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Sep. 19th, 2014 02:26 pm
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TV I intend to follow but haven't caught up on:

  • Elementary ([personal profile] waxjism and I watch together)

  • Outlander (it's [personal profile] waxjism's thing; we're waiting for her to be in the ~mood to watch it)

  • Orphan Black (we're waiting to watch it with Wax's pal Sofia)

TV whose next season I am awaiting with bated breath:

  • This Old House

  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - 3rd series was confirmed since I last posted about TV! Last I heard, the writers were tweeting about planning it.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine - new season starts airing soon!

  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  • Hannibal - before I watched this, I was apprehensive about the gore, which I can be sensitive to, and about a couple of the female regular characters - I don't avoid spoilers and had been reading posts via Hello Tailor, [personal profile] cleolinda, and personal acquaintances in the fandom. It turned out that the gore didn't even register as gory for me, but I was more upset about Abigail and Beverly than I expected - but since it looks like the show is making an effort consciously, I'm still with it.

  • Sirens - I liked it, but it was quite different from what I expected based on Tumblr. Not as funny. More straight white guy, more obnoxious voiceover, more Nice Guy. But I do like the secondary characters...

TV I watch a whole series at a time where I have recently watched a series, and am therefore waiting, but not with bated breath:

  • Game of Thrones

  • A Touch of Cloth - there's a desi character named Asap in this show. His name is actually a racist joke, but he has a more significant role than any other desi character in a police show I've seen that I can think of, and he isn't just a computer/tech guy like, for example, Gurdip on Lewis. Depressing, especially given the sheer number of one-dimensional desi background characters in these shows.

  • Endeavour - series 2 ends on THE most blatantly cliffhangy cliffhanger. Don't watch if that bothers you.

  • Lewis

  • Vera

  • Scott & Bailey

  • Bletchley Circle

I did start watching, but I couldn't stick it out, so I tried to switch to the manga to get through the rest of canon, but it was a bit too repetitive and silly too, so... maybe I'll finish it later:

  • Sailor Moon

[personal profile] waxjism watched it recently and, either thanks to what I saw over her shoulder or thanks to all the time she spent shouting angrily at the screen, I'm definitely secure in my decision not to watch:

  • The Killing (she likes this but it's getting cracky I guess?)

  • True Detective (she acknowledged the feminist issues people have brought up, but liked it)

  • The Walking Dead (she shouted so much I'm honestly not sure how she kept watching. Then again, her dedication to Norman Reedus did result in an entire website and that time when she transcribed the entire script of Dark Harbor. - But she seriously hates Rick so much that she shouts every time she sees Andrew Lincoln in a picture on Tumblr without Norman beside him to distract her.)
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  1. Warning for one line containing a fantasy with bottom!Dean and pegging. Apologies to Scarlett Johansson.

  2. Also look I seriously haven't slept for a week so there's a lot of errors and this isn't my best work but fuck it I wanted to post it because you guys deserve porn. I'm here to give you that. And now I'm off to destroy Jotunheim.

  3. A stolen moment between the defensive pairing.

  4. Lee gives birth to their twin daughters while Richard goes missing. They reunite years later, with Richard being someone else.

  5. Richard Armitage owns a strip club in which Benedict is a bartender and Tom and Dean are strippers. Aidan Turner is a boy in trouble, and it all gets a bit out of hand from there.

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  1. Tags: Fluff, Christmas, Rimming

  2. Holy crap, I just wrote over 6000 words for a fanfiction.

  3. The first chapter starts with two of my favorite things: with porn and italics.

  4. Tags: Unresolved Sexual Tension, First Time

  5. Derek finds himself in the emergency room one day with Dr. Stilinski looking over him. After getting a good look at the doctor, Derek wanted to meet him again and again. But the only thing he knew about Dr. Stilinski was that he worked in the ER... so, what else was he suppose to do?

    sterek sterek sterek sterek sterek everything is sterek nothing is real!

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  1. It's pre-slash up until it suddenly gets good in like chapter 6 or so.

  2. Words:5,251
    Chapters: 6/6

  3. Sansa Stark and her travelling companion, Sandor Clegane, come across Rick Grime’s group at a prison during the apocalypse, and decide whether or not they’ll stay.
    Tags: Weird, very weird, fluffy? maybe?

  4. Warning: Bad language and corny descriptions of genitalia

  5. NSFW (and debatably TMI) )

#5 was pointed out by [personal profile] flamebyrd.
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We 90% finished the Big Clean and stuff still looks good - and [personal profile] waxjism is still feeling a lot like baking, which is nice - but haven't overcome the last hurdles: taking out all the recycling (multiple trips), cleaning out the balcony and basement storage and organizing the potting/plant stuff, and scrubbing down the sauna.

I also drew a map of all the places where things are stored in the entire flat with a list of what is where for Wax, who can never remember (most closet shelves, boxes, and drawers are labelled with masking tape on the front, but this doesn't help either). It took 5 sketchbook pages. We agreed that it probably would not help. Maybe I can come up with an index.

ETA: However, adding another bookcase in the kitchen did solve our storage problem! The kitchen is doing pretty well now, although of course, it's still a pain to use thanks to the people who decided where to place the cabinets, sink, stove, and fridge.
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We don't typically do a Big Clean in the spring, but this year I started feeling the urge then. At the time I was stressed with studying Finnish, and [personal profile] waxjism was so depressed she barely ate/slept/moved and she had to get a long-term sickleave from office work school and a drastic change of medication. It took her about two months of even MORE sickness to taper off of it, during which I was too anxious/depressed to do much of anything besides try to make sure she was eating.

So by the time she started to feel better, the need for cleaning had been fomenting for months and my relief/zeal combined with her sudden rise to awareness/energy to move her body around and we embarked upon simultaneously deep cleaning everything, reorganizing everything, and throwing away as much stuff as possible.


  • moved all the furniture in the livingroom and reorganized and shifted the contents of the 5 livingroom bookcases

  • replaced the kitty gym with this bookshelf hack

  • threw away the hard cases to all our DVDs, transferred them to CD wallets inside boxes, made a database of them on the computer

  • sewed covers for the two footcubes that have been unclothed for a few years (me)

  • cleaned out all the closets, shelves, drawers and other storage things, sorting, throwing things out and reorganizing

  • are in the process of doing all the laundry/washing all the things

But we still haven't finished cleaning and organizing the kitchen (we can only hope that we will be able to find space to put everything away) and we still have a bunch of heavy and/or unwieldy trash objects that we don't want to carry down four storeys to the dumpsters.

We concluded that we have lived here for way too long. And it was kind of overdue for a cosmetic makeover before we arrived.
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English-language paperback fiction free to a good home! Any local Finnish people who want any of these books and can pick them up in Turku can have them, we just can't afford to mail them anywhere right now.

Otherwise they will eventually maybe get recycled, because we don't know of anywhere they can be donated locally.

Getting rid of Anne Rice, Patricia Cornwell, John Grisham, Minette Walters, Dean Koontz, three Sookie Stackhouse books, a couple of modern urban fantasy werewolf books by Patricia Briggs that we didn't like, some other assorted fantasy, science fiction and other fiction: a complete list )
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  1. Inspired by the song by Garth Brooks "The Storm." Short piece about heartache...

  2. Disclaimer: Well, actually I can't be bothered - so go ahead and sue me!

  3. Rating: NC-13ish

  4. It started well before they knew it could travel so far off hand. It started with an exchange of words ensuring their future and how they laced together.

  5. Besides, if you want canon, why the hell are you reading slash?

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  1. Tom gets stuck in a hotdog costume at a ship's baseball game, and the usual nonsense ensues.

  2. Title: Angel's Deadly Spurt

  3. Tags: Im shit at rating shit but it has sex in it :/, Abrupt Ending, like theres a missing part

  4. There is mention of butchering dead livestock (briefly), so if you're PETA, no real animal was harmed in the writing of this story.

  5. Disclaimer: Same as always. M/m, Paramount, high oak tree, necktie party, broke as a church mouse, need a life, wish I was God Emperor of Dune, satisfied with little, needful of therapy, could lose a little weight, voted in the last election, got some back on the income tax, facing menopause with a brave smile, seeking enlightenment, wishing I had a handicapped parking sticker, glad I don’t need one, thinking summer isn’t for sissies, waiting for Godot, wondering who the hell he *really* is, not taking any wooden nickels, wondering if I could find any on ebay, wishing I was in Rome, knowing I’ll always have (Tom) Paris, and considering a tattoo. On my tongue.

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  1. Lots of slush, also turbolift alert, shuttlecraft alert, cave alert.

  2. Rating: NC-17
    Summary: Tom experiences a virgin birth on a pretechnological planet. The other parent is a spirit.
    Genres: Angst

  3. Note: Bad, bad fic ahead. You've been warned.

  4. Summary: Chakotay goes to the holodeck to apologize to Tom, and finds him Stewing in a hot tub filled with...what *is* that stuff?

  5. WARNING: this is not a ‘pleasant’ story. Lot’s of nasty things happen, including (rape, torture, angst (in spades) and a gratuitous sheep reference. Definitely no snugglebunnies. And no, this is not a h/c story (or at least not in the traditional sense).

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  1. Warnings: Not sure yet

  2. Will probably have more holes in the plot than a Swiss cheese and more mistakes than usual.

  3. Summary: A short tale of hot bodies for hire, lust crazed jealousy, a wager that goes wrong and most importantly, chocolate.

  4. Summary: The BDSM is imagined at the very most! I couldn't write a BDSM if my life depended on it.
    Warnings: BDSM

  5. Don't read if you like fluffy, Canon based characters

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  1. Summary: PWP. I think.

  2. Slave AU in which Bucky's just a young, virgin slave purchased by lovers Steve and Tony, who have a thing for young, virgin slaves.

  3. Warning: Does finger licking require a warning?

  4. Terribly OOC I know, but I wanted it to be fluffy, because I like fluff!

  5. We have bondage, Chakotay angst, and a little torture and perhaps something a little less than consensual, but not too bad.

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So, until this point, the most offensive Star Trek episode I remember was probably that time that displacing an entire planet of NDN colonists turned out to just be the B-plot device for illuminating Wesley Crusher's manpain and allowing him to walk off with the Traveller into the space/time continuum.

And actually that one is probably still worse, to be fair, because at least Chakotay is an NDN character and was allowed to be the main character of this ep.

But so anyway, what happens in Voyager 2x02 "Initiations" is that Chakotay's shuttle is attacked by a 13-year-old Kazon alien who wants to kill him for infringing on their territory. (The Kazon are a tribal culture who wear lumpy foreheads and are painted red, and whose hair is in fuzzy afros with things sticking out of them.) The kid, who is played by the guy who played Nog, fails to kill Chakotay, who saves his life, and then they both get captured by the kid's tribe. The kid, because he failed to kill his designated coming-of-age prey, can now not become a man in his tribe.

The Kazon chief comes down and has a shouting match with Chakotay, who is trying to say that Voyager doesn't want to be these guys' enemy, and utters lines like:
"Everything you are is a threat to us... the Kazon fought long and hard for their independence from uniforms like yours"
"Your uniforms... your laws... your technology... you are not welcome here."

Then Chakotay, THE SINGLE NDN CHARACTER IN THE SHOW (who is actually played by a Mexican American guy) and also a former ANTI-FEDERATION Maquis freedom fighter, is made to stand for the enlightened colonial culture in a split-screen nose-to-nose faceoff... with the angry anti-colonialist violent savage played by a white man in LITERALLY RED redface.

Chakotay thinks 4 small children approximating the ages of the kids from the Sound of Music have been called to the bridge to witness his execution, but it was actually to witness HIM killing the child who failed to kill him. He refuses and escapes, offering the kid the opportunity to flee with him rather than be executed, but the Kazon shoot down their shuttle and they land on the moon and have to stay overnight before being rescued by Voyager. (Chakotay offers the kid the opportunity to kill him in order to gain his adulthood but the kid decides to shoot the chieftain instead and everyone goes away happy except the dead chieftain.)

So anyway, I was thinking that the standoff between the redfaced 'savage' chief and the civilized Federation Chakotay was done deliberately - still gross, but it would have been making an attempt at commentary. However, then I looked the episode up on Wikipedia, and it seems that wasn't the case at all.

Executive producer Michael Piller was displeased with the depiction of the Kazon in Biller's first draft of the episode; where they were supposed to be analogous to street gangs in Los Angeles, they were instead "coming across as warmed-over Klingons." In addition to J[e]ri Taylor's already extensive notes on the draft, Piller suggested Biller get in touch with actual gang members or a police officer who could better clue the writer into street gang culture for the episode. Instead, Biller picked up a copy of Monsta, a book by convicted murderer and former gang member "Monsta" Cody. The book's insight into gang life and culture was a guiding light for Biller's second draft, which he worked up with Piller, endeavoring to set the Kazon apart "from Romulans, Cardassians, and Klingons."[8] wikipedia

(This is probably the source of the symbolic coming-of-age kill, the shifting territories, and the emphasis placed on signs and insignia at the beginning of the episode.)

And then

Michael Piller commented, "Here we were, on the first day of prep and Ken started rewriting that script based on my feelings that we had to get to the guts of what drove the Kazon and they had to be different from Romulans and Cardassians and Klingons." Piller concluded, "It was a choice of settling, or doing what I considered excellent work. The bottom line is we had a better show, because Ken did research."


This episode's story itself was a problematic one for director Winrich Kolbe. He explained, "Storywise it was not the most interesting show I've ever done. It was a push. My problem with the Chakotay character was that I wanted to forget the Indian aspect and make him the Maquis that he was supposed to be. I knew Chakotay would have to eventually cooperate on the ship, but I hoped he would do it unwillingly most of the time. I talked to the writers about it, why we weren't playing that conflict. They went with the Indian thing, which was kind of intriguing, but in my opinion, never paid off because it was done too subtly." memory alpha


I still find it hard to believe that the transposition of the NDN character - especially when the director explicitly underlines that they were "[going] with the Indian thing" - with the Kazon's anti-colonialist speech was accidental. But maybe emphasizing the word "uniforms" repeatedly was supposed to suggest encounters with police (which wouldn't make sense because the uniformed people the Kazon encounter aren't police with authority over them...)? But apparently the producers and writer regard their attempts to make the Kazon into street gangs as successful, and the episode simply an opportunity to develop Chakotay's background and give him some action scenes.

I... well. I don't cry easily, but I did lie limply on the sofa moaning "whyyyy is Hollywood" for a while.
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  1. [Summary:] Then there is a short chapter at the end where it talks about a while after the fact.

  2. Summary: A detailed fucking porn story, okay?
    Words: 13

  3. Bilbo enjoys Smaug's company too much, so he doesn't really care if Smaug won't even hold hid hand in front of his friends...or does he?

  4. Tags: fluffy, Hair Braiding, thorin's thoughts about you, it's kinda hot
    Summary: Fili and Kili kind of messed up and their actions caused Thorin to lose something valuable. He's bitter but perhaps you can console him :)

  5. Tags: Fili/Kili Fili and Kili are NOT Brothers!

    Summary: Freckles, by Gene Stratton-Porter has been my favorite book since I could read. I see Aidan so strongly in the role. The book has been out of print for decades and is nearly forgotten. It's such a sweet coming of age/romance that it deserves an audience. Begging your patience, I have changed only enough to make this a Hobbit AU. All of the story except for the characters and dialog that had to be changed for AU purposes is original. I have no right to edit Ms. Porter's writing and why disturb perfection?

    Kili is an Irish orphan who was maimed as an infant and has only one hand. Too old to be able to stay at the orphanage he strikes out to find a job. He is hired to do one of the most difficult jobs - walking a 7 mile stretch through a huge forest and swamp alive with wild animals and not a few thieves who would steal the rare trees he is guarding. He has much to learn and to teach those around him. I think you will like this story if you give it a chance.

    The setting is turn-of-the-Century Northern Indiana (US) when the land was still wild and a huge forest was called The Limberlost.

    You may find the sentence structure and dialog archaic and a bit difficult at first. The book was first published in 1904.

I'm still o_O about the last one.
ETA: Google reveals it to be in the public domain, so at least it's not copyright violation, although it also obviously isn't fair use. It also isn't forgotten though, as it's been made into a movie 4 times, most recently in 1960, and the full text as well as an audiobook are available free in the first page of search results.
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So, I wear neutral eye-shadow semi-regularly and it's the only eyeshadow I wear outside of special occasions (like 1-2x per year special). My current duo's big problem is that the lighter color is too glittery. I only like glittery for bright colors.

So what I want is an eyeshadow palette with at least 2, but no more than 4 warm neutrals that are all matte, and I have looked in 2 department stores, a specialty makeup store, and the enormous tax-free makeup section on the cruise ship to Stockholm with no real luck so far!

I don't actually want to pay high-end brand prices, but I looked at them anyway out of exasperation, and I didn't find what I was looking for from any of them. It seems like I may have to just buy matte singles and try to find a convenient way to carry them together, but they tend to be larger AND more expensive, which is a waste of both money and product since I use very little of it. :/

So I thought I'd ask just on the off chance that anyone has any recs. Via Twitter I just learned that Urban Decay has a new all-matte palette, but it's still more expensive than I want and bigger than I need.
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  1. [Tags] Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Major Character Death, Underage, Tom Hiddleston/Reader, Smut, Mild Smut
    [Summary] Sub-Teacher, to Teacher, to Discovering Maniac. An English Teacher Tom Hiddleston AU.
    Words: 54,521
    Chapters: 18/?

  2. I'll be posting the chapters out of order, as I'm opting for a more polished work.

  3. [Tags] like seriously major language/intellectual competency kink if that is even a thing, I made it a thing, it'll be YOUR thing too by the time I am done with you [Ed.: Wow. Good thing you came up with that intellectual competency kink. Fandom sure was missing out before this arrived.]

  4. [Tags] oh my god this is bad, i wrote it with a friend we were possibly high, I'm so sorry [Ed.: Is this one of the better or one of the worse excuses? I can't decide.]

  5. [Tags] Sexual Harassment, Underage Sex, Adorable

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  1. [tags] some anal sex [Ed.: [personal profile] waxjism and I had an entire conversation about when this tag could be useful. Like, if you don't want anal sex, any amount is bad, and this will still trigger the filter. So is it for people who want anal sex, but only TONS of anal sex?]

  2. [tags] fic about pepsi cola and mentions of others [Ed.: I haven't read it, but I like to imagine the "others" are other colas. Like, Coke and then a couple of different store brands.]

  3. [End Notes:] see, this is part of a different thing, so it might not make sense (esp. with the thing about dave and john and stuff.) sorry about it. i`m not gonna answer any questions about it, because i might post it later.

  4. [End Notes:] *Note that I have no idea the mechanics of dick piercings or sex with them so...yeah*

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  1. [Tags] This can be perceived as OC or Reader so whatever you want
    [Summary] Hey first fanfic on here I'm a dumb

  2. No beta, didn't look for one, wouldn't know where to find one. They'd just make me correct errors.

  3. English high school AU.

  4. Words: 281
    Summary: I have no words.

  5. Roleplay format. I've got no idea where this is going.

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I was gone from home for a week, for 5 days with my little sister in Stockholm! [personal profile] waxjism has been feeling under the weather, which meant switching anti-depressants, and has been in the midst of tapering off one and onto another simultaneously for a month or so, and therefore feeling even MORE under the weather. So she didn't come along.

Table of Contents:
1. Wed: The Shoe Affair, The Mall that Cthulhu Built, and a Digression: Don't Try to Eat Vegan in Downtown Stockholm's Central Tourist Destinations
2. Thurs: Medieval Museum and Museum Tre Kronor
3. Fri: Drottninggatan and the Historical Museum
4. Sat: Kungsholmen
5. Sun: Gamla Stan and Gustav III's Antiquities Museum
6. Mon: National Gallery at the Academy of Fine Arts and St Clara's Church

Read more... )

My photo posts from my photoblog at Tumblr: Walking in Gamla Stan - On the Street & in the Church - The Medieval Museum - The Historical Museum - Plaster statues at the Academy of Fine Arts

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  1. Written on my phone, so please excuse any mistakes.

  2. [Tags] hell yeah, Romance, i was reading lolita when i got inspiration for this, but the age difference isnt so disgusting, SO, yeah - Freeform

  3. [Tags] Does this count as watersports?, They frickle frackle in the hot springs, SO, This is my first porn-fic, I've lost my porn-fic virginity

  4. [Tags] Like not at the moment though, Mentions of: - Character, Weird starting and probably a terribly put together story, Another song fic, Dimmed emotions, I think that's it - Freeform, Edit in the morning

  5. [Tags] what would you call mild fondling in the cinema, idk - Freeform, i take it back its not mild fondlig, Smut, Blow Jobs, i hate that word :///


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