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  1. Harry likes Louis very much a lot and Louis’ a bit of an arsehole.

  2. It figures that Sidney Crosby, unique in all the ways he is as a kid, would also be unique in his first Pokemon.

  3. John Watson is the new student at school. He doesn't follow the rules and does what he wants. He's the nightmare of all bullies and scary as hell...And he's also Sherlock's....crush?

  4. Quinn, Santana and Brittany are girls who grow a penis during that special time of the month.

  5. Tags: sorry mom, this is the only fic i will ever write, i saved it in my computer as modern romance which is tru, please don't send this to harry styles
    Summary: Harry Styles was looking for a love he never had. He never expected to find it in the form of a small green cyclops.

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  1. She saw her family slewed she was unstable and needed help. Takes off when Legolas brings Tauriel to Mirkwood and if you are interested warning!! things will be unclear because you probably haven't read the setting so I would advice read the setting first. Another warning the setting is terrible the Elven Moon is pretty bad so if you are interested but lose interest in the setting cause the writing and stuff is terrible and stuff like that promise me that you would read at least the first chapter in this book after you read the setting because I think this is so much better then the setting. Please trust me on this:)

  2. Harry had always been fascinated by Slytherins but he couldn't suspect that they would teach him about caring on Christmas Eve. Threesome HP/LM/SS AU warning. Slash.

  3. Chris Colfer/Darren Criss
    Chris finally delivers his son, Matthew, and it’s way more emotional than he thought it would be.

  4. Tags: beware of more man-smut

  5. Rated: T
    Tags: No Smut

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Jun. 25th, 2015 11:06 pm
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We've been in this flat that we chose for its proximity to the bus station and university for like 10 years mainly because it's so cheap for the location close to downtown. It's kinda crappy, but the location/price on the one hand kept dragging us back and we kept thinking "It's still temporary but we don't have a grownup job yet, so..."

So we've both wanted out of here for years. But the building was recently purchased by an evil rental overlord and they're going to jack the prices +€200 per month over the next two years, starting with €100ish on the new year.

Now we have a pressing reason to leave!

But we're still both <1 year from finishing certifications and potentially being able to work in our fields, and [personal profile] waxjism is stuck in a customer service job she hates, so I have to try and finish mine first because my chances of finding work in under a year of hunting were essentially deemed kind of laughable by the career guidance people from the unemployment bureau. "You wouldn't have time to find anything before you could finish the certification anyway, so just finish it and you'll be more employable" was their advice in a nutshell.

But then... where... should we move to???

We ultimately want to move to (or towards) Pargas, where she grew up and where her mom is retiring to (and where there are sheep and goats and horses and chickens!!!), but we can't do that until I have my certification. Presumably [personal profile] waxjism has to remain employed for me to do this but the pressure and emotional drain of this horrible customer service job is making her so full of rage that I keep worrying she'll burst a vessel in her temple. I didn't think she could have a more psychologically scarring job than her recent years at Nokia, but I was wrong.

On the plus side this will at least give us an opportunity to throw out a lot of junk, I guess.
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  1. Tags: first attempt ever at writing pole dancing

  2. Tags: Bard of Laketown/Smaug, Ficlet, Prostitution
    Bard does what he must to provide for his family.

  3. Harry is being sold to the Centaurs by Dumbledore. Things don't go as planned.

  4. A George of the Jungle / Tarzan AU where Louis is a model who meets Wild Man Harry in the Congo. He was raised by apes and barely speaks a word of English and turns Louis' life upside down.

  5. Title: My little Naga
    Not Rated
    Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
    Tags: Harry Potter/Tom Riddle, Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, Supernatural Creatures, Naga, harry is half human, tom is a naga
    Summary: Harry Potter has finally escaped with his godfathers and the only safe place he has to go to is the caves of the forbidden forest. At least the leader there, Voldemort is willing to take him in.

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... I was going to say 'non-writers', but I don't know, maybe my therapist actually is a writer. He thinks I should try to tackle my writer's block - brought it up, even, when I wasn't talking about writing but about the creative stuff I wanted to find time for this summer (painting and sewing kinda stuff from a short to-do list).

He explained the concept of freewriting to me, and it was surreal to have it defined by someone who didn't presume you'd already know about it. To me it's foremost a weird hobby I shared with friends at age 12-14ish, writing and typing outlandishly pointless stream of consciousness things (but trying to make them funny), and then swapping between classes and writing comments on each others'. And I've done it when feeling emo as a young adult, too. I never considered it a writing exercise those times, because they were well before writer's block. Of course I haven't done anything like it for a very long time, but the lingering familiarity lends the whole idea of using it in this novel way — for writer's block — a piquant alienation.

(The following were tweeted and have been moved here:)

I tried 20 minutes of freewriting, but I didn't manage to write everything that crossed my mind because I was worrying at the logistics of
That One Novel that I haven't managed to write for the past mumble years I've had the idea.

This is really the only idea TO worry at when it comes to thinking about Writer's Block, even though it's really less than half of one.

Because it's been like YEARS since I could feel any enthusiasm about writing anything fannish.

I can't believe I wrote like 100 50 thousand words of a *secondary pairing* in bandom. Geez.

Though I do get excited about Yuletide, but it's also quite different with a rare fandom — and Yuletide is almost the only stuff I've written since bandom, except four years ago when I filled a few kinkmeme prompts.
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  1. warning: bestiality, nsflife )

  2. Ultron escaped easily before the last of his bodies were destroyed, and ends up catering to a young girl as a false user interface until he can rise to power again. But the girl may serve as a larger distraction than he anticipated.

  3. Words:4233
    That summary was terrible but I honestly can't remember this fic that well and it's too long to read over oops.

  4. What if Loki wasn't buckets crazy?

  5. Lee, a drop-out drama student, now works as a tattoo artist at a successful parlor in New York. What happens next is anyone's guess, including mine :)

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After waking us uninterruptedly from 4-5 am three days in a row, yesterday Snookums finally got locked in the sauna. It did quiet him down, but I couldn't actually sleep deeply knowing he was in there without a litterbox, food, or water, so I dozed and then let him out less than an hour later, and he happily went to bed.

So today when he wouldn't quit the yelling I put him there again, but I set a half-hour timer to let him out so that I could sleep in the interim. Unfortunately I didn't consider in my mostly-asleep state that when it went off it would wake [personal profile] waxjism up, in this case at 4:30 am. She sleeps much more soundly, which is why I get the brunt of Snookums being an asshole at night, but she doesn't sleep through alarms.

Now what???

As I see it, either

  1. put survival supplies in the sauna at night in preparation for solitary confinement, or

  2. do something about the alarm problem - but what, sleep on the sofa?

  3. Or, I guess, try another, different method for making Party Cat stop when he wants to party in the wee hours.
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  1. [Tags] Murder within the ship


  3. [on chapter 1] Chapter Summary: This chapter is really just setting up the background. It's a little boring, I admit, but necessarily and full of details that will matter.

  4. I always liked those fics in form of text messages, so I made one involving reader

  5. A brief look at how Will and Hannibal dealt with attempting to get the nurseries ready for each of their kids, and the excitement over completing their family.

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Following the United States Park Service on Twitter ([ profile] NatlParkService), I get a lot of beautiful landscape photos, which is nice.

But even having grown up making extensive use of national and state parks, news about them now 100% of the time makes me think "Look at this beautiful view... that was stolen, and whose heirs are probably still living under the yoke of institutionalized oppression."

(This wasn't a thought I had as a child wrt parks, even though I WAS aware of the genocide and brutal conquest of the country.)

Of course, national parks and nature reserves aren't more stolen than the rest of the country, but because they are reserved and preserved from settlement, it seems more glaring, somehow. The images stick. I keep thinking, if they were going to be preserved, why not... leave them... to the tribes that owned them? I mean, because then white people couldn't come stare at the pretty parts whenever they felt like, I guess?
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I was just reminded of an important difference between Brit and US English.This bit from a British author bio had me a bit taken aback at first:

She writes for BBC Radio Comedy and Huffington Post UK, and once saw Dawn French coming out of a toilet

I was thinking, “Huh, weird, she must have been on a set when they were filming something, or maybe a photoshoot, but it couldn’t be a real toilet, could it? Unless just part of her had fallen in or something? Or would it be like a constructed giant toilet that she comes out of like a snake in a horror movie--”

It was about this time I remembered that Brits use “toilet” the way Americans use terms like “restroom” and “bathroom” (fun fact: in Finland a bathroom is for bathing and often does not include a toilet at all).
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The other day I had an idea for a new default icon I would like more, but then... I didn't feel I could switch away from this image. I wouldn't feel like my posts were mine. I've used some version of this photograph since 2008 everywhere except Ravelry.
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  1. Tags: Light Torture

  2. To call his relationship with his ‘father’ ‚complicated‘, was an understatement.

  3. a human Lady and the Tramp, with dog-like sex

  4. Tags: Harry Potter/Dean Winchester, Harry Potter is a girl so technically it's not slash
    Summary: Sam and John are surprised when a woman shows up claiming to be Dean’s wife.

  5. Tags: unsafe swimming practices

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"Is there anyone who would like to raise their hand and tell a reason they have why Cim is so nice?"

  • "Because she helped us find pants for Barbie when we were playing Barbies"

  • "Because I like her"

  • "... I forget"

  • "Because she's a good friend"

  • "... Yes, Child Who Forgot Before?" "Mine was the same"

  • "Because she's just nice"

  • "Mine was the same too"

  • "Me too"

  • "Because she helped me and Aaro clean up the Legos from the floor"

  • "Because she never has nail polish." "Oh? But she has nail polish on now." "That's what I've got."
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In this Golden Age detective novel (Latter End by Patricia Wentworth), when the mystery is solved and it's time for the pasted-on heteronormativity parade to conclude with a proposal of marriage, the dude decides to lead into his proposal...

... with one of those long joke rants about how women 'trick' men into 'slavery' with marriage. (!!!)

And then the woman gets angry and starts to tell him where to get off and... he... chastises her for it.

She shouldn't have interrupted his misogynist joke because he was just about to propose apparently???? In fact he says he was just about to go down on one knee. Can you even imagine feeling the need to make a misogynist joke about the institution of marriage as a DIRECT precursor to going on one knee and begging a woman to marry you?!
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CHILD: What are you doing?
ME: Knitting a cardigan.
CHILD: Oh, who for?
ME: Well, maybe myself.
CHILD: Oh, you must be making one for everybody!
ME: Uh, no, there wouldn't be time for that, it takes quite a long time...

#and not even if you paid me but it would cost like a hundred bucks
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ADULT: Girls, now it's time to clean up. Yesterday you didn't clean up very quickly and I had to come help you, so I hope that doesn't happen today. The whole room has to be clean before we go outside so they can clean the floors, so when I come back in five minutes, I hope the room looks really tidy!



FOUR-YEAR-OLD: WAIT! We were supposed to be cleaning!!

4YO #2: GASP!

4YO #1: Hey! Let's clean up as cats!




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I followed a link from Pinterest to this list of supposedly the "essential" "basics" that "any woman" would need in her wardrobe, and like... gobsmacked.

I mean, I can ALMOST accept Tim Gunn's theory of basics, but there were still "basics" according to him that I objected to on the grounds that many many women, even many middle-class women living in the modern west in cities, would not need them. But THIS list is... something else. For one thing, it's way too long to conceivably be any kind of "universal", but that's just for starters. It's not just kinda classist by being tilted explicitly towards OFFICE work; and it's not just overly femme, which these lists usually are... )
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5-YEAR-OLD BOY: I want one of the girls to swing with me but they only want to swing with each other!
OTHER 5-YEAR-OLD BOY: They never want to swing with me either!
5YOB: It's not fair if they only swing with each other! And they also don't want to play with us hardly ever! They almost only play together! It's not faaaiiiiir!
ME: No, that isn't unfair. They get to decide what they want to do. Everyone gets to decide who they want to play with, and that is fair.
5YOB: Yes it is unfair and I can prove it! Because I also want to to share a tire swing with them, but they won't let me!
ME: You can have a turn on the swing, but if they want to leave they don't have to play with you...
5YOB: Look, one of you swing with me now because there aren't any free swings! One of you pick. No? Okay then I'll pick... like... um... Girl A!
ME: No, they get to decide themselves what they want to do. Girls, you can stay here and swing with 5YOB or you can pick up your toys from the sandbox.
ME: It isn't unfair. Enough.
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Friday as I was walking home I came up behind 2 precious young Somalian women in traditional long skirts & hijab and then a white middle-aged Finnish couple [crossed a street and came] walking towards us. Gross old shriveled-up dude did an actual rubberneck to glare at them. I thought my head was gonna explode with outrage. I tried to give him the evil eye & then magically he looked back, caught my eye [over one girl's shoulder], did a double take and then actively swerved [his and his companion's] path out away from me & the girls, averting his gaze to the ground. SUCCESS

The two women were chatting quietly to each other and carrying huge shopping bags, so I don't know if they even glanced at the old couple, which would explain the exaggerated rubberneck gesture the gross dude performed.

Also I was walking about twice as fast as them which is how the old guy didn't appear to notice me at first, then suddenly did as I was just about to pass the women.
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"Let's pretend your car falls in love with me, but I don't love it. Okay?"


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