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We've been having trouble with the networked printer, so I put the laptop next to the printer and plugged it directly in to print.

Then I booted Windows...

...and a few minutes later at 4:30 my phone alarm went off with a check email reminder...

and 10 minutes after that it was 4:40 and Windows was still thinking. Chrome was blank, informing me that Gmail failed to load on the first try, and notification bubbles were informing me that the antivirus software had updated itself, that Windows had updated itself, and that to complete further 'critical' updates it wanted to restart. I reloaded Gmail, went to Google Drive, grabbed the top document in the list and clicked 'print'.

At 4:43, it still hadn't printed.

In contrast, when I wake up in the morning I hit the power button on my computer, go in the kitchen and put the kettle on and go to the bathroom, then pour the water in the teapot and put it by my computer to brew. In the time it takes the kettle to boil my computer has produced its login screen. I sign in and go back to the kitchen to make a bowl of oatmeal, and when I return in under 2 minutes, my desktop is all loaded and glowing peacefully. I click on Twitter and Firefox and they both open immediately, the latter with all 15ish of my saved tabs ready and waiting.

If I were using the Windows 7 laptop for my primary computer, I could hit the power button first thing and still not be past the "Welcome" screen when I got back with my oatmeal. And once I logged in, I'd have time to eat the whole bowl before I got to see my tabs.
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Apparently third time's the charm! My third attempt at spaghetti sauce is definitely the best yet. I sweated the onions in butter, added olive oil and a cube of veggie bouillon, then two cans crushed tomatoes, a can of tomato puree, around 4 deciliters red wine, a bay leaf, and about a tablespoon of sugar. Simmered for thirty minutes and seasoned with basil, oregano, rosemary and a dash of chili powder.

I still haven't got around to trying it with white wine though. That's next.
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I'm busy from before sunrise until the verge of sunset for the next few weeks (the mini course the employment bureau case worker sent me on) and this has meant it's nearly impossible to take any photos because, even inside, artificial light doesn't look very good (unless I turn the sunlamp on, but the cats can be very stubborn about taking direction for some reason). There's been an appalling drought in my kitty pictures lately as a result.

Also my brain is happy to be engaged for 6 hours a day, but using Finnish for 6 hours a day without a good solid dose of quiet solitude in the middle to recover my ability to socialize is a little much. I get overstimulated by about 12:30 and spend two hours with my mental queue so backed up on "NOPE" and "WHY IS IT SO LOUD IN HERE" that it takes me extra seconds of hesitation to produce a sentence in Finnish. (I can't even explain that my brain is slow because I'm tired in Finnish without pausing to try and remember the right case endings, in spite of how often I've done it before. Answering a question at the bus stop yesterday felt like trying to talk on the phone when you've just been woken up.)

As for the course content itself, it hasn't been more than slightly helpful so far, but I remain hopeful. The intended audience is wide, so the range of advice and information is also pretty wide, and I think they just haven't gotten to the part that I wanted yet. A lot of the stuff in the second half of the week was aimed at people who want to switch from one career to another and there's a fair amount about adult education and professional certifications and stuff and that is stuff I've heard a lot ("" "") of times already and also it doesn't apply to me at all.

Trying to be sociable has probably been good for me, though.

There's a black-hoodie-wearing fuchsia-haired lady with adult children who sits next to me, and she saw me drop my phone at the bus stop and the next day she brought a skein of yarn and made a little phone case out of 4 granny squares with a carrying strap, stitched it together and finished it off all within a couple of hours, and then spontaneously gave it to me like this:

"[SHOVES THE PHONE SOCK CASUALLY OVER TO ME] There. That'll cover your phone up. Should fit. Keep it from getting banged up. If you drop it again. You dropped your phone at the bus stop yesterday, didn't you. It's soft. And if you listen to music the holes in it are big enough to get through to the touch screen."

XD ♥ Finnish people are frequently this gruff, yes. It was really sweet of her though. I was watching her make it all morning from the corner of my eye while I was knitting, wondering what it was going to be.

Also overheard this week, from a long-haired working class dude with a goatee:

Meil on sitä, että lähemmät napurit ovat metsä ja pelto.

For us... the closest neighbors are woods and a field.

I had a hard time not laughing out loud, but then I couldn't explain to myself why this was funny except that it was SO SO FINNISH, but then I told [personal profile] waxjism and she laughed just as hard as I wanted to (though maybe it was the delivery), so at least I wasn't hallucinating.
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Reading a variant of Undercover as Gay where the POV character is gung-ho on the idea and pushing the Romantic Interest, who is obviously wary. It only works as a rom-com of misunderstanding because of dramatic irony, particularly the fanon that Romantic Interest has been in unrequited love with POV character for years, and that interpretation makes it obvious to the reader that his wariness is to do with giving himself away.

But it doesn't really make POV character's behavior okay and wouldn't even if he did share that understanding. All you have to do is flip it and imagine the reticent character to be a romantically UNinterested woman to see how gross it is:

"You MUST accept me going undercover as your romantic partner and all that that entails, even though that wasn't what you signed up for when you agreed to the assignment, because I must PROTECT you! Your discomfort is unfortunate and I'm understanding about it, but we just have to push past it for your own good, because it wouldn't be SAFE to go undercover without making sure we've practiced dating/overnighting together!"

It's possible that I am slightly overstating the degree of pushiness involved. He has checked the Romantic Interest's comfort level verbally and promised to let R.I. control the level of intimacy. BUT the internal narration is very concerned with his sensitivity to the subtle signs of R.I.'s discomfort (no doubt because he has to eventually correctly decipher its real cause) and his internal attitude to it is self-righteous. He never even considers that shoving his way into the assignment like that wasn't the morally right and logically necessary thing to do.
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When I was a teenager I had cassette tapes of filks based on Mercedes Lackey's books (the Vows & Honor ones, because I liked them the best since they had so few male characters - I never got around to buying any others) (aha!), many performed by Leslie Fish, who I understand sometimes wrote the music to Lackey's lyrics.

I was addicted to those books from age 9-13, but I already stopped being able to enjoy them the same way before high school... I think I miss the tapes even more though. I wonder what happened to them? Sometimes a random little snatch of lyric crooned (husked?) by Leslie Fish will pop into my head and I'll unexpectedly realize I remember half the lyrics.

When I discovered popslash at age 18 and told my mom about it, she said "Oh you mean like people used to write about Kirk and Spock?" I think my eyes went like *___* and a websearch led me to [personal profile] mecurtin's Foresmutters Project, specifically the historically significant K/S fic where Spock's penis is a flower. I recognized Leslie Fish's name at once from my obsessive filk-lyric memorization of a few years previous. I still remember thinking "It must be the same Leslie Fish. This Leslie Fish is even cooler than I realized and fandom is a wondrous place."

I felt moved to post this on Tumblr as well and that link is here
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  1. Yes its a crap summary, but it's only one chapter, so go on. What else are you going to do? Homework?

  2. A/N: This is NOT a depressing fic. It is about the lighter side of death.

  3. Warning: Part 1 is written in script form.

  4. AN: Sorry about all that. I just wanted to get threw that chapter as quickly as possible. This should be a bit better though.

  5. Avril Lavigne's song KEEP HOLDING ON is the theme to this story. I'm trying to make it so you can hear the song in your head as the scenes play out.......Lyrics are in all caps........

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Hahahahahhahahhaha. Hahahahh. Hah hah. Hah.

Remember that whole farcical encounter with the employment bureau officer who promised that I shouldn't call anyone because my case-worker would call me? And refused to give me her contact info?

Well, since 3 weeks had passed I decided to just try the front desk. The front desk has one shared email for hundreds of workers and they promise only that someone will get back to you inside 3 days, but whatever, it's better than nothing right?

So I sent an email recounting this story and asking what I should do, could I talk to my case-worker even though I didn't know who it was or what?, last night.

This morning my case-worker called me.

She read my email.

And it was the first time she'd heard about it.

The hilarious worker never passed any message on to her in the first place?????


So I went through my little spiel explaining what I wanted and what I was confused about and she was like Oh that? That's easy, we have this thing going that lasts a couple of weeks where they walk you through the process and explain the different places you can look for that kind of work. It starts next month at Turun AKK, how's that?

I was like, uh, sounds great, I mean, I'm nothing but time...?

And she was like Haha, right! Yeah, and after that, you actually don't have to call us. I'll call you or a substitute worker will call you, but we'll check up to see if it helped or what. And we'll send you a snail mail letter with the dates and times and stuff.

Man, that was totally easy (assuming she actually sends it, knock on pine etc). Like, uh, once I actually got to the man behind the curtain.

But she also gave me her name and number so I can actually reach her next time.

So they're tears of relief and also laughcrying about the whole extra-farcical conclusion to the previous chapter.
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Since my mother-in-law has a summer cottage with an orchard 40 minutes from here in Pargas, generally there are a few things we get called on to help do every fall:

  1. Collect as many apples and plums as possible from the orchard, chop down unnecessary seedlings and prune the apple trees.

  2. Move the outdoor furniture from the deck in the meadow, the garden at the bottom of the hill, and the terrace outside the cottage door inside well before the first snow, including: a gas grill, three tables with their associated chairs/benches, and a bench glider swing in a big-ass rusty metal frame.

(We got out of #1 this year thanks to a disappointing apple year.) Now, when it comes to taking in the furniture, usually Local Brother is involved because while [personal profile] waxjism is a sturdy farmgirl, genetically speaking, lifestyle-wise she is a couch potato; and I'm a not-even-100-lb-weakling. But yesterday we had to attempt the Taking In of the Furniture without BIL's aid, and even though [personal profile] waxjism poured a kettle of boiling water on her left knee two weekends ago, giving herself a second-degree burn that is still taped up in bandages.

It was painfully slow without help, my arms quit working before we were done, I wasn't warmly dressed enough because my calculations didn't make room for the damp, and I ended up climbing the pine tree to cut down the hammock swing because of lack of ladders, sap-saturated knots in the rope and [personal profile] waxjism being unfit to clamber. I don't usually mind climbing trees, but the muddy slimy green smears on my jeans and everything being wet and getting my knitted gloves all dirty weren't fun; but lying face-down draped over an assortment of pine branches, trying to saw through a bit of rope with a big sharp knife was an amusingly surreal moment.

I'm tragically fragile though. My arms don't want to lift today and I had a headache before I even managed to get to bed last night, plus my legs are dotted with little bruises from the tree.
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I want to find some kind of outside-of-the-house source of exercising to help make it into a routine that I would be more likely to stick to.

The main reason is that if knitting is the only real workout my shoulders get, the right one hates it and responds with cramps and agony. I can do something about this by limiting the amount of time spent knitting, adopting a good posture and relaxing the rest of the arm etc., and a lot of arm- and shoulder-stretching, but I think this would work better. Also everyone I talk to from [personal profile] perhael to my 10-year-old niece to my mom & sister is joining gyms and/or Zumba and/or yoga classes and talking them up.

I don't really want to invest the kind of money upfront that gyms and yoga classes cost, though, especially not right now when I'm in Bureaucratic Run-Around Limbo in my job-seeking plans. So that's gone on the Think About Soonish Once Two Incomes Are Again Achieved list.

However, my psychologist says he has the power to write a prescription for exercise for me that would require the public, city-supported gyms and swimming pools and things to give me a discount... I'm not sure if that would help me or not. The locals I know seem to use private ones, except my Amazonian Estonian ex-classmate who does weight training (lol, no). (Now I think about it, wouldn't The Amazonian Estonian be a good name for an album?)
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And no way to enquire easily because the worker who told me to expect contact refused to give me any contact info for the case worker.

I assume that's policy, but 2 weeks is an awfully long time to not manage to send an email or text message at least. If it's going to be that long, shouldn't he have said so when I asked about a business card? The fastest way to follow up myself means I would have to go there in person (half an hour by bus, ish) and queue for a queue number and then ask another Random Enquiries office worker like the last one again.
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  1. Warning for one instance of death.

  2. The Enterprise is invaded by fangirls who believe Data is Edward Cullen. However, Data has an opinion on the series that these fangirls would never agree with.

  3. This is not meant to be typical Trek smut, it's more of a meditation on male/male attraction and desire. [... ] This story is rated PG-13 for romantic foreplay lovetalk between two men.

  4. And yes, for the newbies, this *does* contain the lyrics to a country music song. If you *really* hate the genre, you probably won't like the story. I tend to write songs into my stories, whether one of the characters (usually Tom) sings it, or as in this case, when I use the lyrics to bridge each scene (so you can skip them if you don't like it), or, more correctly, be inspired by songs to write stories. And I don't care what's said about my writing, but I do ask for respect in differing tastes in music.

  5. It's not exactly a tear-jerker, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

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I'm 31 and have never had what I consider a real job. In my entire life, starting over 15 years ago, I have earned salary for: (1) weekend childcare at my church in high school, (2) a summer + (3) ~5 months while planning/waiting to move to Finland in retail, (4) 3 weeks as a substitute cleaner in a daycare 5 years ago, and (5) freelance translating (but the total money involved was very little).

The rest of my life in between those events can be filled in with a combination of school enrolment and depressed/anxious breakdowns.

This summer it came to pass that [personal profile] waxjism and I were both simultaneously ~1 semester from finishing the certifications we were pursuing but could no longer pay the bills on two student stipends, so we decided to both put them off for a year or two to work. She found some quickly thanks to her superior language skills (making car checkup bookings in a call center serving Sweden). I was an anxious mess and my psychologist suggested that I contact the friendly social worker I met once before who is tasked with helping people with mental health reasons to have difficulty with jobseeking, so I did.

The very nice social worker went over the whole situation with me, asked a few questions, called social security to check the details of my account and told me several pertinent facts:

  1. To stop angsting that my Finnish skills are inadequate for retail, because my communication is fine for not only ordinary conversation, but even communicating complex ideas verbally. My fears about not understanding a word uttered by someone who speaks a weird dialect are legit, but some dialects are incomprehensible to anyone but a native speaker anyway, and everyone knows this.

  2. My ambition to work (after I finish my certification that I can't complete until after getting some gainful employment and saving some money) in so-called morning and daytime childcare (after-school programs) is good in the sense that they've just recently been made public, obligating the city to provide them, and there's a desperate lack of staff for them. But it's bad in the sense that thanks to simultaneous budget cutbacks all the providers who are desperately asking the city for more staff are denied, so they aren't allowed to actually hire any staff. HAH HAH. Her office, which works with employers as well as jobseekers who have problems, has been fielding a lot of calls from them recently.

  3. She's technically not supposed to help me because TECHNICALLY I'm not long-term unemployed, and their center is supposed to serve people who are long-term unemployed - not that she will let that stop her from advising me if I need it. ("You're not long-term unemployed, you've just been without employment for a long time" = "They're not anxiety attacks, they're just attacks of acute anxiety"???)

    Being a student doesn't count as being unemployed, so all the times when I've been studying anything are off the table - I've only been unemployed... I forget what she said, but a really tiny number of days compared to the official cutoff (which is a thousand plus I think), according to social security's records.

  4. But pursuant to #3, the help that I actually need is meant to be provided by the employment bureau itself. They don't offer it to you, though, you have to know that you have to request it. So with my agreement, she wrote down on a sticky note exactly what I needed to request... in order to do this, she went to the employment bureau's official site to get the correct name.

    And she couldn't find it. She spent like 5 minutes clicking around making increasingly annoyed murmurs and finally found the name, not anywhere on the employment bureau's site... but with Google.

So, armed with my sticky note and tasked to update her with an email when I knew whether they would be able to help me, I walked down the block to the employment bureau.

So when you get to the employment bureau you wait in line at the Info desk, who then directs you.

ME: Hi, I need Job-Seeking Support Program so how do I -
INFO LADY: Haha, slow down there! SSN?
ME: (hands over social security card)
INFO LADY: Here's your queue number. Second floor!
ME: Uh, thanks.

I go to the second floor and the little queue machine lights up with my number within a minute (fastest service I've ever seen there, I admit). I hand over my ss card as per usual and the funny little dude brings up my file.

ME: Hi, I need the Job-Seeking Support Program or the Other Job-Seeking Support Program. I saw a social worker today and she gave me these names to request.
DUDE: Uh-huh. Well, I'll put a note in your file and send it to your case-worker.
ME: Uh... I have a case-worker?
DUDE: Haha, of course you do! Everyone has a case-worker!
ME: But when did I get a case-worker? My last visit I was sent back to Introductory Services because I hadn't been here in such a long time.
DUDE: Yep, I see. You saw (name) on (date), but he's not your case-worker. See? [SPINS MONITOR TO SHOW ME MY FILE] That's their name!
ME: Oh... I... don't think I remember that name... I... don't think I've ever met them...?
DUDE: Haha, of course you haven't met them!
ME: o_O???
DUDE: So, I'll just write a note here in your file that you request these services and send it to them. Then it will be their responsibility to talk to you about it and handle the request. There probably won't be a problem, but they'll contact you.
ME: Do I need some contact information, or a time period to call back - like, say, if I haven't heard from them within a week?
DUDE: No, no, see, I'll check and make sure for you that they're not on vacation - [HE PULLS A BIG CHART OF NAMES MADE OUT OF COLORED PAPER FROM BESIDE HIS ELBOW AND SKIMS DOWN IT] - no, they're not on vacation or anything, they're at work this week, so there will be no problem about them contacting you.
ME: They'll definitely contact me?
DUDE: They'll definitely contact you! Don't worry about it!
ME: ...Okay.

So as a result of this I've been answering my phone in Finnish since yesterday, as if my mysterious case-worker calls I want the conversation to start in Finnish with no awkwardness.

Normally I answer the phone in English because 90% of the phonecalls I get that aren't [personal profile] waxjism's family are telemarketers, and answering in English basically guarantees that they don't even want to try with me. They typically stutter audibly and ask if I'm me then hang up, or a little less than half the time, ask cautiously if my Finnish isn't that great and I pretend it's quite bad and then they apologize in a confused rush and hang up.

So yesterday I talked to two telemarketers (although it only took a couple more sentences to put them off, because I couldn't understand one guy's accent and the other one was looking to sell things for dudes only).

Hoping to hear from the case-worker before I get trapped in a longer conversation with one.
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  1. Data and Geordi is having a baby. A half-human, half android baby, the first of its kind. Family bliss is not easily achieved though, with prejudices all around and space being a dangerous place for expecting androids.

  2. Title : Bodhisatva ( Sp?)

  3. WARNING: This Story contains M/M sex. It is a C/P story so if you are under 18, go ask your parents if you can read this. If they say no, don't read it.

  4. Story (PWP) copyrighted May 1997
    I give my permission for this story (PWP) to be archived
    Do feel free to share the story (PWP) with friends, just keep my name and the headers on it. Wow, a story (PWP) without an angst warning!

  5. Title: Last Tango in Paris
    My apologies to anyone that may have used this title before. I heard that there was another story with this title, but was not able to located it on the web. It was not my intention to steal it.

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On the Ashkenazi side of my extended family, 9 members in 3 generations have lived past 50, and of those 2 have died of breast cancer and another's been in treatment for a few years (male breast cancer in his case). Now we've found out my aunt is entering treatment for it too, and she's only 55.

Statistically, this is troubling. (Personally, my aunt's prognosis isn't bad and the rest of the oldies seem sanguine, so I'm not TOO upset.)

Thanks to my atheist great-grandparents, though, neither of my aunts were even aware that we're Ashkenazi, hadn't even heard the term -- and naturally, her doctor asked her specifically since it's a risk factor. (I didn't learn it from my family, either, even though my dad knows; I think it came up in the genetics chapter of high school biology... .) I said "I can't believe they didn't know that!" and my sister replied that she didn't either. =_=

tv status

Sep. 19th, 2014 02:26 pm
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TV I intend to follow but haven't caught up on:

  • Elementary ([personal profile] waxjism and I watch together)

  • Outlander (it's [personal profile] waxjism's thing; we're waiting for her to be in the ~mood to watch it)

  • Orphan Black (we're waiting to watch it with Wax's pal Sofia)

TV whose next season I am awaiting with bated breath:

  • This Old House

  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - 3rd series was confirmed since I last posted about TV! Last I heard, the writers were tweeting about planning it.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine - new season starts airing soon!

  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  • Hannibal - before I watched this, I was apprehensive about the gore, which I can be sensitive to, and about a couple of the female regular characters - I don't avoid spoilers and had been reading posts via Hello Tailor, [personal profile] cleolinda, and personal acquaintances in the fandom. It turned out that the gore didn't even register as gory for me, but I was more upset about Abigail and Beverly than I expected - but since it looks like the show is making an effort consciously, I'm still with it.

  • Sirens - I liked it, but it was quite different from what I expected based on Tumblr. Not as funny. More straight white guy, more obnoxious voiceover, more Nice Guy. But I do like the secondary characters...

TV I watch a whole series at a time where I have recently watched a series, and am therefore waiting, but not with bated breath:

  • Game of Thrones

  • A Touch of Cloth - there's a desi character named Asap in this show. His name is actually a racist joke, but he has a more significant role than any other desi character in a police show I've seen that I can think of, and he isn't just a computer/tech guy like, for example, Gurdip on Lewis. Depressing, especially given the sheer number of one-dimensional desi background characters in these shows.

  • Endeavour - series 2 ends on THE most blatantly cliffhangy cliffhanger. Don't watch if that bothers you.

  • Lewis

  • Vera

  • Scott & Bailey

  • Bletchley Circle

I did start watching, but I couldn't stick it out, so I tried to switch to the manga to get through the rest of canon, but it was a bit too repetitive and silly too, so... maybe I'll finish it later:

  • Sailor Moon

[personal profile] waxjism watched it recently and, either thanks to what I saw over her shoulder or thanks to all the time she spent shouting angrily at the screen, I'm definitely secure in my decision not to watch:

  • The Killing (she likes this but it's getting cracky I guess?)

  • True Detective (she acknowledged the feminist issues people have brought up, but liked it)

  • The Walking Dead (she shouted so much I'm honestly not sure how she kept watching. Then again, her dedication to Norman Reedus did result in an entire website and that time when she transcribed the entire script of Dark Harbor. - But she seriously hates Rick so much that she shouts every time she sees Andrew Lincoln in a picture on Tumblr without Norman beside him to distract her.)
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  1. Warning for one line containing a fantasy with bottom!Dean and pegging. Apologies to Scarlett Johansson.

  2. Also look I seriously haven't slept for a week so there's a lot of errors and this isn't my best work but fuck it I wanted to post it because you guys deserve porn. I'm here to give you that. And now I'm off to destroy Jotunheim.

  3. A stolen moment between the defensive pairing.

  4. Lee gives birth to their twin daughters while Richard goes missing. They reunite years later, with Richard being someone else.

  5. Richard Armitage owns a strip club in which Benedict is a bartender and Tom and Dean are strippers. Aidan Turner is a boy in trouble, and it all gets a bit out of hand from there.

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  1. Tags: Fluff, Christmas, Rimming

  2. Holy crap, I just wrote over 6000 words for a fanfiction.

  3. The first chapter starts with two of my favorite things: with porn and italics.

  4. Tags: Unresolved Sexual Tension, First Time

  5. Derek finds himself in the emergency room one day with Dr. Stilinski looking over him. After getting a good look at the doctor, Derek wanted to meet him again and again. But the only thing he knew about Dr. Stilinski was that he worked in the ER... so, what else was he suppose to do?

    sterek sterek sterek sterek sterek everything is sterek nothing is real!

cimorene: Screencap of an iChat conversation bubble that says "Dude?" (is this thing on?)
  1. It's pre-slash up until it suddenly gets good in like chapter 6 or so.

  2. Words:5,251
    Chapters: 6/6

  3. Sansa Stark and her travelling companion, Sandor Clegane, come across Rick Grime’s group at a prison during the apocalypse, and decide whether or not they’ll stay.
    Tags: Weird, very weird, fluffy? maybe?

  4. Warning: Bad language and corny descriptions of genitalia

  5. NSFW (and debatably TMI) )

#5 was pointed out by [personal profile] flamebyrd.
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We 90% finished the Big Clean and stuff still looks good - and [personal profile] waxjism is still feeling a lot like baking, which is nice - but haven't overcome the last hurdles: taking out all the recycling (multiple trips), cleaning out the balcony and basement storage and organizing the potting/plant stuff, and scrubbing down the sauna.

I also drew a map of all the places where things are stored in the entire flat with a list of what is where for Wax, who can never remember (most closet shelves, boxes, and drawers are labelled with masking tape on the front, but this doesn't help either). It took 5 sketchbook pages. We agreed that it probably would not help. Maybe I can come up with an index.

ETA: However, adding another bookcase in the kitchen did solve our storage problem! The kitchen is doing pretty well now, although of course, it's still a pain to use thanks to the people who decided where to place the cabinets, sink, stove, and fridge.


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