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Scanlations: All Out!! ch. 11

Sep. 29th, 2016 08:34 am
[personal profile] torachan
Since there's an anime of this coming up soon, I've had a lot of requests to speed up the releases. In the past I always said no, because I knew the cleaner/typesetter wouldn't have time for another chapter per month, but I'm now working with someone new, so from now on we're going to be trying to get out two chapters a month instead of one.

Title: All Out!!
Author: Amase Shiori
Publisher: Morning Comics
Genre: Seinen
Status in Japan: 9 volumes, ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Azumi-san
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: Gion Kenji is short and perpetually pissed off about it. Iwashimizu Sumiaki is tall but timid. Although it's bullies that bring this unlikely pair together on the first day of high school, it's the rugby club that will make them friends.

Chapter Summary: In a battle between the two biggest players and the two smallest players, who will win...?

Chapter 11: What We Were Taught

Daily Happiness

Sep. 29th, 2016 02:14 am
[personal profile] torachan
1. Well, I went in to work thinking I would probably have a long day, and then it ended up being ridiculously long, but thankfully I was able to get out of there before I had to pick up Carla at the airport (which was midnight, by the way, so that should tell you something). There is actually still stuff going on, but since I had to go to the airport and have to go in early tomorrow, too, my assistant manager agreed to be the one to stay until 3:30am or whenever they get this finished (the produce guy comes in at 4:30am, so if nothing else, my assistant manager can go home then!).

2. Carla is home safe and sound!

3. I should have some more manga to post tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

4. I have sweet kitties.

reading wednesday

Sep. 29th, 2016 01:30 am
[personal profile] boxofdelights
On Wednesday! But not from this Wednesday. I opened the post window to write about something else and found this.

• What are you reading?

This One Summer, by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki. I love the art; everyone has their own face, so real and individual that if I met these people on the street I would recognize them. What it focuses on and what it looks away from feel appropriate to that one summer when you are coming to grips with the fact that boobs apply to you -- not some future you, who will have become a woman and understood all those things that you will understand when you're older, but the real you, the you that you are.

• What did you recently finish reading?

Audiobook of Breakfast of Champions, by Kurt Vonnegut, read by Stanley Tucci. I just wanted Stanley Tucci to read me a bedtime story. I was delighted to find Breakfast of Champions still good! Still sexist, yeah, but 70% less annoying than Even Cowgirls Get The Blues. Maybe because Vonnegut isn't kidding himself that he understands women? The biggest change it has undergone is that thirty years ago, "asshole" and the n-word were about equally shocking.

• What do you think you’ll read next?

Ninefox Gambit, by Yoon Ha Lee, for SF book group.

Checked out from the library:

This one summer / Mariko Tamaki, Jillian Tamaki.
Deathless / Catherynne M. Valente.
Six-gun Snow White / Catherynne M. Valente ; with illustrations by Charlie Bowater.
The eyes of the dragon : a story / by Stephen King ; with illustrations by David Palladini.
A man called Ove : a novel / Fredrik Backman.
The grand Sophy / Georgette Heyer.

The hunger games [videorecording]
Man up [videorecording] /
Far from the madding crowd [videorecording] /
Fortitude [videorecording] /
Deadpool [videorecording] /
Orphan black. Season three /

Dogs : a startling new understanding of canine origin, behavior, and evolution / Raymond Coppinger and Lorna Coppinger.
Dog tricks : fun and games for your clever canine / Mary Ray, Justine Harding.
Detroit City is the place to be : the afterlife of an American metropolis / Mark Binelli.
Zombie spaceship wasteland : a book / by Patton Oswalt.
Second reading : notable and neglected books revisited / Jonathan Yardley
Wild: from lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail / Cheryl Strayed.
When breath becomes air / Paul Kalanithi ; foreword by Abraham Verghese.
Being mortal : medicine and what matters in the end / Atul Gawande.

Eyes bigger than my... eyes, I guess?
[personal profile] pierydys
Originally published at Velvet Kerfuffle. Please leave any comments there.

Because c’mon, the only people who are really reading this already know that juggling toddlers and various other aspects of adult life are not entirely compatible with keeping a regular writing schedule. But you know what was actually on schedule this year? Mushroom season!

Yeah, great...

Continue reading

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Comixology is having a big sale on Vertigo through Monday, use the code Vertigo.

I recommend Y The Last Man, Clean Room, The Kitchen, and Effigy. (Poor Effigy was cut down before its time, and the Clean Room is ongoing. The other two are complete.)

I'm trying to decide if I want to buy Fables. I read the first 40-50 issues maybe 8 years ago? In hard cover trades from the library. And I stopped because Bill Willingham said something assholish about women or media fandom, I don't remember.

But I could now buy the complete Fables (by which I mean the main series, not all of the spinoffs) for ~$100, which is less than half of their usual bundle. (It's vols 1-10, 18-22, and deluxe editions 9-12, if you want to buy Fables.)

It's a really good deal, but what if it's a really good deal for something I end up hating? That's not a deal!

P.S. Lookit! I finally got a comics icon!

My office had a cocktail hour this afternoon, for morale raising purposes or something, I don't know. I went and talked to four people who aren't in my department (that is A Lot for me, I usually stick to my office and talk to no one, if I can help it.) I didn't drink alcohol, just orange juice, apple cider, and tonic water. No one was weird to me about it, but one of my co-workers did say that she doesn't drink and someone was weird at her. I tried to be helpful about her being a grown woman who is allowed to know that she doesn't like alcoholic beverages, but I'm not sure I did it as strongly as I could or should have.

Most of it was that co-worker B didn't seem really bothered by being chided to try something, she seemed like she was used to it and pretty much had a spiel going. The other part of it was that co-worker S was clearly trying to be friendly, just, she was doing it by being an asshole. Also, B and S work together in a different department from me, and I don't really know what their dynamic is like.

So, I guess what I'm saying is, I don't think B was upset, I think she knew that I was not joining S in pressuring her to drink, but I don't know that I was my strongest ally self tonight. [thinker emoji]

All I can do is better next time, at this point.

Yuletide 2016: Dear Writer

Sep. 28th, 2016 01:07 pm
[personal profile] thefourthvine
Dear Writer Person,


I am, as always, going to provide you with all the details, because that's what I hope to get from my recipient. But if details aren't your thing, please tap out of this letter now. Just know that I really, really cannot handle child or animal harm or death, and I love you for volunteering to write in one of these tiny fandoms. See you on the 25th!

Or, if you want to know more, read on.

Me )

Basketball RPF, Earvin Johnson, Larry Bird )

The Devil Went down to Georgia (song), Johnny/Devil )

The Incredibles, Helen Parr )

Mars Evacuees series - Sophia McDougall, Any )

Murder Most Unladylike Series - Robin Stevens, Daisy Wells, Hazel Wong )
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Banner by Erin of a close-up of Rosie the Riveter's arm with an OTW logo on it and the words OTW Recruitment

The OTW is Recruiting for Media Outreach Liaisons and Translators. We're especially looking for people fluent in Arabic, Croatian, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Kiswahili, Latvian, Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese, Slovenian, Turkish, Vietnamese or Welsh: https://goo.gl/otRccV

Mintbox Mini Pro

Sep. 28th, 2016 01:26 pm
[syndicated profile] linuxmintblog_feed

Posted by Clem

The Mintbox Mini just got better!

MintBox Mini Pro

The new model is called “Mintbox Mini Pro”, it’s just as small as the original Mintbox Mini but with much better specifications.

Here’s a quick comparison between the two models:

Mintbox Mini Mintbox Mini Pro
Chipset A4-Micro 6400T A10-Micro 6700T
Graphics Dual HDMI – Radeon R3 Dual HDMI – Radeon R6
Ethernet Gbe Dual Gbe
Wifi 802.11n dongle Dual-band 802.11ac mini-PCIe
Bluetooth None 4.0
Price $295 $395

This new unit also features better passive cooling thanks to an all-metal black housing. It has an extra USB port (for a total of 2 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0 ports) and we also spotted powered eSATA and a microSIM slot.

Production started and Compulab started to take orders.

For more information on the Mintbox Mini Pro:


We should be receiving ours very soon. Stay tuned for a preview 🙂

We have too many sheets.

Sep. 28th, 2016 02:18 pm
[personal profile] cimorene
[personal profile] waxjism and I have a weakness for bright and bold print duvet covers, and for a while couldn't really stop ourselves from buying sets when we found really cute ones, so we have 5 cotton sets from Ikea (which don't even have top hand holes, ugh, but they have great prints)(and none of them are even similar to each other in terms of color scheme...) and then the tartan flannel ones I made last winter and a cotton sateen set that were a gift. (And a few odds and ends. Whatever, this wouldn't exactly be too many, except we don't often have overnight guests so it's unnecessary, and they don't all quite fit comfortably in the closet space, which is at a premium here.)

The problem is I was snuggling under a sateen one the other day and suddenly realized there's a significant difference in how they feel on the skin. They're not just a little harsher, like a couple of the Ikea sets that have a bit of poly in the blend, they're like... so silky and nice feeling that they actually warm up against the skin better, like they feel as much nicer as flannel even though they're the opposite, smoother instead of fluffier.

Preferring flannel in the winter is just plain natural, but preferring sateen to regular cotton is like a permanent thing and it's the worst when you significantly prefer one of something when you have five of the other kind. Not to mention the temptation to buy more, which is a horrible idea in terms of our already-overburdened storage space. (Actually getting sateen sets in appropriately bold prints isn't tough because Finnish textile design is unparalleled - Marimekko, Finlayson, and Vallila are all on the case - but they cost like five to ten times as much as the Ikea ones probably, if you don't catch them on sale.)

Daily Happiness

Sep. 28th, 2016 12:01 am
[personal profile] torachan
1. I was hoping to go home a little early today because the next three days are going to be super long (including one day which is actually supposed to be my day off!), but instead I worked like eleven hours. >_< But! Because I know it's going to be a long day tomorrow, I'm going in a little late, so I get to sleep in a little.

2. It was definitely a little cooler today than yesterday, and I had the fans on all day while I was at work, so the house wasn't too bad when I came home. It's supposed be a lot cooler tomorrow and then back into the 70s for at least the next week or so, so that's good!

3. I finished translating another chapter! (Possibly the last translating I do before the end of the month, what with the next three days being super busy, including one day where I won't be home until 3am at the earliest...)

4. Look at this ridic Molly tongue!

some ramblings about myself

Sep. 27th, 2016 10:40 pm
[personal profile] zvi
The job situation is becoming unstable, so I've added looking for a new job to my to do list. For the end of October, because I honestly don't have time before then. Honestly, I'm glad to be…not pushed, no one's pushing, but prodded by circumstances into looking for a new job, because I kind of hate my current one. It's not that my co-workers or most of what I'm responsible for is bad, but I really don't believe in the product. Anyway.

Yesterday, I got a newsletter from the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. A couple of years ago, I was really active in church, then I ran for the board, then I served as President of the Board of Trustees, then I walked out when my term was over and I've never…quite…walked back.

I've been feeling the pull of religious worship again, but I also feel, I don't know, embarrassed to go back to the church I walked away from. I'm actually really lucky that I live around here, there's lots of UU churches. If I don't want to go home, there are others I can go to, at least for a while. And I suppose I could make an appointment with the "new" minister at my home church, if I didn't want to just walk in. Or I could do Church of the Larger Fellowship for a bit.

I guess I feel a bit like I've been depressed overwhelmed by life for a bit (if by bit you mean three years), and I somehow don't feel like it is ALL TOO MUCH/not enough of myself anymore? I suddenly…have more space. I don't know what's changed, except going to the gym with some regularity.

I can't wait to stop being sick so I can go back to the gym, honest. Yesterday, I didn't feel well enough to walk from my bus stop to my office (it's 0.7 miles, so it's not nothing. and I walked it on the way home, although I kept having to slow down), but today I did walk both ways (although I had to stop to catch my breath on the way to work). I am literally getting better everyday, but I also keep hauling my gym clothes with the wish that I will have the energy to do even a leisurely 30 minutes on the bike. Maybe tomorrow? More likely Friday.

I had kept my bullet journaling gathering to videos, but just today I was thinking that I might look up the credentials on my pinboard account so I could add bullet journal links there. No one's made a good video about threading or the dotcalendar yet! I need to keep track of all of these innovations that I will never, ever use. (Why the fuck is bullet journaling my new fandom? There aren't any characters! [This isn't true. There's no slash, but there are sure as fuck personalities.])

P.S. For posterity, some debate links. I didn't watch the debate, because I try not to punch myself in the face with tv. My mother did, and she screamed like she was watching the Washington football team lose a game.

NPR Politics Podcast Episode
Preeti Chibber's Leslie Knope reaction gif Twitter thread
That one time Jonathan Mahler, a NY Times reporter, watched the debate with the sound off, but was still pretty sure Clinton won

2016 Election Results

Sep. 27th, 2016 01:05 pm
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OTW election news: make your voice heard

Results of the OTW 2016 election are now available, along with a message to members: https://goo.gl/zBkOtd

This Week in Fandom, Volume 26

Sep. 27th, 2016 12:38 pm
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Banner by James Baxter with a calendar icon and the text This Week in Fandom on a white background

This Week in Fandom: #ThreeFictionalCharacters, AfterEllen mourning, and solo fandom adventures: https://goo.gl/LqE8a8

Culture Consumed Tuesday

Sep. 27th, 2016 08:12 pm
[personal profile] vass
[for the last two weeks]


Read Ursula Vernon's Dragonbreath #8: Nightmare of the Iguana. Wendell's mother just took a leap from "your friend's annoying health food and science ed mother" into "your friend's seriously dysfunctional health food and science ed mother who is doing him real harm with her food issues."

Also Dragonbreath #9: The Case of the Toxic Mutants, in which I enjoyed Danny's grandfather and his neighbour more than most of the other characters.

Started Max Gladstone's Last First Snow. Hi Elayne!

Still reading Les Mis sporadically, having fallen off the every day thing again.

Splurged on Kate Bornstein's My New Gender Workbook (I already own the original edition, but this one's ten years newer and vastly updated) which was heavily discounted at the Book Depository, because with Various Stuff that's been going on, I really needed a trans auncy to come tell me my gender identity is valid. (Kate signs hirself as Aunty Kate on Twitter, but I typed auncy above because the fact that ze's genderqueer is relevant here to why I needed hir book right now.)

(Side note: auncy or aunky? "uncle" doesn't have a K in it, but I know some people use "ankle" rather than "auncle" for a non-binary parent's sibling or affectionate title of respect for someone a generation older than one. And I feel like aunky is more fun to spell and easier to figure out how to pronounce. But it's easier to guess what auncy means, so...?) (Another side note: I am so grateful to hir for being Aunt Kate to whoever wants hir to. And the same to George Takei re Uncle George.)

Anyway, that arrived, and I'm flipping through it gratefully.

Reading T. Kingfisher's serial, Summer in Orcus, as it arrives.

Read Courtney Milan's Year of the Crocodile, a short story (10K words) set after Trade Me, in which Tina's parents tag-team Blake's dad. I will just leave that out of context, shall I? So, I read this, then I read the two short stories Milan linked to in the back of the ebook, then I read the spoiler page on her website, then I went !!!!! and now I cannot wait for the rest of it.

I've been really excited about Hold Me (the sequel to Trade Me, about Tina's best friend Maria, who is trans and Latina) since I finished Trade Me, and have been low-key pissed off that apparently AFR bit the author's brain so hard she couldn't finish that one before haring off to write his story. After reading Year of the Crocodile and then those short stories and then the spoilers? I understand now. And I CANNOT WAIT for AFR's story, omg. (I guessed one key element of it when I read Trade Me, which was confirmed in Year of the Crocodile. But there's more.)

Comics and Manga

Read Lumberjanes vol 1. It's not what I expected (a lot more supernatural weirdness) but I like it. Poor Jen.


You know that game where you make a fake album cover? Using a random Wikipedia page for the band name, the last 3-5 words of a random quote from Wikiquote for the album name, and the fifth image from the 'Last 7 Days' page on Flickr as the cover art? (I used a random image from Wikimedia Commons instead of Flickr) And put the band name and album title on the image and post the result? I did that. (Description text is in the alt tag.) I may have overdone it a little with the effects, but the random image I got was a crappy diagram, and I kind of haven't gotten around to installing any fonts that GIMP has access to (the font shown is standard Sans with an Oilify filter run over it.) It's been a while since I did any photoshopping. So that was fun.


Does anyone know how to stop growing broccoli? Like, when the season's over and I'm pretty sure it's too warm for it to produce anything other than flowers. Do I dig it up, or?

Dug up the carrots. All of them. I planted them as seedlings, three months ago. The largest turned out to be the size of my thumb, and most of them were more like toe length, and pencil girth. I chopped them up and cooked them in a chilli situation, with red kidney beans, tomatoes, rice, and spinach. The spinach was also from my garden, and was rather bitten (I suspect snails -- I saw two of the fuckers fucking on the side of my parsley pot a week ago) but otherwise fine.

The kale and spinach are still going. My lunch today involved a kale and chickpea and bacon situation. :D My summer garden plans involve tomatoes and basil.

Daily Happiness

Sep. 27th, 2016 12:52 am
[personal profile] torachan
1. It was ridiculously hot today, but very dry, so it didn't feel as awful as it might otherwise have done. (The poor kitties were clearly unhappy with the heat, though.)

2. I got the house vacuumed (so much cat hair!) and also got a lot of scanlation stuff done.

3. I posted manga!

4. I woke up to sweetie kitties in my bed this morning.

[personal profile] torachan
I'm still looking for someone to clean and typeset this series with me. If you're interested, please let me know! I will be able to get it out much faster if I'm not doing everything myself.

Title: You Will Hear the Voice of the Dead
Original Title: 死人との声をきくがよい (Shibito no Koe wo Kiku ga Yoi)
Author: Hiyodori Sachiko (Uguisu Sachiko)
Publisher: Champion Red Comics
Genre: Shounen
Status in Japan: 8 volumes, ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations + HotCakes
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: Sickly Kishida Jun has the ability to see ghosts, but in his opinion, it's a stupid power and nothing good ever comes of it. Considering the number of grisly situations he seems to find himself in after the ghost of his childhood friend Hayakawa Ryoko starts following him around, he may have a point.

Chapter Summary: Kishida's cousin wants to photograph the ruins of an abandoned amusement park with a gruesome history. What could possibly go wrong?

Chapter 3: The Ferris Wheel of Death

First miss

Sep. 26th, 2016 06:27 pm
[personal profile] zvi
Sunday, yesterday, I didn't do any journaling. I didn't forget; my coaching reminder went off as normal and I knew what I was going to write about. But I didn't write about it while I was traveling home because I was tired. When I got home, I worked on doing stuff from my to do list. And I felt like I had written and posted to my journal, even though it turned out I actually didn't.

I felt bad about it, because I'd gone more than two weeks hitting every day, even when I was the most sick. But I guess I'll live and just try to pay more attention going forward.

BTW, I was going to tell you guys to go see Magnificent Seven. It was, in many ways, the movie Suicide Squad should have been. And in other ways, it was like a dustier, less elegant, more violent Ocean's 11. And it was like the best sort of exploitation movie, where all of the characters are the most awesome version of the stereotype they are. It's a drunk Irishman, a mysterious Asian guy, a smooth talking Mexican, and a taciturn Indian, but in a way where they were cool and I enjoyed it instead of being mad about it; sort of like Tarantino, but less visible effort.

Also, something I greatly enjoyed about the ending MASSIVE SPOILERS )
[personal profile] cimorene
I think the ideal regular social event would be a combination knitting circle and Dungeons and Dragons (actually I've read some random stuff on the topic and think it should actually be Pathfinder, but I have no direct experience of either).

My sister agrees, but Dallas to southwest Finland is just too much distance to manage that. I mean, there's videochat tabletop gaming, but the 8-hour time difference would be murder.

We both don't actually know how to play D&D and have never played even though our dad was a DM when he was in high school and college. Honestly, I feel betrayed that he never taught us in person.

My sister and I agreed that the best way to set up something like this would be to find a local knitting group and then canvas it for people who could be converted to the idea, but that depends on someone else in the group knowing how to play and being happy to teach you. If the person who wanted to organize it knows how to play, it would kind of remove the difficulty.

My sister is way ahead of me here because she has actually attended local knitting circles multiple times in her life - I don't think she has one now, but she used to go to one in Louisiana. I've been talking about wanting to go to one, but been too socially anxious, since before she was inspired by my example to teach herself to knit. 😕 Of course, language and culture issues add to my social anxiety and even if they didn't raise the initial bar to Just Doing It to insurmountability, socializing in Finnish as I would then have to do would be both mentally and emotionally tiring, much more so than just doing social things that make me anxious in general. Of course, conversing regularly in Finnish would be mentally tiring because my Finnish isn't fluent, so logically the practice would be good for me, but that doesn't make it less daunting.

Daily Happiness

Sep. 26th, 2016 12:50 am
[personal profile] torachan
1. The ants got better for a bit but then SO MUCH WORSE, so I finally tried the suggestion of putting the catfood plates in a dish of water and it seems to be working. Also has the bonus of catching 95% of food scraps in the water, making for less cleanup. (Molly likes to stick her hand in the food and eat off her hand, which is super cute but doesn't work particularly well with cat paws, so a lot of food gets outside of the bowl.)

2. It was hot today and supposed to be even hotter tomorrow, but then is supposed to drop pretty dramatically in a day or so, so I'm really hopeful this is just one last heat spell and not the start of a super hot autumn like last year.

3. The second half of the week is going to be sooooo busy, but at least I get tomorrow off. I'm looking forward to sleeping in and relaxing.

4. Look at this sweet sleepy Chloe.

Daily Happiness

Sep. 25th, 2016 01:01 am
[personal profile] torachan
1. One of my favorite former co-workers stopped by the store today and we got to chat for a bit. He'll be there three days next week, too, to help with a small remodelling project that's going on. (He still works for the company, just a different location.)

2. I managed to get a fair bit of translating done today, including finishing up the last of the "must do" stuff for this month. (I hope to still get a couple more things finished, but the major ones are done.)

3. The kitties were sooooo cute this morning. Chloe often likes to sit on the bathroom counter and watch "kitty TV" as we call it (aka looking out the window at birdies and such), but this morning they were both sitting there together. ♥

(no subject)

Sep. 24th, 2016 10:19 pm
[personal profile] zvi
I hate being sick. Friday, I woke up and didn't feel bruised and beaten, so I went into work. (I had been out of the office four business days, so there were some things I really need to get done.) I only made it until about quarter to two, and then I left work to get lunch, walk around a nearby shopping center a little bit (I was sort of hoping to buy a purse big enough to hold my 10" tablet, but I didn't see anything I really liked), until I could catch the bus home.

Today, I put away about six loads of laundry, including schlepping an ironing board up and downstairs, and I was wiped out. My breathing got fucked up so that talking made me cough, and I still feel quite subpar. (I can't tell if it's the impact of the laundry or if it's just me feeling shitty from the flu.)

Anyway, also today, I decided against reinstalling Ubuntu on my computer. (I was dual booting Ubuntu and Windows, but first my Windows partition got too small to be usefully updated, then my Ubuntu partition got too small to be updated, so I took it to a computer shop to be repartitioned, but they were kind of freaked out by the idea of installing Ubuntu, so I ended up having them wipe the hard drive and install Windows 10. I actually really like Windows 10 and One Note, and almost everything else I do, I do online.

So, I'm going to restore the data from my backup, but not Ubuntu. I'm pretty sure it's going to be easier, once I eventually get everything backed up. (Getting everything backed up is going to take forever, though. I'm doing it in chunks, as I'm trying not to download stuff that was saved multiple times on my hard drive. For some reason, nearly all of my podfic had been saved twice, for instance.

I feel a little sad about it, but also like it will make my life easier. I was never very political about free software, and dual booting is kind of a pain in the ass. It's the end of an era for me, though. :/

OTW Finance: 2016 Budget Update

Sep. 24th, 2016 11:28 am
[personal profile] otw_staff posting in [community profile] otw_news

OTW's Finance Committee provides an update on our 2016 budget, and schedules a chat for October 2 to answer your questions: https://goo.gl/iDUipZ

(no subject)

Sep. 24th, 2016 08:07 am
[personal profile] cereta posting in [community profile] agonyaunt
DEAR ABBY: My sister, "Dawn," recently got engaged to a man I detest. They have been dating for two years. I don't trust him, and I believe he is controlling her. He has lied to me and to my parents, and has strained Dawn's relationship with our family by constantly making her choose between either him or us.

Dawn worked hard to earn her master's degree and is now earning a great salary; her fiance has no education beyond high school, constantly switches jobs and uses my sister for financial support.

I have spoken to her multiple times in the past about my concerns, and at one point made it clear that I wouldn't attend her wedding. Now that Dawn has decided to move forward with the relationship, am I required to go? My parents, despite not supporting my sister's marrying this man, still plan to attend and are urging me to go. I don't think I can stomach seeing it. What do I do? -- OPPOSED IN NEW YORK

DEAR OPPOSED: Go to the wedding. If this man is as awful as you say he is, your sister is going to need all of the support she can get from people who love her. One of the things that insecure, controlling men try to do is isolate their victims. Letting Dawn know that you love her and will always be there for her will make it much harder for her husband to do.

Daily Happiness

Sep. 24th, 2016 01:02 am
[personal profile] torachan
1. I stayed up late poking at iTunes for no reason and now I'm super tired but at least I can sleep in tomorrow!

2. I had to go to other markets today and do price comparisons (boring and time-consuming) but at Nijiya they had some super tasty seaweed & sesame oil potato chips, so that made it kind of worth it. (And I have to go back tomorrow because I totally forgot to get one important price, but that means I can buy another bag of chips, so...)

3. This silly Chloe playing in her fortress of catitude.

Planning. It's like exercise really.

Sep. 23rd, 2016 11:13 pm
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So, I've been watching these Bullet Journal videos and Planner videos for, like, two weeks, and, even though I have no intention of starting my own physical planner (I use a notepad to write down my daily tasks at work, because I had to confront the fact that writing must do stuff on post it notes and attaching it to my monitor made me feel dumb, but EVERYTHING ELSE IS DIGITAL.)

Part the first: The only good planner is the planner you actually use. Things that make you stop using a planner are extremely idiosyncratic and extremely real. If you don't use your planner because it's too big or too small, because it's not pretty enough, because the pages are hard to turn, because you never have your planning pens with you, or whatever it is that's giving you grief, change your setup until you are willing to use your planner consistently. Like exercise, planning is for you to make your life better, so if the planner you have is not one you're using, it's not doing you any good. If any of the advice you get from me or anyone else makes you less likely to plan, ditch the advice. You do you!

That being said, the opinions.

Part the Second: Bullet Journal opinions
  1. Start your bujo in a notebook you already own. This is gonna feel weird for maybe as long as the first 3 months and it may end up not working for you. Don't throw out cash to begin with, just pick up an old spiral-bound and get started. If you find that a bujo is kind of working for you but you want something prettier or smaller or larger, you'll figure it out. But to give it a try, just use the notebook and pen you have on hand. The first three months are seriously you just trying the system.
  2. Page 1 should be your key. Leave a blank page on page 2 for changes you make to your key, a color code, or a pen test.
  3. When you do buy a journal specifically for bullet journaling, you want dot grid paper. (You don't have to buy an expensive Leuchtturm1917 to get dot grid paper.) It's much easier to draw boxes and grids freehand if you have the dots to guide you. If you really can't get dot grid paper, you can get quadrille notebooks from any office supply store.
  4. Your bullet journal should be the largest notebook you will happily carry everywhere with you. Feeling cramped is a problem lots of people have, feeling weighed down by too big a book is a problem people have. Find your best compromise, which may be tiny!
  5. Index. To make it easier to index, you should either write the page number on all of the pages as soon as you start your journal, or make adding a number the first thing you do when you start a new page. Adding a page to the index should be the second thing you do when you start a new page. Index.
  6. After you've figured out your preferred monthly or weekly spread (maybe you don't need a monthly and a weekly. Maybe you do.) consider turning it into a printable and just printing and pasting the spread to save yourself some time. (Unless you like drawing your layouts. But consider creating the printables for a really busy week. Just keep it in your back pocket.)
  7. Think about how you're going to archive/transfer your permanent collections. Evernote and Onenote are options.
  8. Planners have a bazillion neat tools for planning. Stamps, stickers, printables, binder clips, paper clips, magnetic bookmarks, tabs, stickynotes, paper flags, washi tape. Don't feel limited to highlighters and colored pens and pencils for making your bullet journal work for you. However, the tools you pick should probably be the tools you feel happy to carry with you just about everywhere. So your bujo is with you, and your tools are with you, and you can always update your bujo.
  9. Skipping weeks or days in your bujo is fine. Pick it back up when you have time. It's just blank pages. Figure out what kept you from using it, and if you can simplify, eliminate, or switch, wrote you're busy. But if you wind up putting things down and picking them up, it's fine. Honestly, maybe you just prefer a different method.

Part the third: Planner opinions
  1. Consolidate in as few planners as you can. The more planners you have, the more opportunities you have to not have the right planner to take the note or make the appointment you need to do at the moment.
  2. If you have to modify the layout all the time, create a printable or find a stamp to make the change you need.
  3. If you don't care about bulkiness, a disk system offers maximum flexibility and ease of change. If you want something relatively slim, get a bound planner, but pick your layout carefully. If you don't know exactly what layout you want, your best bet is to wait until December (or even January) and buy several different discounted planners at a bookstore.
  4. Carry your planner supplies with you inside of your planner.

Part the fourth
Are you sure you wouldn't be happier doing all of this on your phone? They make quite large phones, nowadays.

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Sep. 23rd, 2016 06:39 pm
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If you stumble, make it part of the dance ¿source?
[personal profile] cereta posting in [community profile] agonyaunt
Dear Prudence,
I don’t get along with my sister-in-law. She adores my brother and makes him very happy so I try to be friendly when I see her, but now that we’ve moved back to his hometown and she lives just a few miles away, it’s gotten much harder. She criticizes my taste in furniture, my clothes, and my cooking. I try to deflect the comments, but she will not let it go. Recently, my husband and I adopted two rescue dogs and posted pictures of them in Facebook. I then get a text from my sister-in-law telling me that I have to change the names of my dogs because she is going to use those names for her kids, and that she is now pregnant but I can’t tell anyone. This is ridiculous and I don’t know what to do. Do I just ignore her and hope it goes away? Share the text and get raked over the coals for spoiling the pregnancy surprise? Post tons of pictures of my dogs and refer to them as my babies? I have to live with this woman in my life and I don’t want to hurt my brother but I am not changing the names of my dogs.
—Changing Names, Keeping Boundaries

This is a sister-in-law for the record books! I’ve heard of plenty of fights over baby names, but I’ve yet to come across the dog-versus–unborn baby combo, where the dogs in question have already been named and the baby does not yet exist. I almost—almost—admire her ability to mine conflict from a seemingly peaceful landscape. As tempting as it might be to start rubbing Ruby and Synthesizer in your sister-in-law’s face, I think gentle nonengagement is the road to hoe here. “We’re not going to change the dog’s names, but congratulations on your pregnancy! What exciting news.” Don’t get drawn into an argument or an explanation for your behavior, because what she’s asking is so absurd that the only response it merits is a flat refusal. There is a nonzero possibility that this pregnancy is invented solely to try to get you to do what she wants, which is why she asked you and not your brother, and why she’s swearing you to secrecy now. Perhaps I’m being paranoid, but your sister-in-law has already displayed a propensity for the irrational, and it’s quite a coincidence she favors the name of both your pets, not just one. Plenty of dogs have human names and vice versa; your sister’s children, whenever they come into being, will have to share their names, no matter how unique, with any number of other humans and animals. They’ll be just fine.

Daily Happiness

Sep. 23rd, 2016 12:55 am
[personal profile] torachan
1. I slept in and had a nice relaxing day!

2. I did not manage to get as much translating and stuff done as I'd hoped to, but I still got a good amount done, including finishing up another chapter of something, which always feels good.

3. I have sweet kitties! Like this one!

Volunteer social thread #60

Sep. 23rd, 2016 02:07 am
[personal profile] pauamma posting in [site community profile] dw_volunteers
I just came back from a walk.

What has everyone been up to?

Princess Love♥Pon!

Sep. 22nd, 2016 06:09 pm
[personal profile] zvi
I bought Princess Love♥Pon at Small Press Expo this year. Today (second day of staying home sick), I read the first two published chapters and the in progress Chapter 3.

Review in multiple parts:

Part the First: The story
Do you like things that are cute? Do you like magical girls? Do you fondly remember Sailor Moon or Card Captor Sakura? Do you have positive feelings about love and negative feelings about sadness and despair? This comic is relevant to your interests.

Adorable Lia Sagamore, her bestie Rachel Martinez, her "um…friend" Luis (a college freshman!), and her magical mascot Hunnie are involved in the battle against evil. The story has not advanced very far, but so far the points of interest are, this comic is extra adorable. It is made of cream puffs and lollipops and kawaii and ALL of the pink. Lia and Rachel are black. Rachel and Luis are Latinx. All you need to fight evil is love and an open heart.

Things I love: It's cute. I love the relationship between Lia and Rachel and between Lia and Luis. (Chapter two is all about how you should tell people how you feel about them, instead of building up your FEELINGS until they burst all over everybody.) It is darling and all about handling your feelings.

Things I'm not sure about: Something's up between Luis and Rachel, though, and I'm not sure how I feel about that! I'm not interested in love triangles or secret dating/breakups that went bad. Also, no one has any parents? I'm always a little bit dubious about stories about high school which feature zero parents. And lastly, our enemy is the dark queen. I think the association in American/Western culture between dark and bad is not good for black people, and I find it a weird choice to make in a magical girl comic, i.e. traditionally heavily color-coded, about black and brown people. Can the evil one not be an ice queen? Or the vast, white empty? Just sometimes? However, it's relatively early days. Maybe this queen will turn out to be dark like Nightmare Moon.

Part the Second: The physical copies
These are stapled, about digest size, and were sold to me in plastic protective sleeves. I can't figure out anyway to buy them over the internet. They appear to be four colors, dot printed sort of like an old newspaper. The paper is slick and just faintly reflective, but not really glossy. My copy of volume 1 is printed much more darkly than volume 2. I don't know if that's an artifact of when they were produced in the print run or if they deliberatley changed the saturation value on volume 2. I much prefer volume 1, because the brown comes through more strongly and you can really see that Lia and Rachel and several of their friends are black.

Part the Third: The webcomic
This is a tumblr. The links in the header work, but not the ones in the footer. The tumblr contains just the comic itself, but no extras or fan interaction. Each page/panel links to first, last, next and previous, but there's no archive to specifically direct you to the beginning of each chapter. Only Lia and Rachel are listed on the cast page and the About page is still coming soon.

Basically, what I am saying is that [tumblr.com profile] ngoziu has set a standard for navigation and fan interaction with [tumblr.com profile] omgcheckplease that all other webcomics on tumblr fail to live up to, and I am perpetually disappointed.

Anyway, I am greatly enjoying this comic, it theoretically updates Tuesdays and Thursdays (last update July 19), I am mad I never heard of it before Yuletide nominations, and I recommend it to you, provided you like cuteness and pink. If you want to support her, you can use Shaunadraws @patreon. (I include this link because it is weirdly not on the comic website, the personal website, or the personal tumblr? I think I saw a tweet mentioning it?)

Daily Happiness

Sep. 22nd, 2016 01:32 am
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1. I had a long day at work (eleven-ish hours) and pretty much did nothing but internet and watch some TV when I got home, so I'm really looking forward to my day off tomorrow.

2. Maybe a gross thing to be happy about, but Molly hadn't pooped in two or three days and I was getting worried, because I am always worried about these kitties' health after what happened with Heidi, but she finally did a big poop this morning and now I can at least stop worrying about that. :p

3. I had a really tasty salad for dinner.

4. I got some really cute pics of Chloe tonight.

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Sep. 21st, 2016 07:52 pm
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I stayed home sick today (because I really am sick. I'm pretty sure that I have flu.)

I ended up folding about three loads of laundry, doing a modicum of office work, and crossing several things off of my todo list (of the sitting at your computer variety) while I watched large numbers of bullet journal videos and one and a half episodes of DS9.

What I really wanted to do was read comics all day.

I have got to stop watching bullet journal and planner videos. I'm 100% not going to use them because paper planners don't work for me and I've figured out a digital system that mostly works.

Ok, I'm going to go off and read comics now.

(This entry brought to you by the need to continue my 12 day streak of writing in journal.)

Daily Happiness

Sep. 21st, 2016 01:12 am
[personal profile] torachan
1. It's so muggy today and just feels gross even though it's not that hot, but thankfully the humidity is supposed to drop pretty dramatically in the next few days.

2. Carla got her ticket and is coming back next Thursday!

3. Look at this sweet Molly with the furry paws!


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