haunted house! SO GOOD.


Now, are you ready for some glamour and glitter, fashion and fame?

(By Faithfully Cakes)

'Cuz this Jem cake is truly outrageous.


Now, when I say "Whoa," I mean "WHOA!"

(By Ennas' Cake Design)

This Yosemite Sam has the root'nest, toot'nest cake in the West!


But it's these sweet little Care Bears that really made me melt:

(By Sweet Little Treat)

More perfect hand painting! Ah! SO SWEET.

I tell ya, this post is going to drive me to hunting down all my old toys on Ebay, just you watch.
(Remember the little pose-able PVC bears? Loved those.)


And now, everyone's favorite two comic strip characters:

(By The Caking Girl)

Anyone tearing up just a little? No? Just me?

That combination of hand painting and 3D sculpting is brilliant, by the way. Brilliant.


And finally, the Mouse who defined so many of our childhoods:

(By Svetlana Petrova)


Really digging this design, with the little paint cans and splatters, and I'm head over heels for the color palette, too!


Hope this brought a smile to your Sunday, guys! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to browse the vintage toy section on ebay...


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(no subject)

Apr. 19th, 2015 06:47 pm
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The world is very much better now there is Tatiana Maslany on a screen in front of me x 1000. Great start to the season, show. No spoilers, but I felt they covered all the current issues and stayed focused on what is important to me about the show (Tatiana Maslany). The Castor clones are very much soldiers, walking in lock step, so far. There's very little difference between them, not cosmetically or even how they move their bodies. But Maslany, the way she plays one clone trying to act like another is just splendid. I know it's just acting - that's their job, they're supposed to be able to do that. I get so annoyed when actors acting in accents not the one they usually us is treated as something amazeballs and award worthy (their job). But Tatiana Maslany is super, right? Extra super.

Mrs S' badassery always makes my heart go faster.


Apr. 18th, 2015 09:19 pm
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Posted by Mark Liberman

Kelly Dwyer, "Mark Cuban on his beloved Rockets, save James Harden: 'That’s not a very good team'", Yahoo Sports 4/17/2015:

What better voice than Cuban’s, a man who inherited a perennial loser in 2000 before proceeding to act as the top-of-the-fish leader of a club that has made the playoffs in 14 out of 15 full seasons in the years since?

Bradley Sherman sent the link with a request for top-of-the-fish enlightenment. I got nothing, except maybe olive oil, pepper, thyme, and lemon juice.


Wasn't haven't it, ain't haven't it

Apr. 18th, 2015 08:27 pm
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Posted by Mark Liberman

Renditions of "wasn't having it" as "wasn't haven't it" are pretty common. Some examples from web search:

yeah, he tried but seen that I wasn't haven't it.
Rookie wasn't haven't it.
Richard wasn't haven't it today.
Ms. Claudia wasn't haven't it lol you started it & Claudia finished it.

And from twitter:

He was trynna touch up on the girls b4 practice someone told the coaches & they  wasn't haven't it AT ALL bruh.
Had to relax my hair by force!  The comb wasn't haven't it lol
I tried to tell you Mike Wallace wasn't haven't it!!
Great game from Linden tonight… RC tried to play bully ball but Linden wasn't haven't it#uctfinals

This is phonologically plausible because flapping and voicing of the final /t/ in haven't — much less "t/d deletion" — means that "haven't it" and "havin' it" are pretty much homophonous.

The question of why it's morphologically plausible I'll leave to others. But this is not the only non-standard place that forms of have turn up:

"Couldan't, shouldan't, wouldan't", 7/31/2004
"Wouldn't of have", 2/21/2009
"Ask Language Log: 'will have had gone'", 3/6/2012

And the second n't? Maybe a new extension of negative concord

Anyhow, the present tense version is also common:

And tryna take my money, well, just ain't haven't it.
I have this head canon that after they kill Ragyo and stuff Ryuko and Satsuki get closer to the point where Satsuki gets really protective and notices that a certain someone has a crush on her and being the protective older sister she is she ain’t haven’t it.
Today I gave him a Pep talk and told him we ain't haven't it today and as u can see he's gonna let me get some rest.
Tyra Banks has apparently fired Paulina Porizkova as a judge on America's Next Top Model, and the 80's supermodel ain't haven't it.

Text by the bay

Apr. 18th, 2015 02:26 pm
[syndicated profile] languagelog_feed

Posted by Mark Liberman

I'll be spending next Friday and Saturday in San Francisco at Text By The Bay, billed as "A new NLP conference bringing together researchers and practitioners, using computational linguistics and text mining to build new companies through understanding and meaning."

With 46 interesting-looking talks and a couple of panels, this seems like an excellent way to get a sense of the opportunities and activities in this area. There are talks from people at Microsoft, Wikimedia, AirBnB, Trulia, Ancestry.com, Bloomberg, OpenTable, Twitter, LinkedIn, Verizon, etc., and from people at Berkeley, Stanford, Penn, and Purdue. And some of the presentations by people from smaller, newer, less-familiar outfits may be the most interesting of all.

Registration is not cheap — "new companies", an expensive venue, and all — but the organizer, Alexy Khrabrov, tells me that the discount code TEXTMARK will get you 50% off, and students who email to text@bythebay.io from their university account may be able to negotiate further reductions.


Daily Happiness

Apr. 18th, 2015 12:50 am
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1. I got my inbox cleared out! There weren't many emails in there but there were some that had been sitting there for a while and I finally dealt with them so now there is nothing!

2. We had Shake and Bake pork chops for dinner and they were very tasty. It's been ages since I've had Shake and Bake.

3. The new cashier we hired is going to start training tomorrow. Now if we could just get some new stockers...

4. I didn't get nearly as much as I'd hoped to get done at work today (no surprise there, really), but I did get a lot done and made some good progress on an aisle that needs to be totally rearranged.

Applefest 2014, Part 3: Apple Jelly

Apr. 18th, 2015 05:00 am
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Originally published at Velvet Kerfuffle. Please leave any comments there.

Jelly is one of those things that I rarely use, but will usually stock for the occasional irrational craving (which often leads to my using a whole jar in a week). I can’t say I’ve looked very hard for it at the supermarket these past few years, but I’m pretty sure that the ...

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Dear Prudie: Kids staying over

Apr. 17th, 2015 07:14 pm
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Q. Bad Aunt? I Don’t Want My Nieces Staying Overnight: In a couple of weeks, my brother and his family (wife, two kids) are visiting the city where my husband and I live. They are unable to afford a hotel, so prior to booking the trip I informed my brother that our place isn’t set up for overnight guests. We live in a loft, and the only room with walls is our tiny bathroom. Fortunately they are able to stay with my brother’s friend. Then my brother mentioned via email—our usual means of communication—that it would be great if the kids could spend one night at our place. My husband and I are childless by choice, and it’s well-known that neither of us cares much for children. We of course love our nieces, though we don’t know them too well considering we see them maybe once a year for a day or two. On our last visit with them, one of the kids barely spoke a word to us, and the other is a teen whose only concern seems to be her phone. Neither my husband nor I is comfortable at the thought of having children as overnight guests. I told my brother this, and he finds it ridiculous that we are refusing to host his kids for a night. Am I a bad aunt for making such a decision?

A: You’re a bad aunt, but just embrace it. Lots of people are happy in their choice not to have children. But when you say you globally dislike all children, even your own nieces, because they’ve inevitably started out life as children, that makes you a bad aunt. You love them? Really? You don’t even want to know them. You’re offended that on the last visit they did nothing to charm you, but that’s generally how people, especially kids, react around others who have not only no interest in them but only contempt. (And no one should take personally a teenager’s focus on the phone.) You don’t want them to stay over, so just stick to that. However, maybe your brother and his wife would appreciate an afternoon or evening to themselves. So you could offer to take the kids to a museum, or a show, or a cool neighborhood. Keep your expectations low, and maybe these slowly emerging adults will surprise you.

The Screening Room….Grand Hotel

Apr. 17th, 2015 04:18 pm
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Posted by The Sartorialist


If you were a fan of Wes Anderson’s recent Grand Budhapest Hotel, then I think you might enjoy 1932′s Grand Hotel.


“Grand Hotel” is that quintessential old Hollywood glamour film that’s just as easy to watch today, as I assume it was in 1932 (the film recieved the Academy Award for Best Picture that year).


The plot is fantastic. It revolves around several guests of Berlins finest hotel, “The Grand Hotel” as they come, go, and intersect with each other.  It’s like all your favorite stars playing house together!


And by all your favorite stars, I’m talking John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Wallace Beery, Joan Crawford, and The Greta Garbo.



"A year ago, we don't win tonight".

Apr. 17th, 2015 03:24 pm
[syndicated profile] languagelog_feed

Posted by Mark Liberman

Ron Stack writes:

Here is Manager Terry Collins on the Mets' victory over the Marlins last night: “A year ago, we don’t win tonight. It’s a different mentality in our clubhouse now."  

I'm almost certain LL has covered this time-shifted present tense but since I don't even know what to call it I couldn't do much of a search.  

So, what is it? And why does it sound right but look strange? And why does it seem (anecdotally, anyway) to be so popular among coaches and managers?

This seems to be a implicit form of what we've called "baseball conditionals" — see

"Baseball conditionals", 5/23/2007
"The baseball conditional in the Zombie Mohammed case", 2/26/2012

where we discussed cases like

He just did a little damage control in that situation, we're OK.
I'm a Muslim, I find it offensive.

As Barbara Partee pointed out, such examples can be characterized as

Clause1, clause 2. — both plain indicatives.
Interpretation: if clause 1 had been the case, clause 2 would have been the case.

 In Terry Collins' quote, the first "clause" is just an temporal adjunct "A year ago" — but this effectively might have been something like "If it's a year ago". And other adjuncts work just as well as paratactic protases: "With X pitching", "In the old ballpark", etc.

I observed that such paratactic counterfactual (if referring to past events) or hypothetical (if referring to future or generic events) constructions are common in Elmore Leonard's dialogue, reflecting their frequency in everyday American English in general. And I suggested that

I don't think there's any special connection between the national pastime and paratactic conditionals of this kind, whether counterfactual or otherwise. But baseball is an activity where post-game counterfactual reasoning is half the fun, and it's carried out by the same kind of (vernacular American) people that Elmore Leonard writes dialogue for.

As for why it "sounds right but looks strange", that's normal for things that we often say but don't usually write.

Update — As some commenters have pointed out, there are two interesting things about this example: the periphrastic counterfactual conditional, and the odd tense and time reference. These are connected, I think, though some further analysis is needed on both dimensions.

Friday Favs 4/17/15

Apr. 17th, 2015 01:00 pm
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Posted by Jen

Some of my favorite new submissions this week.


Further proof that talent and common sense aren't always a package deal:

Now if only it said "CREST HERE" on the left.


John's taken over e-mail submission duties here at CW, and speaking of "duties..."
... yesterday he named this file, "pretty much just poop.jpg"


("Cake Wrecks: Keeping It Prefessional Since 2008")

I'm sorry, everyone; I know poop jokes are classless and in poor taste.


So here, have an Awkward Ninja Turtle Erection:


(I'm not sure who looks more horrified: me or him.)


One of my Grammar Police friends recently posted a Facebook mini-rant about the word "alright" - which I, personally, have no problem with.*

[*Yeah, I said it. COME AT ME, BRO.]

The very next day was my friend's birthday, so I found her the perfect cake from our archives:

It went over so well, I think everyone should do this for their grammar-loving friends!

I also recommend writing something like, "Its you're birthday! Irregardless, do'nt loose ur kool, Ok?"


And finally, for you bakers out there: this is why you should be careful what you post on Facebook:



Thanks to Regina F., Doug M., Sharlyn W., Andrea C., & Anony M., who all know Facebook is really only good for thought-provoking political discussions.


Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.

Senpai notices Aja and JKR Don't Care

Apr. 17th, 2015 01:49 pm
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Posted by sockyskullhead

Several weeks ago during Aja-gate, J.K. Rowling Tweeted to promote an interview she did with Tom Felton for his BBC series about so-called 'superfen.'

(Read more ...)
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Posted by sockyskullhead

The Hugo Awards are well-known media award for science fiction and fantasy authors. The slate is determined by popular vote which, naturally, has caused a lot of controversy in years past. Last year the field of winners was highly diversified field racially and gender-wise; this year the slate has been nominated by the organized force of the Sad Puppy and Rabid Puppy (WARNING link will take you to Vox Day's Blog) Slates, organized by a group of writers seeking to point out the system's major flaws, insisting that if fans can vote in anybody in/make the vote 'automatically' unfair because the slate was not nominated by a jury of their peers they can arrange for THEIR peers to vote in the awards.

Or just to plain complain about the lack of nominations for white straight dudes and the Hugos were a fixed race ruled by a liberal cabal.

Both existed as of last year but were trounced. This year, a booster of the Sad Puppy slate were caught recruiting Gamer Gaters to vote in their block. So naturally they ended up with an overwhelmingly high number of Sad Puppy nominations that went through.

And it was almost entirely immediate.

First co-Sad Puppy slate organizer Larry Correia turned down his best novel nomination to prove a point.

Other nominated authors however soon followed, embarrassed to be seen in association with such fine publishing houses as "Patriarchy Press". A total of two people so far have withdrawn their names, not including Correia, forcing the ballot to be changed up.

Major names in the fantasy community started to weigh in, George R. R. Martin (GRRM gets double-kudos for stanning for the Mixon Report on Requires Hate/Winterfox) Charles Stross (investigating the high number of nominations going to Finnish publisher Callista House, which has connections to Beale) Scalzi

Horror spread through the Sad Puppy ranks when they found out what sterling fellows Sad/Rabid Puppy (possible) co-organizer and supporter (and MRA/white supremicist) Vox Day/Theodore Beale and noted Legend of Korra hater and antifeminist John C. Wright (TW: for everything imaginable) were. (Day was, after all, bounced from the SFWA after calling Nora Jemison subhuman). Correria and co SP booster Brad Torgersen are doing all they can to distance themselves from Beale and the Rabid Puppy slate. (though it's a bit too late for that. By a lot.


Thank you to [profile] white_serpent for the amazing amount of link gathering they did on Wank_Report, this whole report is indebted to you! UFF because Vox Day.


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