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Cimorene ([personal profile] cimorene) wrote2009-12-03 04:39 pm

procrastination hopefully stops now

Man, I have GOT to finish my Yuletide source review. It's not so much that I'll run out of time - I could easily write 5-7 times the minimum wordcount the last night, if I didn't need a beta - as that procrastination is bad for the soul and I'd like to have time to consult with betas of my choice.

Unfortunately my entire creative imagination is currently taken up with [personal profile] effex's as-yet-unfinishedstarted Disney Princess modern crime-mystery AU. I've filled up over half my current sketchbook with Embassy Aide Jasmine, PI Genie & Al, Police Detective Pocahontas (& Rolfe), FBI Mulan (and Mushu & Shang), Lawyer Cinderella and Mayor's Aide Charming, and Lobbyist Snow White. The thing is, I don't really want to stop obsessing over it, what with how it's combining my favorite childhood occupation of drawing heroines in a variety of outfits with my current favorite occupation of thinking about in minutest detail the background information of elaborate alternate universes - plus it's all focused on women of color. *_* By the way, Pocahontas rides a motorcycle.

I have had to not allow myself to draw anymore until I am ready to start writing (maybe until I actually HAVE started writing). I'll probably have to turn the computer off, too, so I don't suddenly think "It's imperative that I figure out how Karl Urban as the Beast would look with extensive facial scarring - TO THE GOOGLEMOBILE" or "But how do I draw the gold Roccoco frame in which Snow White keeps her mother's portrait? TO THE GOOGLEMOBILE" and then find myself distracted for the next five hours saving pictures of Star Trek actors/Roccoco furniture.
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just saying.
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Yuletide? What is this Yuletide?

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Recent GOOGLEMOBILE ADVENTURES: Female FBI agents. FBI requirements. Library of Congress. History of Hong Kong. Blackfoot tribes.

Plus 11million hours spent crawling the IMDB (my new internet home) and another (unspecified) amount pondering everyone's sex lives.

I'm going to make myself a GOOGLEMOBILE ADVENTURES icon, it will be beautiful.
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ron pearlman will always and forever by my Beast. (in case you didn't know : there was an 80's TV show called "beauty and the beast" in which Beauty was a hotshot in the DA's office and the beast led a ragtag group of intellectuals who lived in caves under new york city.)
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That sounds like the AU of AAAAMAZING.

Pocahontas on a motorcycle, omg, going to my bunk now.
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*packs up stuff and moves into AU*