The other day I tried a stew recipe that I concluded was too spicy for my wife, and at the spicy end for me. The day after I tried a milder soup for her and then today I mixed the leftovers together for lunch, and found out that I liked that even better, so I'm going to try combining the recipes next time like this: Read more... )
Last night as I was lying in bed I suddenly realized that all these fic where people are colorblind until they meet their soulmates (so far in my experience) have completely failed to consider the kinds of effects such a large colorblind population would have on design, industry, and the market.

Consider: What if, say, 70% of the adult population is colorblind? People who can see color, and hence perceive when things clash, are now a minority. Probably one that spends a lot of time wincing at clothes, houses, and everything in the world designed for shades of gray. If color vision is that rare, there's no need to make special provisions to run things for them. Checking that things match is probably a kind of specialty service and most people wouldn't bother to care, which means that the pigment industry will use whichever dyes or paints are most effective for cost/wear to get the shade of gray in their design... which might or might not clash horribly with each other. At the same time, 30% is high enough to make the fantasy of achieving one's soulmate attainable, so color vision is something people freely fantasize about, so color-matching markups can be presented as planning ahead, or a way to appear indistinguishable from the privileged to other color viewers (I'm not quite sure how you'd go about appearing to have color vision to people who don't have it...) Point is, this situation is complex.

And then what if the likelihood of meeting one's soulmate is pretty high, and around 10% of the adult population is colorblind? So the world is set up for people with color vision and now the colorblind are a marginalized group. If you can afford to, you pay extra to make sure your shit matches, so the poor can't, and now color matching is a status marker, which makes paying for it more important for people who can afford it...

...and either way, there's gonna be services set up, or maybe sections of stores where everything already matches, or color codes on clothing tags...

...where's the worldbuilding? Where's the dystopia?????
We're finally watching Penny Dreadful (the first series still). I was mostly looking forward to Billie Piper and Rory Kinnear, previous favorites, but Read more... )
Hektor the Bad Border Terrier was over last night & at one point he tried to Terrier Chase the BB, but the new flat's pristine brand new laminate floor is too slick, so their little feet were just windmilling frantically while they actually moved forward in exaggerated slow-mo. It was a wonderful sight.

Hektor had just had knee surgery, so the whole adventure was way more dangerous for him than it was for the tiny perfection. He didn't manage to touch any of the tiny perfect hairs. Only the tiny dignity was wounded, and she hid behind the washing machine until he left.

Last time Hektor visited Snookums made great progress towards making friends with him, but he was on a leash because Sofia was just standing briefly in the door to drop something off or pick something up, which made him safer to approach. He was off lead today and that was too threatening, so Snookums spent most of the visit hiding.


Sep. 11th, 2015 03:57 pm
The new flat has 1 more ceiling light fixture than the old one, but we also had an evil light fixture that was nearly impossible to put up that I wanted to replace, so I ended up making shades for two hanging lamps, one out of folded paper in the bedroom and one out of hardware cloth in the livingroom.
In the process of moving, three small items went missing:

  • all the curtain clips

  • all the blutack

  • all the pushpins except for an unopened box that wasn't with the others

A few days ago I discovered between small plantpots on the windowsill:

  • the curtain clips

  • the pushpins

...But the blutack is a complete mystery. Everything is now moved in and unpacked completely, so we can invite people over, but hasn't had time to become untidy yet. I still know where everything is and I have no idea where the blutack could be hiding, so unless it's stuck to the bottom of a shoe somewhere, I guess I'll declare it lost at sea.


(I actually bought a new package a couple of weeks ago (although this stuff was white so I guess it's whitetack) and have now used all of it and have some stuff that fell down when I tried to stick it up with washi tape so I'm going to have to buy another one.)

(Everything else is finally fixed, even the fucking shower curtain. I found clips at Tokmanni that I had missed the first time I was there, and we finally got everything we needed from Ikea after three trips - which I've got to say is definitely in the 'shame' category of 'number of trips to Ikea per move'.)
The Story of the Shower Curtain Rail was posted in my photoblog on Tumblr because it's easy to embed pictures there and my mom reads it regularly, for her convenience.
We've been here 5 days and the boxes are unpacked, but the wall art isn't hung, four light fixtures and all the curtains are missing, and a carful and a half of random stuff is still at the old flat, including the broom and vaccuum, all the commercial cleaning products, the toolbox, and all our non-box-set DVDs/CDs.

But here at the NEW flat the shower curtain we bought doesn't reach the floor and isn't weighted enough. It is on one of those L-shaped curtain rods - a rather small one - so it sort of billows wetly at you the whole time you're trying to shower. It seems like to fix this you have to either buy a stiff plastic liner or sew a lot more weights to the bottom of it?

2/4 windows are still behind translucent protective plastic and the stuccoing and ceramic-tile-mosaic-applying of our new building has been going on intensively every morning, starting with drilling and other power tools right outside the window at 7:30 in the morning. We've got about 2-3 more weeks of that to look forward to apparently.

We'll ask people over once these remaining issues are ironed out and I will send postcards combining our new address (yay for Scandinavian characters!) and my newest hobby (calligraphy) to people who have had us in their address books once my box of stationery is here.
Going to sign for the keys to the new flat and pick up a rental van tomorrow evening and [personal profile] waxjism's brother is going to help us move the heavy stuff (bed, sofas, and cat gyms) Saturday! Very exciting, very impatient. The last time I remember time moving this subjectively slowly was in the lead-up to my 5th birthday.

My dad got a-ok at two different doctors' checkups a few days ago, though he is still mostly confined to bed (other than a few hours per day). He got a work laptop and is now recovered enough to use Twitter like someone who lives on the Internet: the other day he tweeted "I should eat something." Some day he's going to tweet the shrug emoji or something.
I delivered our end of lease notification today, so our last day to vacate this flat will be 1 September.

We looked at three flats in the past week, all rent-controlled. Finland has rent-controlled developments, all(?) owned by private companies: one downtown is part owned by the city and the one we're going to move to is (part?) owned by a non-profit.

That makes these the closest available parallel to the projects, but rather than the depressing, dilapidated air given off by completely un-rent-controlled developments in some areas of the city (like Runosmäki and Halinen...), the development in Jyrkkälä reminds one most strongly of a sinister utopian colony set from Star Trek, with immaculately-maintained lawns, gardens, gazebos, playgrounds, and bushes and trees in the spaces between each building. The buildings at the front of the development are slightly ugly, but way less horrible than the worst of the 60s-80s monstrosities that infest this city right up to the most visible areas of downtown, including our current building. And the building we're moving into is currently in the finishing stages of a facade renovation from which it (and the buildings immediately visible from it) have emerged looking shiny and beautiful, complete with a tall panel of decorative mosaic on one side. This building is also nestled up against a beautiful, idyllic forest, so the overwhelming impression is tweeting birds, not traffic like here. From that (back) end of the development, you wouldn't even know you're relatively near two big highways.

Our future flat was also recently internally damaged by a plumbing problem, so the walls have been freshly paint/papered and the floors are all new. The kitchen cabinets are horrible, and the layout is stupid, but not as stupid as this flat's, and at least we're getting a spare room and a walk-in storage closet for less money than our current rent.

(We looked at a 1-bedroom flat in the same development - hence even cheaper - and it had a nicer kitchen and much better layout, as well as a larger livingroom, but [personal profile] waxjism rejected it because it was on the first floor with big picture windows looking right onto a park area with a playground and walking paths, liable to wake you up early with playing children or nosy retirees.) (The development is amply supplied with retirees, who have their own chess club in the development's communal building.)

The big drawback of this flat is the commute, which is still about max 10 minutes by bus to downtown or to my brother-in-law's house. We've been spoiled by living so near downtown for so long, though, that that seems like a long way to me, haha. It is about equally accessible by bus to [personal profile] waxjism's hated workplace, though the hilliness of the aforementioned forest makes biking impossible.

The facade work will have gone far enough to put the railings back on our future balcony in approx 2 weeks, at which point we can take possession and start moving all our crap, and we are SUPER EXCITED. We spent all yesterday evening with 3D room planners.
We can't do anything to move more quickly aside from checking listings and making inquiries, so in the meantime Wax has made lists of our belongings and hypothetical budgets and read blog posts with advice for how to move, and I've been going through blog posts with titles like "20 Things to Throw Away Right Now" and "How to Get Rid of Tons of Stuff". I've already done this to more or less all our belongings twice in the last few years, and to every shelf in every closet in the last few months; but I still devoured these posts for an hour or so last night and made a list of things to attempt to throw away today.

If we're going to rent the moving boxes (we are), we can't even do much in the way of advance packing until we have a moving date.
Now that we're apartment hunting I'm so excited to start moving at last that I can hardly restrain myself from starting to pack (mostly succeeding bc we don't have the boxes).

This morning while lying awake blissfully thinking about packing I realized that I also can't pack before we have a flat to actually move into because we don't have the floorspace for packed containers.

All our stuff barely fits in the flat as it is, and that only because it's all very carefully squeezed in particular configuration into containers and shelves. Even our clothes can't be packed without the suitcase obstructing some walkway or piece of furniture.

And unfortunately we can't do anything to make the various places respond faster to our inquiries.

  1. Alpha Jensen Ackles is a retired soldier working as a Velociraptor trainer in the world renowned Jurassic World.
    Omega Jared Padalecki is the fifteen year-old who was sent to the island with his older brother Stephen. Fortunately, he's obsessed with dinosaurs and he doesn't mind too much that he's doomed to spend the week with his estranged Aunt Danneel and jerk-of-an-older-brother.
    Unfortunately, there is something much more dangerous lurking on the island of Jurassic World- something that could doom the Alpha and Omega's life.

  2. Title: Three meetings
    Fandoms: No Fandom
    Summary: The first time they met was by coincidence.
    The second time they met the roles were reversed.
    The third time they met no one was saved.
    Words: 731
    Chapters: 1/1

  3. Tags: Canon - TV


Jul. 21st, 2015 06:59 pm
When we arrived in North America, our flight from Stockholm to Chicago arrived at about the same time that it had left. We were in transit 24 hours and didn't really manage even to nap, but we didn't notice any real jet lag. We slept relatively little the first day and managed to sleep closer to 9 or 10 most of the other ones.

When flying back to Finland, the Chicago-Stockholm leg lasts 8 hours in the air but arrives 16 hours after it left. We got up at 4 am Central time to drive to the airport, and at 11 pm Central time we were getting off the plane in Stockholm in the early morning. We both managed to nap on and off but essentially we went to bed 28 hours after we got up and slept 20 hours Thursday night, but then we also slept until after noon Saturday and Sunday, and I napped yesterday and woke up at 5 pm today! Also, though, I have woken up in the middle of the night or early morning, read a single fic on my phone and then gone back to sleep.

Now, in the winter that wouldn't even be that weird for me because when the sun isn't shining I can sleep almost all the time. But for summer it's very strange. I haven't been getting hungry right either. It's annoying. I have shit to do!
1. Alarums at Arrivals and the Sleep-Deprived Queasy Roadtrips That Nightmares are Made of )

2. Arrival at Cloudland Canyon and a Severe Lack of Flashlights )

3. The Lookout That Didn't Look Out, plus Finnish Delicacies )

4. Worrying symptoms )

5. Bae's First American Speeding Ticket )

Wax's mom pulled up with our box'o'kitties exactly as we walked into the parking lot with our suitcases, so we carried them up in the same trip. Snookums started shouting in the box and didn't stop for a couple of hours after we got him inside.

PS: We brought Wax's mom a bottle of Southern Comfort, which neither of us has ever tasted, and a box of her favorite duty-free chocolates, to thank her for caring for the kitties and houseplants.
We came back with:

  • Four bottles of ibuprofen caplets (200 mg x500) and some Sudafed

  • Three bags of Butterfinger minis and one bag of mini Reese's Cups

  • One pair each of flip-flops from Old Navy (they were $5 USD together whereas the cheapest I could find the identical plastic Made in Chinas for in Finland was over 20€)

  • Three pairs of yoga leggings and a sports bra, two tank tops and a 100% cotton plain white Oxford shirt (me)

  • Sweatpant shorts, a long-sleeved popover shirt and foldover-waistband white linen pants (Wax)

  • A souvenir t-shirt each & a baseball cap from Cloudland Canyon State Park, a pair of sunglasses and a big sunglasses case each, and a bag of cotton terry-cloth crew socks (I looked EVERYWHERE I COULD THINK OF for cotton terry socks here)

  • An eye-searing blue paisley suitcase that looks like a Lily Pulitzer knockoff

Also a giant pop-up book of dragon illustrations from my mom for our niece who loves dragons, the silk phoenix kite my dad brought me back from Singapore in 1988, and a pink glitter USB cable.

We consumed a bunch of Pop-Tarts while there but forgot to bring the extras back with us. I also wish I'd brought back some extra goldfish crackers, but the suitcases were pretty full.

Many things went wrong, but nothing catastrophic; everything managed to recover and occur at the right time in spite of these snags. That will take longer to write up.

  1. He wore a full head of caramel hair and a skintight Metallica shirt that rode up as he bent down, revealing a thin layer of bronze skin.

  2. Tags: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski, Abusive Relationships, Bad Guy Scott, Domestic Violence, Non-Graphic Violence
    Summary: The first time Derek sees him is on the Subway. The fifth time Derek spots him, the boy has a split lip and an angry alpha threatening him. (OR: Where Scott is a really bad boyfriend and Derek ends up being Stiles' hero)

  3. ***YOU HAVE TO READ PART 1 FIRST. Sorry :(

  4. Title: Mary
    Fandoms: Sherlock (TV), Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier
    Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Alternate Universe - Historical, Daphne Du Maurier might be rolling in her grave or loving it we just don't know
    Summary: Last night he dreamt he went to Manderley again... Monte Carlo, 1937. While working as the companion to Sebastian Wilkes, a young man becomes acquainted with a wealthy Englishman, John Watson. Rumour has it that Watson, owner of the grand country estate Manderley, is still haunted by the sudden death of his late wife. But as the young man soon learns, not all is as it seems.

  5. This is going to be a multi chapter story about Fridget after Franky's release.

  1. Harry likes Louis very much a lot and Louis’ a bit of an arsehole.

  2. It figures that Sidney Crosby, unique in all the ways he is as a kid, would also be unique in his first Pokemon.

  3. John Watson is the new student at school. He doesn't follow the rules and does what he wants. He's the nightmare of all bullies and scary as hell...And he's also Sherlock's....crush?

  4. Quinn, Santana and Brittany are girls who grow a penis during that special time of the month.

  5. Tags: sorry mom, this is the only fic i will ever write, i saved it in my computer as modern romance which is tru, please don't send this to harry styles
    Summary: Harry Styles was looking for a love he never had. He never expected to find it in the form of a small green cyclops.

  1. She saw her family slewed she was unstable and needed help. Takes off when Legolas brings Tauriel to Mirkwood and if you are interested warning!! things will be unclear because you probably haven't read the setting so I would advice read the setting first. Another warning the setting is terrible the Elven Moon is pretty bad so if you are interested but lose interest in the setting cause the writing and stuff is terrible and stuff like that promise me that you would read at least the first chapter in this book after you read the setting because I think this is so much better then the setting. Please trust me on this:)

  2. Harry had always been fascinated by Slytherins but he couldn't suspect that they would teach him about caring on Christmas Eve. Threesome HP/LM/SS AU warning. Slash.

  3. Chris Colfer/Darren Criss
    Chris finally delivers his son, Matthew, and it’s way more emotional than he thought it would be.

  4. Tags: beware of more man-smut

  5. Rated: T
    Tags: No Smut

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