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Cimorene ([personal profile] cimorene) wrote 2011-11-10 09:07 am (UTC)

Natty was so buggy on my system that I really couldn't keep going. That amount of crashes made it impossible to do stuff for me. Compiz is a LOT more stable in Oneiric and the total number of crashes is also less. They've even made the Unity launcher more stable and more customizable at the same time, so it respects the user's icon theme and can be made sort-of transparent instead of black (but without the ability to get rid of some very ugly glass reflection effects). The top panel is still completely independent of everything and respects nothing, and I think there are probably other Unity bugs I didn't get around to noticing yet. I am using a desktop though, so it hasn't had the opportunity to fuck up wireless drivers or anything of that nature. Honestly, the most inconvenient bug so far (since I can't really consider quiet boot a bug if they did it on purpose) is that the "don't show menubar in new gnome-terminal windows" preference setting doesn't work anymore.

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