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Today, I was once again reduced to wordless rage!

SOME KID: But why was Jesus crucified?
TEACHER: Well, that was because, you see, the Jews didn't really like the way that Jesus said he was the son of God. The Jews were waiting for the Messiah who would save them and they didn't think the Messiah would be that kind of person, like an ordinary human being like Jesus.


This is the same one who jumped in to answer the clueless one who wanted to know what Jews think about "our" Jesus (mostly correctly but without any special knowledge of the respect he's sometimes been held in since his death) - so volubly that I wasn't able to get a word in in order to come out as a Jew.

Now, it's not that I couldn't rebut this. It's more that I barely know where to start, let alone how it's hard to formulate Swedish when overcome with rage. Also any comeback would have to be both brief, and simple enough to not seem weird in the second-grade context, if you see what I mean. What SHOULD I have said, calmly and in brief, to correct this misrepresentation for a second-grade audience?
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"Um...the Romans killed him, ma'am."
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Yeah yeah yeah yeah or if the residents of Whiteclay requested the execution of the owners of the massive liquor store just outside their borders. THAT WOULD TOTALLY WORK.
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I'm with Ann, that's what I was thinking, yes.

Though TBH I would also have been shaking in rage, and I'm not sure what I'd have said would have been appropriate for any audience at all.

I would also be very tempted to report that teacher for blatant antisemitism based on describing the twoo incidents, though I'm sure you're not in a position were doing that is possible/meaningful/easy.

What the FUCK though, seriously. For that to be her answer she has to have a serious problem.
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*hugs* It sucks a LOT. D:
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I think the repetition of easy to follow facts for the kids that the teacher can't argue with might be the least rage-inducing for you. I'd also go with "the Romans killed him" with a side order of "Pontius Pilate was a Roman" and "crucifixion was for political crimes". And if the teacher says something about Jesus being sent to Herod to (a) repeat he was killed by the Romans and (b) arrested and killed in Judea (under direct Roman rule by Pilate as procurator), not Galilee (under the rule of Herod Antipas, the ethnarch - not king). And to keep repeating that all the gospels agree on Jesus' death in Judea/under Roman law as adminstered by Pilate, not Galilee/under Herod's law. If she wants to take the sources literally she should at least know what they say.
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Man, that's tough. I bet "I'm a Jew, and the way you've been relentlessly slandering my heritage for the last several weeks is really offensive to me," would stop her in her tracks for a good solid couple of seconds. Of course, then the &%(@(@ would just argue. And you'd be in that unenviable position of Minority Who Has To Prove The Bigots Wrong, which is always a losing game. So, actually, I've got nothing, although I kind of want to wave my fist and shout "Up against the wall, motherfuckers!" a little bit.

Seriously, this is a really crummy situation. D:
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I'm just...ugh. And somehow I picture her, when confronted, saying, "Well these are just my OPINIONS! Free speech, yo!" or some variant, you know, whatever's the usual BS excuse there. As if actual historical fact is just a matter of opinion, or totally dissing an entire ethnic group is just, like, something you do if you're into it, not a big deal or something.
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Just poking my head up here to say that she's probably not slandering Jews on purpose. I can tell you that those are pretty much the exact words I heard in church while I was growing up (and I was raised Catholic in a mostly-Jewish town), so she might not be aware that that's not the full story. Maybe she'll want to learn?
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I'm thinking if someone asked me to describe the difference betwen Sunis and Shiites, my response would probably be, "Um...the hats?" (NB It's probably not the hats.)
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"One of the sons of Mohammed nailed a Diet to the church door."
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And each time, I'm sure, was a completely positive experience
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Then it sounds like you're the perfect person to help educate these students. You're personally invested and passionate, but you also know how to be diplomatic.
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Really?? Wow, that's totally not the impression I get from your posts. Maybe it's because you have more time to think out your posts than you do to verbally respond. Maybe you could make a powerpoint that'll work at a (second? third?) grade level and just use that for talking points so you don't get angry.
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Ah, the verbal form of impotence. My problem is my mouth tends to run when I get angry, which often complicates situations unnecessarily. Sometimes I get silent, but I'm sure that's just as useful as when it happens to you. :-\