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Aug. 22nd, 2014 07:24 am
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I think I might start doing these in the morning of the next day rather than last thing at night? idk, that has the potential for me forgetting more things, but it's not like I don't forget plenty of things even when I do it the same day, and leaving it for last thing before bed means sometimes I'm just too tired to do it (or if I do, I'm so tired I can't think of anything).

Regardless, here is yesterday's post!

1. I got another hour of overtime, and I also didn't feel bad about leaving when I did because there are so many people there helping out that I really wasn't needed (though there was plenty of stuff I could have done).

2. Things are really coming along on the remodelling and the store looks really nice! We're supposed to be finished by today, but I don't know how finished we actually will be.

3. Favorite Coworker got promoted to fulltime! I'm really excited about this not only because I think he totally deserves it, but also selfishly because that way he'll be much less likely to quit and find a better job. XD

4. We live about half a block from Santa Monica College, which has a huge number of students and nowhere near enough parking. When I was in high school, a guy randomly approached my mom to ask if he could poy to park in our driveway, and she said yes and this continued for several years as his two younger brothers both went to SMC and used our driveway after him. Then when I was in college a friend of mine from high school paid to park in our driveway, and later a friend I made in one of my Japanese classes did the same. But it's not something I've really thought about in years. However, today a woman came around leaving fliers door-to-door asking if her son could park in someone's driveway for $50 a week. Irene happened to be there right when she came, and agreed, and the woman already wrote us a check for $200 to cover the first month! So we will be getting some much needed extra money for renting out something we don't even use. I think even if this woman's son doesn't continue after the coming semester or once he's done with SMC, I will try putting an ad on Craigslist or something and seeing if we can't continue this indefinitely.

5. We tried a new restaurant last night, a little Hawaiian-themed burger place just a few blocks away called Shaka Shack. It was really good!

Friday Favs 8/22/14

Aug. 22nd, 2014 01:00 pm
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Posted by Jen

Anyone remember the CW classic, "It a Gril"?

(Ahh, good times.)

'Cuz now we have version 2.0!

Like most upgrade's, it fi'xed one prob'lem while creati'ng a whole n'ew one.


Two things on this next one:

1) Apparently there's a "Hawaiian Shirt Day"
2) I've never been so disappointed to see someone spell "shirt" right

(Right? RIGHT???)


Of course we've established - many, MANY times - that bakers can't seem to stop making chocolate icing look like poop.

However, I found the one exception!

It's when you ask a baker to actually TRY to make icing look like poop:

Like an ice cream swirl on a balloon string.

The mind, it boggles.


When this mom requested a Minnie Mouse cake for her daughter's birthday, I *think* the baker tried for a simple 3-circle Mickey logo, like this:

But instead, it came out like this:

In the baker's defense, if you squint a little this actually looks a LOT...

...like a consternated Kermit-the-Frog.

So, you know, SO CLOSE.

(Seriously, once you see it... it's all you see.)


So which is worse, guys: that bakers are already making globby Thanksgiving turkeys in August...

Or that there are only TWO CUPCAKES under that giblet-blasting load of icing?

(It doesn't have to make sense, ok? "Giblet-blasting" just sounds cool.)

Or, Bonus Option C: that enough people are buying these things to keep bakers making them. C'mon, people: TOUGH LOVE. Quit enabling the wreckerators!


And finally, to end on a high-pitched screaming note:

Let's hope the previous 49 Raymonds weren't so... [deep breaths, Jen, DEEP BREATHS] ...um, shiny?


Thanks to Jamie C., Stacy F., Alyssa N., Anony M., Briana O., and Linda L. for forcing me to realize how eerily similar the globby turkey and shiny man chest are. WHERE'S THE "UNSEE" BUTTON ON THIS THING?


Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.


Aug. 22nd, 2014 12:57 pm
[syndicated profile] languagelog_feed

Posted by Mark Liberman

In today's Bad Machinery, Shauna abandons powerviolence and decides against crustcore.

Some of you will recognize that these are names of musical genres, well enough established to have Wikipedia entries. Thus

Powerviolence [...], is a raw and dissonant subgenre of hardcore punk.The style is closely related to thrashcore and grindcore.


Crust punk (often simply crust) is a form of music influenced by anarcho-punk, hardcore punk and extreme metal.

A couple of weeks ago in Groningen for Methods in Dialectology XV, I happened on a sign with an ambiguous title. It was clear to me that "hard style" was probably a musical genre, and indeed Wikipedia explains that

Hardstyle is an electronic dance genre mixing influences from hardtechno, hard house, hard trance, and hardcore.

But is "dance" (or maybe "dance style") another genre? Or does the sign just mean that the event in the park is in some sense a "dance"?

Anyhow, this made me wonder again how many named genres of contemporary music there are?

As with vocabulary-counting in general, this is the sort of question that is guaranteed not to have a crisp answer. New genre names are being coined all the time, and some coinages thrive to one degree or another, while others more or less die on the vine.

This "Music Genres List", which claims to be "The most comprehensive list of genres of music available on the Internet", doesn't have powerviolence, thrashcore, grindcore, crust, hardstyle, much less shoegaze or post-metal.

Wikipedia, needless to say, has a much more complete List of Modern Popular Music Genres, which currently lists 756 items.  But some of the penumbra is surely missing — "tragic lounge" isn't there, for example, though I wouldn't know about it if an acquaintance hadn't once described her band's genre with that term.

Anyhow, has there ever been a time in history when the proliferation of named musical styles within one cultural continuum reached anything close to this number? And what are the forces that drive the process? Is it like revolutionary parties and religious cults and hunter-gatherer tribes?

Update — a couple of commenters point us to everynoise.com, which offers an interactive map with clickable samples, and more…



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